Stage 23: Goblin King Boss Battle

The battle music was booming as Simba lashed his whip onto the ground looking at the Earth Golem and ordered, “Use Earth Shatter punch!”

The Golem roared as stones began to circle its right fist. The Golem punched the ground and the earth starting from its fist began to rise like a tidal wave as it rushed toward Lysander. Lysander smashed the attack from his path and then hovered the blade in front of him. The blade began to spin like a windmill as Lysander yelled out, “BLADE OF GOD’S FURY!” Light and wind burst from the spinning blade like a laser cannon. The attack connected to the Earth Golem shattering it in the process.

Simba cursed under his breath as he slashed his whip summoning a Gryphon and a Lightning Tiger. Simba ordered them to attack and then looked at the others saying, “Do something to make him lose his focus.”

Hazel clicked his tongue as he gathered some rocks saying, “We do have limits since we have our powers sealed.” Hazel reached out to grab another stone, but his hand with the mark suddenly burst out into flames. Hazel screamed out in pain as he rolled on the ground trying to put out the flames. Sapphire saw the flames on Hazel’s hand and without warning began to stomp on his hand making him scream out in pain even more.

The flames were soon out, but his hand was covered in burns and bruises from Sapphire’s stomp attack. Hazel glared at Sapphire, but Sapphire shrugged saying, “At least the fire is out.” Hazel groaned and then noticed that the seal was also completely gone.

“…I can use my power again.”

10% damage Thief Hazel

Confinement Seal removed. Thief Hazel status revived.

Hazel cheered and immediately summoned his daggers and jumped into the air yelling, “DAGGER STORM!” Hazel’s form glowed and began to rain down silver daggers toward Lysander. Lysander blocked the attack at an incredible speed, but was forced to jump back when the Gryphon whipped its tail toward him and then rolled forward when the Lightning Tiger tried to bite his arm. Lysander cursed under his breath as he slashed his blade at the oncoming attacks.

Sky on the other hand made his way toward Anthea, who still stood next to Dash, and called her name. Anthea smiled at Sky’s approaching form saying his name. Sky rushed to her and hugged her with a smile.

“I’m glad you’re OK,” stated Sky. Anthea nodded hugging him back. Sky’s hand was suddenly covered in flames making him release Anthea and scream out in pain.

10% damage Swordsman Sky.

Confinement Seal removed. Swordsman Sky status revived.

Anthea immediately threw sand on Sky’s burning hand putting out the flames and then glared at Dash, who had his hand up.

“I thought the agreement was that you would only burn off Hazel’s mark.”

Dash shrugged saying, “More man power to defeat the Goblin King.” Anthea groaned and then pulled out a potion from her inventory and poured it onto Sky’s wound.

“Sorry about the burn, but the mark is now gone, so you can fight now.”

Sky nodded with tears in his eyes.

10% recovery Swordsman Sky.

Sky rubbed his healed hand and then glared at Dash saying, “We’ll talk later after this fight.” Dash nodded and both him and Sky rushed at the Goblin King with their weapons of choice in their hands.

Lysander blocked their attacks, but then jumped back and yelled out, “ARMY OF DARKNESS!” Shadows rose from the ground in the form of soldiers with glowing red eyes and began to attack the group with weapons of darkness, while Lysander slashed at the summoned creatures.

Geronimo cursed under his breath as he slashed at the dark soldiers that came at him and muttered, “It would be good to have my seal removed as well.” Sapphire kicked at the dark soldiers and stated, “I have to agree on that.” Flames suddenly engulfed Sapphire and Geronimo’s hands making them scream out in panic. Geronimo punched a Dark soldier with his burning hand and the soldier in turn burst into flames and turned to ash.

100% damage to Dark Soldier.

Geronimo was panting as the flames vanished from his hand and noticed that the mark was gone.

10% damage Barbarian Geronimo and Dancer Sapphire

Confinement Seal removed. Barbarian Geronimo and Dancer Sapphire’s status revived.

Geronimo smirked and summoned a wooden mace from his inventory.

“Prepare to see Hell! EARTH SHATTERING CRUSHER!”

Geronimo’s mace glowed brightly in a red color and then he swung it at the Dark Soldiers closest to him making them shatter like fragile rocks. Sapphire smiled with a glimmer around her form.

“I finally get to shine for my little darling. CHAOS SUN DANCE!”

Sapphire swung her right leg into the air as light burst from her form and when it went into contact with some of the Dark Soldiers, they instantly turned to ash.

Simba glanced at the two saying, “I would appreciate you guys protecting me while I control my beasts.” Geronimo nodded and stood close to Simba making sure to smash any Dark soldiers that approached them.

Sapphire began to spin again with her arms outstretched and yelled out, “PRIETESS’ BLESSING!” White light traveled throughout touching all the heroes and healing their wounds.

Anthea smiled saying, “Looks like they have their powers back too, but…”

Anthea glared at Dash, who was slicing the necks of three Dark Soldiers, and stated, “Why did you burn them too?”

“They were complaining about not having their powers.”

Anthea sighed and used her blade to smack a Dark Soldier away from her.

“Do I have to pay you extra?”


“Good,” stated Anthea and then dodged a Dark arrow from one of the soldiers.

As they fought, Sky headed for Lysander, who sliced the Gryphon in two. Sky swung his blade at him yelling, “TORNADO STRIKE!”

Lysander immediately dodged the attack and then rushed at Sky. Sky dodged, but felt his eyes widen when he saw the blade in Lysander’s hand.

“Surprised Hero?” mocked Lysander as he slashed at Sky, but Sky managed to dodge and roll back glaring at Lysander.

“You are the Goblin King correct?”

“That’s right.”

“Why do you look human and why do you have the Legendary Weapon.”

