Stage 15: The Boss List and the First Drink


Anthea and Sky had finally finished their explanation about the boss battle and how they had obtained Jade Serpent tears, but instead of being happy, Hazel was enraged.

“I plucked a lot of those rotten onions and you have no idea how much they stank.”


“Don’t you dare say anything, Miss. NPC,” warned Hazel making Anthea fall silent.

“I nearly feinted ten times getting those onions and even the fresh ones stunk,” stated Hazel and then pointed at Geronimo saying, “Those onions were enough to knock out this guy and he is a level 101 Barbarian. I swear these onions can be a weapon.”

Sky sighed saying, “Sorry you went through that trouble, but this boss battle was unavoidable and we had no idea that we would get Jade Serpent tears as an award.” Hazel clicked his tongue with a pout.

“On the bright side, we can complete this quest and get the boss list,” stated Sky. Hazel huffed and then walked ahead of the group and Anthea could swear that she saw Hazel crushing a rotten onion in his other hand.

They soon reached Anthensan and then headed toward the bar. At that same moment, Geronimo finally awakened and began to curse at Hazel, but Hazel lifted up a rotten onion making Geronimo instantly fall silent. Hazel chuckled to himself realizing that he finally had a device that could shut up Geronimo.

Anthea and Sky on the other hand felt pity for the poor Barbarian and they felt ever worse when they explained what had happened during his unconscious state and how Hazel didn’t need to get the onions.

In a matter of moments they reached the bar and called for the bartender. The bartender smiled toward them asking if they had retrieved the needed items. To the bartender’s surprise, Anthea presented all the items, but pass the quantity that he asked for. The bartender first questioned how they got the items in such a quick amount of time, but when they refused to answer, he instead accepted the items and thanked them handing them a slip of paper saying, “This is the information on the bosses that I know of in this world. I hope it helps you greatly.”

Anthea nodded saying her thanks and then accepted the list. The moment she took the slip of paper, she heard victory music playing.

“This music is so annoying,” muttered Hazel. Geronimo nodded in agreement, while Sky gave out a sigh. Anthea on the other hand giggled and then opened her QUEST screen.

The Bartender’s Drink Advance COMPLETED

The bartender of Athensan has asked you to gather the raw ingredients for his best drink: Aheena Spirit. He is willing to pay information on bosses for the ingredients.

To be completed

þGather the raw ingredients for Aheena Spirit

þ5 Plum Juice Berries

þ5 Spirit Dew

þ5 King Sugar Canes

þ5 Angel Petals

þTears of a Jade Serpent

þGive ingredients to the bartender of Athensan

            Continents’ Boss List obtained.

            Anthea cheered glad that she had completed her first quest and then looked at her companions.

“With this it should be easier to find the flowers of memory,” stated Anthea. All of them nodded, but when Anthea opened the piece of paper, she was shocked to see that the list was a lot larger than what she expected. She looked at the bartender with a bewildered look, but the bartender just smiled saying, “I don’t know what happened, but after you guys left to search for the ingredients I had a wave of information on the bosses enter my mind. It was quite refreshing and seeing how much ingredients you gave me it is quite the award for you guys.” Anthea smiled thanking the bartender.

Instead of receiving a boss list of all the bosses nearby, she received a list of all the bosses in the world. Now she just had to figure out which bosses had the flowers of memory she seeks.

Before they left the bar, Geronimo went up to the bartender and asked for the Aheena Spirit drink and the bartender happily obliged heading to the back to make his best drink.

Geronimo chuckled saying, “I guess this quest was good, since I get a good drink out of it.” Geronimo glanced at Anthea saying, “How about you get a drink too? My treat.”

“Sorry, but I don’t really drink.”

“Ah come on. Consider it a victory drink, especially after that boss battle Sky and you fought.”

Anthea sighed in defeat and sat at the bar making Geronimo smile. Hazel also took a seat saying, “You better treat Sky and me too, Geronimo.”

Geronimo frowned.

“Why should I…?”

Hazel began to toss an onion up and down making Geronimo groan in defeat and say, “It’s on me.” Hazel smiled in triumph.

Sky took a seat next to Anthea and then looked at her whispering, “You don’t have to drink if you don’t want to.”

Anthea smiled saying, “I might as well try.” Sky sighed showing a small smile toward Anthea.

The bartender soon came out with a whole bottle of Aheena Spirit and placed it in front of Geronimo and then he took out four cups placing each cup in front of the group. He poured them a cup and then headed back to the back.

Geronimo and Hazel immediately devoured the alcohol in their glasses making them give out a contented sigh and pour another glass. Sky took a sip of his glass with a smile and then took a glance at Anthea, who stared at her cup with uneasiness in her face.

Anthea took the glass, gave out a sigh, and then took a sip from the glass. She tasted the sweetness of the drink and found herself smiling as she consumed the rest of the drink.

“It’s sweet,” commented Anthea and then poured herself another drink.

Before anyone knew it, Anthea had drunk five glasses and she still looked sober, while Hazel, Geronimo, and even Sky looked drunk.

“Are you OK Anthea?” asked Sky. Anthea nodded taking another sip from the glass with a smile.

“This tastes like juice,” commented Anthea taking another sip.

Hazel groaned saying, “So Miss. NPC can hold her alcohol, so not fair.” Hazel then passed out along with Geronimo. Sky managed to stay awake, but just barely.

Anthea finally finished the bottle and then noticed that her companions, except for Aky were already unconscious. Anthea sighed and looked to the bartender asking, “Is it all right for my friends and I to stay here?”

The bartender nodded saying, “You helped me a lot, so you and your friends can stay here for free for the night.” Anthea thanked the bartender and then looked at Sky, who was struggling to stay awake.

“We’re staying here for the night, so please rest.”

Sky smiled saying his thanks and instantly passed out. Anthea giggled and then asked the bartender’s assistance in bringing her companions to a place to rest. The bartender obliged and to her surprise she noticed that the bartender was able to carry Hazel and Geronimo both with no problem at all.

As the bartender carried Hazel and Geronimo off, Anthea decided to check her world map. She saw the blue dots on the map and wondered which hero they were, but she suddenly noticed that one blue dot moved around, but in a confined space like it was trapped. Anthea showed a concerned look wondering if this hero was indeed trapped.

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