Stage 25: Levels of Anthea’s companions

Night had fallen on the game world, so Anthea and her companions had set up camp. Before that time, Anthea had explained thoroughly about her quest and the reaction of Sapphire and Simba were different. Sapphire hugged Anthea in comfort, while Simba began to mutter what beasts to use against the Dragon Lord in revenge for Anthea’s village. Anthea was glad that they understood.

With their camp set up, Anthea began to cut the vegetables that she managed to gather into her inventory when they were still in town, while Hazel and Geronimo went out to find an edible animal to be cooked. Sky prepared the fire, while Simba and Sapphire prepared the remaining beds for when it was time to sleep.

Anthea cut the last of the vegetables and began to dump them into a pot and then glanced at Sky asking, “Is the fire ready yet?” Sky nodded as the flames danced before him. Sky then took the pot from Anthea and adjusted it above the fire before closing the lid with a smile.

“That should do it,” stated Sky. Anthea nodded. Sky glanced at Anthea with a blush and asked, “Are you OK?”

“Do I look ill?”

“I was just worried since that Goblin King took you away…I wasn’t sure if he did anything to you.”

“He tried to place some cursed bracelets on me, but I removed them before their effects could happen.”

“That’s good,” stated Sky and then suddenly perked up and asked, “During that fight did your level rise?” Anthea nodded and showed her screen to Sky.

Anthea (NPC Vendor)

Level 3

HP 200,000

MP 90,000

Speed 805 (intermediate)

Strength 960 (intermediate)

Awareness 200 (advance)

Intelligence 975 (advance)

Charisma 550 (average)

Luck 420 (average)


Animal Whisperer 50% (beginner)

Wind Barrier 30% (beginner)

Healing Touch 55% (beginner)

Picklocker 15% (beginner)

Spirit Summoning 20% (beginner)

Angel Flight 40% (beginner)

Ocean Wave 70% (beginner)

Messenger 50% (beginner)

Secondary Skills

Barter 100% (advance)

Blacksmith 100% (expert)

Cooking 100% (expert)

Sewing 100% (expert)

Observe 10% (expert)

Swimming 100% (expert)

Dancing 100% (advance)

Crafting 100% (expert)

“My picklocker skill has risen too along with my level. Maybe I can picklock better than Hazel,” stated Anthea with a giggle. Sky nodded.

Anthea then tilted her head to Sky asking, “So has your level risen?” Sky nodded and showed his screen to her.

Sky (The Swordsman)

Level 100

HP 2,000,100

MP 70,100

Speed 955 (advance)

Strength 100 (expert)

Awareness 905(advance)

Intelligence 960 (intermediate)

Charisma 505 (advance)

Luck 205 (average)


Knight’s Fury 55% (expert) 90MP

Tornado Strike 50% (expert) 100MP

Sword Light Strike 50% (advance) 500MP

Defense Shield 30% (intermediate) 20MP

“That’s amazing.”

“It doesn’t compare to your level of power though.”

“That’s not true. I am still level 3 and you are level 100. You are really strong, Sky.”

Sky turned even redder in the face and was about to hug her, but suddenly felt an arm on his head followed by the hyper voice of Sapphire saying, “How about looking at my level, Anthea Darling?” Anthea nodded with excitement in her eyes.

Sapphire got off of Sky, who was fuming with anger as he glared at the dancer, and then flicked her index finger up with a small twirl of her body as her screen appeared before her.

Sapphire (The Dancer)

Level 106

HP 2,300,000

MP 50,100

Speed 955 (intermediate)

Strength 100 (intermediate)

Awareness 200(advance)

Intelligence 200 (intermediate)

Charisma 800 (advance)

Luck 400 (average)


Chaos Sun Dance 70% (advance) 90MP

Priestess’ Healing 50% (intermediate) 50MP

Mirage Dance 100% (advance) 200MP

Barrier Dance 30% (intermediate) 20MP

Succubus Dance 40% (intermediate) 100MP

Anthea smiled at the screen that Sapphire displayed and stated, “You’re even stronger than Sky.” Sky visibly flinched and began to sulk, while Sapphire chuckled in amusement. She winked at Anthea saying, “I maybe a dancer, but I am a hero too, so I do have to keep my strength up.” Sapphire then pointed at her skills.

“I noticed that in your skills, you can learn any skill that any hero holds, so I can teach you Chaos Sun Dance when I have the time.”


Sapphire nodded and added, “It would be nice to have a dancing companion.” Anthea nodded with a bright smile.

