Stage 18: The Goblin Village’s Prisoners

Anthea could barely believe her eyes. The Dancer Hero was right above her. When Anthea was still saying set lines as an NPC she met the Dancer Hero in one of her set stands. The Dancer hero, just like Sky, tried to talk to her like a normal person, but Anthea could never make the proper replies to the Dancer Hero. The Dancer Hero did eventually give up and left Anthea; and now the Dancer Hero was right above her.

The Dancer Hero smirked down at Anthea saying, “Glad that I am no longer the only girl prisoner here, but it really is unfair that you have your feet on the ground.”

“That really wasn’t my choice, but why are you here?” asked Anthea.

“Captured in a trap just like you and strung up here since I kept breaking the cages they put me in. I would have escaped if it wasn’t for their cursed barrier.”

The Dancer hero then glanced at Anthea and stated, “I’m actually surprised they decided to keep an NPC like you alive instead of eating you.”

“So you know my role, Dancer Hero.”

“Well I bought items from you, so I should know and please call me Sapphire, Darling.”

“Sapphire Darling?”

“Just Sapphire. I love calling young girls Darling.”

“Sounds strange…if you like you can call me Anthea. That’s my name, Sapphire.”

Sapphire chuckled and then stated, “I see that you gained a personality too. Quite the glitch huh, Anthea was it? Is that why you were mistaken as a hero?”


Anthea suddenly heard something crash and perked up only to see one of the muscular Goblins glaring toward her with his legendary Steel Ax buried in the ground with lighting emitting from it.

“No talking heroes!” roared the Goblin making Anthea flinch, but Sapphire clicked her tongue.

“But I am bored. A pretty girl like me needs to talk once in a while, especially toa sweet Darling like this one.”

The goblin huffed with steam coming from its nostrils.

“Annoying hero.”

“Annoying am I, then I should talk to you about the greatest pleasures of beauty. You first have to…”


Sapphire chuckled then stated, “If you don’t want to hear it then let me tell this pretty Darling all the things you don’t want to hear.”

The goblin huffed again and flung his ax over his shoulder.

“I can’t wait to eat you, so you can shut up.”

“I have to warn you that I quite bitter. Can you handle bitter?”

The goblin scoffed once again and turned away from Sapphire making Sapphire smirk in triumph.

Anthea looked at Sapphire with concern in her eyes and stated, “Was it wise to make that Goblin angry?”

“Don’t worry Darling. That trash won’t be able to harm us since the Goblin King made specific orders not to harm us unless he says otherwise.”

“The Goblin King is here?”

Sapphire nodded with seriousness in her eyes.

“I actually came into this forest to slay the Goblin King for a quest, but I was captured and had my powers sealed. I’ve actually been here for days and have yet to see this king, but I know he is here.”

Anthea clenched her fists in nervousness wondering what to do. If Sapphire had been here for days then escape was quite difficult even for a hero and Anthea already figured out that the Anklets that Sapphire wore were made of Holy Metal since they could break the cages, but Sapphire was strung up, so she couldn’t use the anklets to escape. It was quite the difficult situation.


Anthea perked up and glanced at the cages of her companions. She saw that Geronimo, Sky, and Hazel were awakening and sighed in relief.


Sky looked toward Anthea with concern in his eyes when he noticed that Anthea was in a cage, but gave out a groan when he realized he was tied up. He also took notice of Sapphire above Anthea’s cage and called her name. Sapphire just winked at him in reply making Sky slightly confused.

“THOSE DARN GOBLINS!” yelled Hazel as he tried to kick the bars only to burn his shoe slightly and make him groan.

“Kicking will do no good and our powers are sealed,” explained Anthea making Hazel groan and pout in his cage.

Geronimo frowned and asked, “So do we just sit here and wait to be killed?”

Anthea shook her head and stated, “They don’t plan to kill us until all the heroes are captured, but we need to find a way out before that.”

“How do we do that?” asked Hazel with sarcasm in his voice. Anthea frowned not knowing how to answer, but she suddenly heard Sapphire whistle and looked up at her.

“Heads up, the speaker for the Goblin King is coming.”


Right on cue, a goblin walked in wearing a red robe like he was a priest. He walked toward their cages with seriousness in his expressions. They all tensed up not knowing what the Goblin was planning.

The Goblin stopped in front of their cages and Anthea saw that the Goblins eyes gave off a slight glow.

The Goblin nodded and stated, “We have captured some strong heroes. Our King will be pleased.” The muscular Goblins present nodded in approval.

“What heroes did we catch this time?”

“I hope they are tasty.”

Hazel scoffed muttering, “If they eat me, I hope they choke on me.” Anthea hushed at him hoping the Goblins didn’t hear.

The red robed goblin once again looked at them with its eyes still glowing.

“The Swordsman, the Thief, and the Barbarian.”

Their eyes widened wondering how this Goblin knew their titles, but the Goblin chuckled saying, “If you are wondering how I knew your titles then know that it is a new talent given to me by my King.”

Anthea’s eyes widened wondering how the Goblin King gained such a skill and even gave it to another Goblin. This glitch, she believed was quite dangerous, especially in the hands of Goblins.

The red robed Goblin suddenly focused on Anthea and then its eyes widened.

“Why can’t I see your title? Are you even a hero?”

Anthea gulped and stated, “I am. I became a hero recently.”

“Recently? That’s not possible,” stated the red robed goblin. He looked toward the two muscular Goblins and pointed toward Anthea.

“Take this one to the Goblin King. He will know the truth.”

The muscular Goblins nodded and immediately picked up Anthea’s cage.

“Anthea!” yelled Sky and tried to break his cage only to be repelled by the bars and fall to the ground cringing from the burn.

“Sky!” called Anthea trying to reach to him, but withdrew her hand before she touched the bars. Anthea gulped and then looked at Sky.

“I’ll be fine, so wait for me.”

Sky gritted his teeth as he watched Anthea get carried away.

Anthea stared at her friends and then looked at the red robed goblin.

“What is the Goblin King going to do to me?”

“Depends. If you are a hero, you live until it is time for the feast. If you are not, well you become his snack.”

Anthea felt a chill run down her back.

Anthea could no longer see her companions and was brought into a large building with piles of gold all around. The gold was most likely stolen and the original owners of the gold…definitely dead.

Anthea’s cage was dumped on the ground making her give out a gasp. She sat up right and saw that her cage was laid before a flight of stairs and at the top was a curtain with a silhouette of someone sitting on a throne.

The goblins that brought her in bowed toward the curtain.

“My King, we need your power to verify if this girl is truly a hero or an early meal for you.”

Anthea saw the silhouette stand up and she saw horns on this person’s head. It send shivers down her spine.


“As you wish.”

The goblins left leaving Anthea before the shadow, who seemed to be the Goblin King.

It was silent and then the curtain was moved aside. Anthea’s eyes widened as she stared at the Goblin King: a black long haired man with horns of crystal wearing silver armor.

“A human?”

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