“I believe you guys call it a glitch. I hate this form, but I love the power that comes with it,” stated Lysander as he licked the flat of the blade. Sky narrowed his eyes as he stood up and pointed his blade at Lysander.

“How about fighting me without that blade?”

“And why would I do that?”

“Wouldn’t this fight be boring if you kill me in one shot?”

Lysander chuckled saying, “Point taken.” Lysander’s blade suddenly changed to another Legendary Blade that Sky recognized as the Medusa’s Gaze: a blade that will turn you to stone after five strikes.

“This should be more entertaining,” stated Lysander and suddenly rushed at Sky scratching his right arm with the blade.

20% damage Swordsman Sky.

Four more strikes before petrification.

Sky cursed under his breath as he dodged Lysander’s second attack. He then swung his blade cutting Lysander’s cheek.

2% damage Goblin King.

“Are you serious?” muttered Sky when he heard the little damage he inflicted on Lysander. Lysander chuckled.

“I have quite a high level Hero.”

Lysander swung his blade at Sky and Sky connected their swords together pushing back. They were soon clashing their swords together both refusing to give up.

Anthea blocked an attack from a Dark Soldier as she watched Sky and Lysander connect blades making a metallic sound in the air. She pushed back a Dark Soldier and tried to run to Sky’s aid, but was blocked, not by a Dark Soldier, but a large Goblin Soldier with scars on its body. Anthea clenched her teeth and was forced to jump back as the Goblin Soldier smashed the ground where she once stood.

Anthea gripped her blade and yelled out, “ANGEL FLIGHT!” Anthea rose from the ground and then rushed at the Goblin slashing her blade at it. The goblin gave out a yelp as blood burst from its forehead.

50% damage Goblin Soldier.

Anthea cheered, but was forced to back flip in the air as she was forced to dodge an arrow shot from a Goblin soldier on the roof of a hut.

Dash immediately ran to Anthea’s aid, throwing ninja stars at the Goblin soldier on the roof. Dash glanced up at Anthea saying, “You better have something that can be used against these guys.”

“Items wise…”

Anthea suddenly remembered that Geronimo had given her something in secret and pulled it out of her inventory. She looked at her companions and yelled, “Cover your noses!” Anthea threw the object to the ground.

Before the object came into contact with the ground, Hazel and Geronimo took notice of what it was and were the first ones to cover their noses and to run for cover, while Simba and Sapphire were puzzled as they watched the object collide to the ground.

The object burst and a mist of yellow began to cover the area. The Goblin Soldiers in the area took one sniff of the mist and fell over with disgust in their faces. The object that was thrown turned out to be a rotten onion. When a rotten onion is thrown from an elevated height, it will create an odor mist that would cause enemies to feint with just a single smell. Anthea was aware of this and it was the reason why she kept it with her in case of an emergency.

Lysander cursed under his breath as he saw his minions begin to fall one by one. He avoided the mist as did Sky, but he immediately scratched Sky’s right arm.

20% damage Swordsman Sky.

Three more strikes before petrification.

Sky cursed under his breath and slashed at the Goblin King again cutting Lysander’s right arm.

3% damage to Goblin King.

“What the Hell is your level?”

“Level 300.”


Sky slashed three more times at Lysander. Lysander avoided two strikes, but one strike managed to graze his shoulder making a small amount damage.

“Give it up Hero. Even with all of you combined, I am invincible.”

Sky groaned and did another TORNADO STRIKE, but Lysander managed to dodge with a smirk on his lips. Lysander scratched Sky’s leg making more damage.

Two more strikes before petrification.

“This is getting annoying,” muttered Sky and seemed ready to attack again, but was surprised when Dash landed in front of him and shot flame covered shuriken at Lysander yelling, “HELL STARS!” Lysander dodged the attack, but suddenly felt something sharp enter his side. He looked to his side and saw Anthea with her blade embedded into his side.

50% damage Goblin King.

Lysander coughed out blood as he yanked himself out of Anthea’s blade and stared at her in disbelief. He then glanced down at her sword and saw that her Angel’s Fang Blade had been modified with the Ninja stars giving it a red luster on the blade.

“What did you…?”

“I modified my blade to act as a legendary weapon using the Ninja Hero’s weapon along with a drop of Goblin Soldier blood. My blade has been turned into the Goblin Slayer.”

“But how…?”

“I was a vendor, so this is elementary to me.”

Lysander coughed out blood and smirked at Anthea.

“You really are an interesting toy.”

Lysander fell forward as the dark soldiers began to vanish one by one leaving her companions confused. The music hadn’t stopped, so the battle was still ongoing, but it was clear to Anthea and her companions that the Goblin King was already close to death. Anthea glanced at Sky and tossed him the newly made sword and stated, “You should finish it to cancel out the effect of Lysander’s weapon on you.” Sky nodded gripping the new sword in his hand.

Sky stood above Lysander and held the sword high above his head.

“Don’t ever come back,” stated Sky and then brought the sword down removing Lysander’s head. When Lysander’s head rolled on the ground, the battle music came to an end and the area of the Goblin village vanished along with its inhabitants.

“What happened to the Goblin village?” asked Sapphire looking around.

“Most likely deleted, since the Goblin King is no more,” stated Geronimo as he placed his mace back in his inventory.

Sky stood above Lysander’s body that then began to vanish into dust, but then a light emerged after. Sky reached out to the light, but the light avoided his touch and then flew to Anthea.

Anthea flinched as the light hovered before her. Anthea reached toward the light and the moment her fingers touched it, the light burst revealing a Lily completely red like blood. Anthea gripped the flower and heard a ringing in the air.

Crimson Dragon Lily Obtained.

“I found another flower of memory.”

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