Anthea then looked at Simba and asked, “Can I see your game screen too?” Simba nodded and then snapped making his game screen appear before Anthea.

Simba (Beast Tamer)

Level 200

HP 3,200,000

MP 100,100

Speed 500 (intermediate)

Strength 200 (intermediate)

Awareness 500(advance)

Intelligence 300 (intermediate)

Charisma 900 (advance)

Luck 300 (average)


Lower Beast Summoning 70% (expert) 90MP

Average Beast Summoning 100% (expert) 100MP

Higher Beast Summoning 50% (expert) 300MP

Legendary Beast Summoning 20% (expert) 500MP

Whip Lash 30% (intermediate) 50MP

“Level 200? That is amazing,” complimented Anthea making Simba give off a small blush. Simba sat near the fire with crossed legs and stated, “I had to work extra hard for that level and taming beasts isn’t exactly a walk in the park.” Anthea nodded, but at that moment a Ruby Cat emerged from one of the bushes and approached Anthea. It gave out a purr and made itself comfortable in her lap. Anthea giggled and began to caress its head with Simba staring at her in disbelief.

“Do you have a skill that allows you to get close to animals?”

Anthea nodded and stated, “I have the Animal Whisperer skill, but it is only beginner class for now.”

“Just getting that skill is pretty good,” complimented Simba and added, “I would love that skill, but I need to reach level 300 before I can get it.”

“Sounds hard.”

“It is, but I plan to succeed!” announced Simba making Anthea smile. Simba gave off a blush at her laugh, but his blush instantly faded when he felt a death glare behind his back. He glanced back and could have sworn that Sky had turned into a boss level monster.

Anthea began to stir the cooked vegetables in the pot as the Ruby Cat walked off, when Hazel and Geronimo returned with Rainbow Pheasants.

“Get cooking Miss. NPC,” stated Hazel in a proud tone as he dangled the dead pheasants near Anthea. Anthea sighed saying, “I’ll cook them, but please wait and stop calling me Miss. NPC.”

“Don’t feel like it, Miss. NPC.”

Anthea groaned and half thought of sneaking a laxative like plant in Hazel’s food, but decided against it.

As Anthea began to de-feather the pheasants, Sapphire looked at Hazel and Geronimo and stated, “How about showing your game screens, while Anthea Darling cooks?” Hazel smirked and flashed his screen saying, “Read it and weep.”

Hazel (Thief)

Level 105

HP 2,200,000

MP 90,100

Speed 200(expert)

Strength 100 (expert)

Awareness 999(advance)

Intelligence 950 (intermediate)

Charisma 600 (intermediate)

Luck 300 (average)


Dagger Storm 70% (expert) 90MP

Pick Locking 50% (expert) 50MP

Double Strike 50% (expert) 200MP

Keen Hearing 30% (intermediate) 20MP

Simba scoffed saying, “My level is still higher than yours.” Hazel groaned and then stated, “But I don’t have to depend on taming monsters to get my level higher, so nyah.” Simba glared at Hazel gripping the whip in his hand.

Geronimo chuckled as he looked at Hazel saying, “Well I don’t need to tame monsters either and look at my level.” Geronimo then flashed his screen to the group.

Geronimo (The Barbarian)

Level 102

HP 2,000,200

MP 70,300

Speed 955 (advance)

Strength 700 (expert)

Awareness 700(advance)

Intelligence 500 (intermediate)

Charisma 410 (advance)

Luck 210 (average)


Earth Shatter Crusher 100% (expert) 50MP

Canyon Smash 50% (expert) 100MP

Rapid Swing 50% (advance) 100MP

Ultimate Defense 10% (beginner) 20MP

Hazel burst out laughing pointing at the screen and stated, “I’m definitely stronger than you.” Geronimo suddenly removed his weapon from his inventory screen and stated, glaring at Hazel, “How about we fight and we will truly see who is stronger?” Hazel smirked grabbing his daggers.

“You’re on!”

They were about to fight, but paused when Anthea exclaimed, “Whoever starts fighting will not have any supper!” Hazel and Geronimo huffed and placed their weapons back in their inventory, while Sapphire giggled in amusement saying, “Anthea Darling is quite strong in her own way.”

Anthea just smiled as she finished cooking the meal. They all ate still discussing who was stronger, while Sky kept complimenting all the dishes Anthea made. Anthea giggled in delight and then took a bite of a cooked pheasant meat.

Anthea thought of all her companions levels and then her own.

I have to get stronger to not drag anyone down.

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