Stage 20: Escape Attempt

In the prison area of the Goblin Village, Sky was flinging himself against the bars of his prison, but he only managed to loosen the rope around his wrists, but then he used his free hand to shake the bars only to get burned and cry out in pain.

“Give it up Sky,” stated Hazel with crossed arms. Sky shook his head saying, “I have to save Anthea.”

Geronimo scoffed as he rolled in his cage asking, “How do you plan to do that without your powers?”

“I’ll find a way. I’ll do anything to save my love.”


Sky stopped his struggle and looked up at Sapphire. Sapphire smiled at him and asked, “Is Anthea Darling your love dear Sky?” Sky blushed and stated, “Not yet, but I hope she will be. I actually want her to be my wife.”

“Wife? How adorable can you get? Anthea Darling is such a sweet thing,” stated Sapphire as she began to swing around in circles using her long legs.

“How did you get here anyway?” asked Hazel finally noticing Sapphire above them.

“Long story short: went on a subjugation quest; got captured, and here I am.”

“So you were the hero we saw in the map,” stated Hazel.

“Map? Do you mean the World Map? Why would it show where I am?”

“It was for a quest that we are currently on.”

“So I am needed? Hate to tell you this, but I don’t plan to join any team quests for a long time, especially with you guys.”

Hazel groaned saying, “The quest is for Miss. NPC.”

“Miss. NPC?”

Sky sighed saying, “He means Anthea.”

“If that’s the case, then I will gladly join this quest.”


Sapphire giggled swinging her legs once again.

“I would love to work with the little Darling. I have so much to talk to her about,” stated Sapphire and then winked at Sky adding, “I’ll also make sure to put a good word for you.” Sky blushed, but shook his head and continued to slam against the bars of the cage making Geronimo and Hazel give out a sigh.

They suddenly heard approaching footsteps and Sky immediately stopped his attempts in hope that Anthea was being returned. To his disappointment, he saw that the cage that was being brought in wasn’t Anthea, but another hero who he recognized as the Beast Tamer: Simba.

Simba looked to be around the age of nine or ten because of his short stature and claims to be older than what he looks, even though the game characters can’t grow old to begin with. He wore no shoes, but he had a brown lion mane vest with a loose white short-sleeve shirt under it and shorts made of wolf skin. His blonde hair was long and a tangled mess like he had never brushed it in his life and a leather brown headband to keep his long bangs out of his face revealing his emerald green eyes and the cross scar on his forehead. He usually had a whip around his waist, but it looked like it was taken by one of the Goblins.

Simba growled like an animal as he tried to kick the cage only to burn the base of his foot and pull away with another growl.

“You’ll pay for this you blasted Goblins!” yelled Simba.

“Another noisy one,” mocked one of the Goblins as they dropped the cage onto the ground roughly making Simba growl again, while glaring daggers at the Goblins.

When the Goblins left, Simba was ordering them to return and fight like a man.

“They’re not men, so they won’t fight like us,” muttered Hazel with crossed arms. Simba flinched and glanced back at the others and gasped screaming, “Why are you guys here too?”

“Captured,” they said in unison. Simba frowned.

“The same as me,” stated Simba and then glared up at Sapphire yelling, “This is your fault!”

“How is this my fault?”

“I was sent here to rescue you by the village and now I’m captured too.”

“You didn’t have to accept the quest.”

“I was short on cash!” wailed Simba.

Sapphire sighed saying, “This is quite the predicament. If more heroes are captured then the feast will happen.” Sapphire then looked at Simba and asked, “Besides you, did anyone else accept the quest?”

“Not that I know of, but now that I think about it, I did pass that Arrow bastard.”

“So the Elf Archer hero was nearby?”

Simba nodded and groaned saying, “He hates Sapphire’s guts, so he might not come.”

“The feeling is mutual,” stated Sapphire bluntly.

Sky groaned and stated, “The thing is that he is close and if he is captured than more heroes might come and we can’t have that, especially when these Goblins can seal the powers of Heroes.” They all nodded, but Simba suddenly paused and asked, “How did they do that anyway?”

