Stage 14: Jade Serpent Boss

Sky had rushed at the Jade Serpent and swung his sword down, but his sword was repelled making him make a back flip to avoid the swinging tail counter of the serpent. Sky landed to his feet and went back into fighting position. Sky swung his blade as if summoning a tornado and then yelled out, “TORNADO STRIKE!”

A tornado emerged from the blade and went toward the Jade Serpent at an alarming rate. The tornado collided into the Jade Serpent making it give out a wail of pain.

5% damage Jade Serpent Queen

The attack was great, but not affective enough to make heavy damage of this serpent. Sky prepared to do the same attack, but the serpent suddenly gave out a cry and other Jade Serpents emerged from the ground and launched themselves at Sky. Sky managed to slice a few of the serpents in half, but a few managed to bite his arm before he smacked them away and sliced them to pieces.

5% damage Swordsman Sky

The Swordsman, Sky, has had half of his Mana drained.

            Sky cringed at the voice’s announcement and indeed noticed that his magic points were a lot lower compared to before.

The Jade Serpent snickered and gave out another wail as vines began to emerge from the ground and then became covered in flames. Sky groaned realizing that the Jade Serpent did VINES OF FLAMES, a high level attack, and he now knew that this Jade Serpent was indeed a boss.

The Vines covered in flames rushed at Sky and he was ready to counter the attack, but a wave of water suddenly emerged in front of him. The vines collided into the water and then immediately turned to ash.


Sky glanced at Anthea and saw that her hand was outstretched with a blue light covering it. Anthea smiled toward Sky saying, “I’ll defend you, so you damage the serpent as best you can.” Sky smiled and nodded trusting Anthea’s words.

Sky rushed toward the Serpent gripping the handle of his blade. The Jade Serpent hissed and more Jade Serpents and vines of fire emerged from the ground. They rushed at Sky intent of causing damage.

Anthea held her hand out toward the attackers and yelled out, “OCEAN’S WAVE!”

Water once again emerged before Sky and this time it moved forward just like a tidal waved and turned the vines to ash and pushed the serpents back making them hiss out in discomfort. As the water moved forward, so did Sky his blade held in front of him.

When the water lowered down, Sky found himself face to face with the serpent. Sky pierced the front of the serpent making it give out a cry of pain.

10% damage Jade Serpent Queen

            Sky smirked and prepared to attack again, but he was smacked away by the serpent sending him flying in the air. Sky groaned in pain as he collided into the ground.

25% damage Swordsman Sky

            Sky cursed under his breath as he struggled to his feet, only to realize that his blade was still in the Jade Serpent’s body. The Jade Serpent cackled and summoned more vines of fire. The vines rushed at Sky forcing him to tumble out of the way.

Another Ocean Wave managed to protect him against the vines that were difficult to avoid, but then Sky looked toward Anthea and called, “Can you protect me, while I try to receive my sword?” Anthea nodded and held out her other hand yelling, “WIND BARRIER!”

Wind emerged around Sky protecting him from other attacks. Sky nodded in approval and rushed at the Jade Serpent. The Jade Serpent hissed and then glanced toward Anthea, who was maintaining the barrier around Sky. The Jade Serpent hissed loudly and the vines of fire suddenly rushed toward Anthea.

Anthea gave out a quick scream and then jumped out of the way.

“Anthea!” screamed Sky in concern and was ready to run to her aid, but Anthea looked at Sky quickly saying, “Keep going, I’ll be fine.” Sky clenched his fist and then turned away continuing his pursuit toward the Jade Serpent.

The Jade Serpent did throw attacks at Sky, but the Jade Serpent seemed more focused on attacking Anthea. Anthea continued to dodge the attacks, but one of the Jade Serpent’s suddenly bit her arm making her cringe.

10% damage NPC Vendor Anthea

NPC Vendor, Anthea, has had 1/3 of her Mana drained.

Anthea pulled the serpent off her arm with a pained expression, but then she suddenly noticed that the serpent that bit her had tears in its eyes. Anthea pressed her lips together and realized that the smaller Jade Serpents were being controlled by this larger Jade Serpent.

Anthea looked at Sky with determination in her eyes and called, “Sky, rush as fast as you can toward the Jade Serpent and kick your blade deeper into it!”

“Why?” asked Sky with a puzzled expression, knowing that if he pushed his blade deeper, he may never get it back.

“Please trust me on this!” called Anthea, before avoiding another attack from the giant Jade Serpent. Sky nodded and began to pick up his speed toward the Jade Serpent.

When he was close enough, the wind barrier finally dispersed and instead of grabbing his blade, he kicked it deeper into the monster.

15% damage Jade Serpent Queen

The Jade Serpent cried out in pain and tried to bite Sky this time, but Sky avoided the attack sliding onto the ground behind the Jade Serpent.

Anthea suddenly drew one of her weapons from her inventory: Heaven’s Might Bow and Arrow. She pulled the string of the bow revealing an arrow made entirely out of light and released it toward the serpent’s forehead. The arrow connected and the serpent gave out a cry of pain.

50% damage Jade Serpent Queen

Anthea noticed that the smaller Jade Serpents around her seemed to be in a daze and smiled realizing that her hypothesis was correct. This Jade Serpent Boss was indeed controlling the other Jade Serpents and when Anthea attacked the head, the control was momentarily disabled.

