Stage 19: Goblin King?

Anthea and the Goblin King stared at each other, none of them making a sound. Goblins were known for their horrible nature and looks that resembled that of monsters, but the Goblin King didn’t look like a monster at all. Even though he had horns like a demon, these horns did nothing to hide the human that stood before Anthea. Anthea blinked a few times to make sure that she wasn’t hallucinating, but no matter how many times she blinked, she only saw the Goblin King as a human.

“Are you really the Goblin King?” finally asked Anthea.

The Goblin King gave a nod stepping out of the curtains fully.

“I am the Goblin King,” stated the King and then placed a hand to his chest adding, “I believe you are confused because of my appearance.” Anthea nodded, not hiding her bewilderment.

“This is a curse placed upon me after I gained great power or what your kind calls it, a glitch.”

“When you say power do you mean the power you have been granting the Goblins of this village?”

The Goblin King nodded and smirked.

“I hate this appearance, but the power that comes with it is worth it. I can even stand before heroes. It was worth the effort to eat that fruit.”


“You don’t need any more information, so let’s see if you are truly a hero,” stated the Goblin King and raised his hand before Anthea. A golden light erupted from his hand and then the light collided onto Anthea making her flinch. Anthea was surprised at the sudden contact, but no pain was present.

The Goblin King frowned as the light faded from Anthea’s body.

“You are a strange one. I can’t see your power. Tell me, are you truly a hero?”

Anthea gulped and nodded, but then added, “I was an NPC before, but a glitch made me into a hero and I am now on a quest.”

The Goblin King was silent and then suddenly burst into laughter.

“So a glitch has affected an NPC as well making her a hero. That’s just too funny.”

The Goblin King seemed like he would fall over as he laughed, but soon fell silent and laid his eyes on Anthea.

“So what is your role as a hero?”

“NPC Vendor.”

The Goblin King chuckled, saying, “So your title still has NPC? This is quite the glitch.”

Anthea frowned, finally finding the Goblin King’s laughter annoying.

“Glitch or not, I am a hero and I want you to release my friends and I.”

The Goblin King smirked.

“You are trapped with your powers sealed and you still have the nerve to make demands from this great one. You are truly interesting.”

The Goblin King began to approach Anthea making her slightly flinch. He knelt before her and placed his index finger under her chin making their eyes meet.

“Truly interesting…I think I might just keep you.”

“Keep me?”

The Goblin King smirked and stated, “If you were a true hero, I would save you for the feast. If you were an NPC, I would eat you now, but since you are neither, I’ll keep you around. You might prove more interesting.”

A dark aura seemed to emit from the Goblin King sending chills down her back. Anthea whipped her head away from the Goblin King and stated, “I rather be with my companions.”

The Goblin King chuckled and stated, “Such fire.” The Goblin King reached toward Anthea, but Anthea pulled away sitting in the corner of her cage as far away from the Goblin King as possible.

“All right, I will leave you be for now and since we are going to be acquainted for quite a long time before the feast, you will have the honor of knowing this great one’s name: Lysander.”

“I don’t need it,” muttered Anthea glaring at the Goblin King, Lysander.

Lysander chuckled as he went back behind the curtain of his throne and then called the Goblin soldiers back in.

“Yes my King?”

“Bring the little hero to my chambers,” ordered Lysander and then snapped his fingers. Gold bracelets appeared in one of the Goblin Soldiers’ hands.

“Also make sure to place those on her when she is in my chambers.”

The Goblin Soldiers nodded and then began to carry Anthea’s cage out of the throne room. Anthea glared at Lysander as she was carried off.

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