Stage 26: Anthea’s Self Training

Night had fallen completely for the party of heroes and after eating their meal, they had fallen asleep in their prepared beds under the starry night sky. All were asleep, except for one NPC hero: Anthea.

Anthea slipped out of her sleeping place quietly and then walked with light steps out of the camp toward a clearing with only a large boulder in sight. Anthea looked all around her and then pulled out the Goblin Slayer from her inventory.

Anthea took a deep breath and then began slashing into the air with swift movements.

There might come a time when I have to fight on my own without the others, so I must teach myself how to fight on my own.

Anthea did a cross slash letting out a yell, but paused when she heard a ringing sound followed by a screen popping in front of her.

You have learned a new skill:

Cross Slash

Anthea smiled at the message and silently cheered. She opened her scree to see her new skill and saw that it was only 1% at a beginner’s level. Anthea stared at that skill and then closed her screen. She swung her blade yelling out, “CROSS SLASH!” She continued swinging her blade, yelling out the attack and then after about fifty swings, she opened her screen to look at her Cross Slash skill.

Cross Slash 50% (beginner)

“So doing an attack repeatedly will increase the power faster, but I can’t exactly do this without exhaustion.”

Anthea thought a while and then smiled as she placed her Goblin Slayer back into her inventory and yanked out the Silver Winged Dagger.

“I guess it is best to learn new skills for tonight.”

Anthea remembered how Hazel fought when he was using Dagger Storm, so she leapt into the air and spun around in the air.

“Dagger Stor…Wah!”

Anthea immediately fell to the ground giving out a groan of pain. Anthea rubbed her bottom and frowned as she looked at the Dagger in her hand.

“I guess learning that skill will take some time.”

Anthea stared at the dagger in her hand and shot it at the ground and at the moment heard a ring followed by a screen appearing in front of her.

You have learned a new skill:

Dagger Dart

“Dagger Dart? I guess just doing random things with weapons can also unlock new skills,” muttered Anthea as she yanked the dagger from the ground. Anthea twisted the dagger in her hand and then shot it at the ground again. Anthea sighed.

“It doesn’t seem that useful, but maybe it will be stronger when I get pass the beginner level.”

Anthea yanked the dagger from the ground and continued to throw it at random objects until the skill reached at least 50%.

After a long while, Anthea placed her dagger back in her inventory deciding to train her Ocean Wave Skill. She raised her hand and yelled out, “OCEAN WAVE!”

Water rose before her and then soaked the entire area to the point it seemed like a hurricane had passed through. Anthea heaved out a sigh and then did three move Ocean Waves. At the third casting the wave seemed to grow larger and Anthea gasped as some of the water soaked her. Anthea coughed out the water that managed to get in her mouth and then pulled out her screen.

Ocean Wave 10% (intermediate)

Anthea smiled when she saw that one of her skills had finally reached intermediate. Anthea clenched her fist hoping that her increase in the skill would help her in the long run.

Anthea prepared herself to train another skill to the intermediate skill, but paused when she felt a chill run down her spine. She glanced back just as she heard a ring followed by a screen appearing before her.

You have learned a new Skill:

Danger Detection

Anthea felt her eyes widen as she saw what looked like a small boy with flaming red hair and orange wings on his back. He smirked at Anthea and before Anthea could react, the boy pushed against her forehead with the palm of his head. Anthea felt her consciousness begin to leave her as she struggled to stay awake.

The red haired boy smirked at Anthea and stated, “If Hasani really cares, he’ll come for you little Water fairy.”

Hasani…the fairy hero.

Anthea collapsed on the ground unconscious. The red haired boy placed his hand on her back and tilted his head in confusion.

“I wonder where her wings went, but it doesn’t matter. She’s the same species as Hasani, so he should come.”

The red haired boy picked up Anthea and then whistled into the air creating a spark.

“Let Hasani know where I am. If he wants this Water Fairy unharmed then tell him to accept my challenge.”

The spark grew brighter and then rushed out into the distance.

The boy then looked back at Anthea’s sleeping form and then whispered, “Let’s hope Hasani comes for your own safety.” With those words, the boy vanished from the area in a flash of light.

Unknown to him, a Ruby Cat was watching the whole scene and immediately ran off giving out a mew.

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