Stage 6: Dream

NPCs don’t dream, but Anthea that night dreamed for the first time. She sat in a field of flowers in a location she was not familiar with. She could feel the wind blow through her hair making her shut her eyes temporarily, only to open them and meet face to face with the eyes of a Green Meadow Dragon.

The Green Meadow Dragon had green scales, but roots and vines emitted from its body like the wilderness of the wild and its eyes were green like the meadow in spring. The sun shone on its magnificent form as it extended its clear wings before Anthea.

Instead of feeling fear, Anthea felt amazement at the dragon. She felt a presence behind her and looked back only to see a man with long blonde hair like Sky. He seemed to be around his teens and his blues eyes were dazzling. He wore loose white clothing and brown boots.

He smiled at Anthea and knelt next to her looking toward the dragon.

“Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not,” stated Anthea not peeling her eyes away from the dragon. The dragon leaned toward Anthea and the man placing its head before them as if bowing. The man touched the dragon’s nose and then held Anthea’s right hand. He placed her hand on the nose of the dragon and she could feel the warmness emitting from the dragon.

“This dragon would never harm us.”

“Are you sure?” Anthea asked, without really knowing why.

The man nodded and suddenly leapt onto the back of the dragon’s neck. He held his hand to Anthea and stated, “I’ll never let you go.” Anthea reached out, but suddenly heard a loud roar of a dragon.

Anthea sprung awake with sweat on the side of her head. She wiped the sweat off whispering, “It was a dream.” Anthea was ready to lay her head down again, but then noticed the light outside her window. She stepped out of bed and moved the drapes of her window open. Before her eyes was fire beginning to rise. Anthea gasped and ran out of her room calling for her father.

Moogle wasn’t at the cauldron and when she checked his room, he wasn’t there either. Anthea immediately ran out of the house in concern and saw flames dancing on the ground, but what shocked her most was that dragons were flying all around the village and spewing out fire.

Anthea shook her head and then ran to the main square of the village. She avoided the flames allowing her to reach the village square only to see the NPCs screaming and running from not only the spreading flames, but monsters that were supposed to be banned from the village.

“What’s going on?” muttered Anthea.


Anthea immediately recognized the voice of Pongo and Kermit. She glanced back at them and saw a Blade Mantis running after them with both arms of blades raised high. Anthea ran to them calling their names. Anthea felt her speed was greater than before as she reached them and then stood before the monster.

Anthea didn’t know what came over her, but she held out her hands and the two daggers she placed into her inventory appeared in her hands. She leapt at the Blade Mantis and began to slash the blades at its torso. It cried out and Anthea realized that she could see its life bar.

10% damage

Anthea could see that her attack barely had an effect, but it was enough to stun the enemy in place. Anthea took this chance to lead Pongo and Kermit away.

Pongo stared at the daggers in Anthea’s hands and asked, “Where did those come from?” Anthea wanted to explain, but they had to run to stay alive.

Kermit seemed to notice something and pushed Anthea back with Pongo. Anthea could only gasp as a steel blade entered his abdomen. Kermit coughed out blood as he was lifted into the air revealing his attacker: Barbarian Samurai, an S Class monster that shouldn’t be in their parts. The Barbarian Samurai tossed Kermit to the side sending blood flying.

Anthea saw Kermit reach out to her trying to say something before life left his eyes and his body fell still. Anthea screamed out in horror, but managed to get up and pull Pongo to run. Pongo could barely run out of pure shock of what he had seen.

The Barbarian Samurai ran at them, but a huge figure blocked his path and pushed him back. Anthea glanced back and saw that it was Jemima holding a rolling pin.

“Are you two all right?” asked Jemima. Anthea nodded and stated, “But Kermit…he…”

“I saw and I’m sorry,” stated Jemima. Jemima pointed toward down the road and said, “We need to head to the shelter where the others are.”

“Is my father there?”

“Yes and I’m sorry he left you behind. Stupid man thought you were already there.”

Anthea nodded and followed after Jemima with Pongo following, even though he was in shock as they passed Kermit’s dead form.

They rushed through the streets and cringed when they saw other NPCs being killed, but Jemima could only save a few with her power and Anthea still had no idea how to use her new power. Everything around them was like a nightmare.

They soon reached a stone building that would lead to an underground shelter that was made in case a glitch like this happened. Jemima urged them inside stepping in first. Anthea could hear her father’s voice within the shelter and was about to step in, but stopped when she heard something coming closer like thunder. Her instinct told her one thing: Don’t go in.

Anthea stepped back quickly and glanced up and saw a meteor attack falling from the dark sky. Anthea looked at Jemima with wide eyes and yelled, “Get out now!” Jemima only had time to look at Anthea with wide eyes before the meteor connected sending a blast that sent both Pongo and Anthea flying back.

As the dust began to clear, Anthea managed to sit up and stared with wide eyes. Where the shelter once was is now a crater of burned flesh. Anthea had to prevent herself from puking at the sight. She glanced at Pongo and saw that he was equally as shocked.

He looked at Anthea and asked, “Is this really happening?” Anthea couldn’t answer, since she had a hard time believing all this herself. Their protected village had become a nightmare and all they knew in the village were now nothing but dead flesh.

Anthea began to hear flapping wings and glanced up only to see a Night Dragon descending. Anthea and Pongo were frozen in shock as it landed before them glaring down with deep red eyes. On top of its head, Anthea saw, for the first time, the dark haired Dragon Lord, Longwei. His hair was as black as night and curled. His eyes were a deep red like the dragon’s. He wore a black armor made of dragon scales and the blade he wore, glowed a deep red like a blood diamond. Standing on the dragon, he looked like a devil.

The dragon lowered its head allowing Longwei to stand before Anthea, who stared with fear in her eyes. Longwei reached toward her, but Pongo pulled Anthea away from him and pushed her behind him saying, “Don’t touch her.” Pongo’s entire form was shaking as he attempted to protect Anthea.

Longwei said nothing as he held his hand at Pongo and the next thing Anthea knew, blood had splattered on her face and Pongo’s lifeless head was lying by her feet. She couldn’t even scream as Pongo’s headless body fell forward. Longwei’s hand had no blood, but it was obvious that he was responsible for Pongo’s demise.

Longwei approached Anthea and then held the Goddess Flower in her hair. He smirked and leaned his forehead against hers making her shake in fear.

“If you want to know the truth and get your revenge then gather all the heroes and the flowers and face me.”

Longwei kissed Anthea’s cheek sending a chill down her back and then stepped back. He leapt back on the dragon and the dragon began to fly away along with all the dragons. The monsters also fled with delight in their faces and blood covering their forms.

Only the sound of flames and burning flesh filled the air around Anthea. Anthea fell to her knees with tears in her eyes and then gave out a yell into the night.

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