Anthea looked at the smaller Jade Serpents that were no longer under control of the boss and using her skill, Animal Whisperer, she ordered, “Remove the blade from that bigger serpent and enter the wound.” All the Jade Serpents flinched and then rushed at the giant Jade Serpent hissing.

They began to crawl onto the Jade Serpent like wild ants and then entered the wound made by the blade. The giant Jade Serpent gave out a cry of pain and began to slam its body all around the meadow. Sky avoided the body of the Jade Serpent and then noticed that the tail of the Jade Serpent was coming towards Anthea.

Sky cried out her name and rushed to her at an incredible speed. He embraced her and tumbled away from the Jade Serpent’s tail. Anthea held on to Sky’s chest, but still looked at the Jade Serpent that had blood flowing from its mouth.

Sky glanced at Anthea and asked, “Was this your plan?” Anthea nodded and added, “I thought it was more appropriate for the smaller Jade Serpents to finish it off.”


“Because they were being controlled against their will,” muttered Anthea.

1000% damage Jade Serpent Queen

The Jade Serpents eyes became blank as it collided into the ground and turned to dust. Out of the dust emerged the smaller Jade Serpents and Sky was surprised to see what looked like smiles on their faces.

The smaller Jade Serpents approached Sky and Anthea. Sky prepared to attack with his retrieved sword, but to his surprise, the Jade Serpents stopped before them and bowed their heads. Anthea stared at the Jade Serpents and noticed the tear drops falling from their eyes.

“Tears of a Jade Serpent!” exclaimed Anthea and immediately grabbed a leaf and began to gather the tears from the serpents’ eyes. Sky did the same and with one leaf full of tears, he transferred them into an empty bottle.

When all the tears were shed, Anthea and Sky had a total of twenty bottles of Jade Serpent tears. Anthea smiled placing the bottles into her inventory and then looked at her status quest screen.

The Bartender’s Drink Advance

The bartender of Athensan has asked you to gather the raw ingredients for his best drink: Aheena Spirit. He is willing to pay information on bosses for the ingredients.

To be completed

þGather the raw ingredients for Aheena Spirit

þ5 Plum Juice Berries

þ5 Spirit Dew

þ5 King Sugar Canes

þ5 Angel Petals

þTears of a Jade Serpent

  • Give ingredients to the bartender of Athensan

Anthea smiled at the screen and then noticed that her level and some of her skills had also increased.

Anthea (NPC Vendor)

Level 2

HP 100,000

MP 80,000

Speed 800 (intermediate)

Strength 955 (intermediate)

Awareness 100 (advance)

Intelligence 955 (advance)

Charisma 500 (average)

Luck 410 (average)


Animal Whisperer 50% (beginner)

Wind Barrier 30% (beginner)

Healing Touch 50% (beginner)

Picklocker 10% (beginner)

Spirit Summoning 20% (beginner)

Angel Flight 30% (beginner)

Ocean Wave 50% (beginner)

Messenger 50% (beginner)

Anthea was quite excited for this change in her level and then looked at Sky asking, “Was there a change with your level too?”

Sky nodded and finally showed his screen to her.

Sky (The Swordsman)

Level 99

HP 2,000,000

MP 70,000

Speed 900 (advance)

Strength 955 (advance)

Awareness 900(advance)

Intelligence 955 (intermediate)

Charisma 500 (advance)

Luck 200 (average)


Knight’s Fury 55% (expert)

Tornado Strike 30% (expert)

Sword Light Strike 50% (advance)

Defense Shield 30% (intermediate)

            “You’re really strong, Sky,” complimented Anthea making Sky turn red in the cheeks. Anthea suddenly noticed one of the Jade Serpents approaching her and knelt to the ground. The jade Serpent bowed its head to her and then its eyes gave off a glint. Two lights appeared before Anthea. Anthea blinked a few times at the light and noticed one of the lights had a spirit stone of a Jade Serpent, most likely the one that died not too long ago; and the other light had a flower.

Anthea took the flower in hope that it might be the flower she was looking for her quest, but showed a disappointed look when she realized it was a healing blossom, an ingredient for advanced healing potions. Anthea sighed, but still accepted the flower gift and then took the spirit stone.

Sky glanced at the stone and asked, “Is that a spirit stone?” Anthea nodded saying, “It might come in handy later.” Sky nodded.

The jade serpents bowed one more time and then began to slither away into the meadow ground.

The music of the fight finally stopped and instead played victory music for Anthea and Sky. Anthea and Sky looked to one another and then laughed in delight.

Suddenly, they heard Hazel calling and looked in his direction, only to see Hazel carrying a very unconscious Geronimo.

“What happened?” asked Sky in concern. Hazel chuckled saying, “Geronimo wouldn’t stop bragging about getting Mandrake String, so I threw a rotten onion at his face.”

“That wasn’t very nice, Hazel,” scolded Sky making Hazel chuckle and dump Geronimo to the meadow ground. Hazel looked around noticing some of the destruction and asked, “So what did I miss?”

Anthea smiled and asked, “Would you believe that we no longer need the Onion Scent?” Hazel remained silent, but his wide eyes and bewildered look made it necessary for Sky and Anthea to explain what had transpired during his absence.


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