“Something that Goblin King did, but it really is this seal that was placed on us.”

Simba tilted his head in thought and then looked at his arm that had the seal on it.

“You mean this thing?”

They nodded and gasped when Simba suddenly peeled it off.

“How did you…?”

“It was a new lizard armor I was trying out. I made it match my skin, so it wouldn’t be noticeable. Who knew it would come in handy?”

“So your powers are fine.”

Simba nodded and smirked.

“I can get us out of here, only if you guys are willing to pay me,” stated Simba rubbing his fingers together with a smirk.

“Miss NPC has plenty of money, so get us out of here, Simba.”

“All right.”

Simba suddenly whistled and a Blade Moth suddenly emerged from thin air. It twinkled in the light and then faced Simba awaiting orders. Simba pointed at Sapphire and the moth in turn flew pass Sapphire’s ropes. Sapphire gasped as her ropes were split and she went dashing toward the ground. She made a spin in the air and then slammed her ankles against Sky’s cage. Sky’s cage shattered as he rolled out Sapphire’s way.

“What’s that sound?”

Soldier Goblins suddenly ran in and gasped when they saw that Sapphire and Sky were free. Sky grabbed a staff and stated, looking at Sapphire, “Set the others free.” Sapphire nodded wishing him good luck as Sky ran at the Goblins ready to fight.

Meanwhile, Anthea was within a building surrounded by mountains of gold. Anthea also wore the bracelets the Goblins forced on her. In truth Anthea knew that these bracelets were a cursed item that controlled the User to do their bidding, almost like a pet.

Anthea was still in her cage as she yanked on the bracelets on her. Anthea frowned and then noticed that the bracelets had a lock on them. Anthea smirked and then dug in her hair for a hair pin. She used that hairpin to pick the lock of her bracelets until they snapped open and slipped off of her wrists. Anthea sighed in relief and then looked at her cage.

“Maybe my pick locking skill will work on this.”

Anthea reached toward the bars, but paused when she heard approaching footsteps. Anthea hid her pin back in her hair and placed the bracelets loosely on her wrists, so she would be able to remove them later. She then laid down pretending to be asleep.

Footsteps entered the building and she was surprised to hear the voice of a man that didn’t belong to the Goblin King. She snapped her eyes open and saw before her, another hero who wore black all around him and had the bottom of his face covered. His eyes were revealed and he glared daggers at her. Anthea gulped recognizing who the hero was.

“The Ninja Hero?”

The Ninja Hero stepped back from her not saying a word. Anthea and him suddenly heard more approaching footsteps making the Ninja Hero jump out of sight and Anthea lay on the floor of the cage like she was sleeping.

The Goblin King, Lysander, entered this time and looked around his chambers until his gaze landed on Anthea’s form. He approached her form and then kneeled next to her.

“My new pet.”

Lysander reached out to touch her, but Anthea suddenly grabbed his hand and pressed it against the Hell Wood bars making him gasp in pain. The moment Lysander stepped back, the Ninja Hero jumped out of hiding and held a knife to Lysander’s throat making Lysander fall still a groan.

“So another intruder was present here.”

The Ninja Hero said nothing as Anthea finally managed to pick lock her cage burning her hands a bit and then toss the bracelets to the ground.

Lysander smirked at Anthea saying, “So you could have escaped anytime?”

“I wasn’t sure if my pick locking skills could still be used.”

Lysander chuckled and then glanced at the Ninja Hero over his shoulder asking, “Are you going to slay me hero?” The Ninja Hero just glared and prepared to slice the Goblin King’s throat, but smoke suddenly erupted in the room making Anthea and the Ninja Hero.

Lysander chuckled and stated, “I won’t let any of you escape.” He then tossed the Ninja Hero off him and summoned a Legendary Sword weapon into his hand. Anthea gasped knowing that the weapon could kill them in one strike, so she immediately grabbed the Ninja Hero and forced him to run out of the room with her.

When the smoke cleared, Lysander saw that Anthea and the Ninja Hero were nowhere in sight. Lysander smirked saying, “I won’t let you escape my pet.”

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