Stage 27: Ruby Cat’s Message

Day had arrived in the world of the game and the heroes began to awaken, but the morning was anything, but peaceful, since Sky awoke everyone when he cried out Anthea’s name in a panic. Hazel shot up from his sleeping place and immediately glared daggers at Sky.


Sky looked at Hazel with almost tear filled eyes and stated, “But Anthea is gone.”

“Maybe she went to wash up.”

“But her bed isn’t even warm!” wailed Sky. Hazel sighed and then noticed the worry in Geronimo, Sapphire, and Simba’s faces.

“Are you guys worried too?” asked Hazel with an exasperated look. Sapphire was the one to nod and say, “Anthea Darling’s bed is not warm so that means she didn’t recently get up, so she must have been gone for a long time.”

Geronimo nodded and added, “She might be in trouble.”

Hazel groaned and stated, “Aw come on, Miss NPC’s bed is not warm and you guys presume that she is in trouble. Talk about worry warts.”

The next thing Hazel knew, he was soaring through the air as a result of Sapphire’s spinning kick. Hazel slammed into the ground with a groan.

5% damage Hazel Thief

Hazel shot up from the ground and glared at Sapphire with fire practically in his eyes.


“That was for showing no concern for Anthea Darling.”


Geronimo smirked and stated, “Be glad that is was Sapphire and not me that sent you flying.”

Hazel groaned at the realization that he was seen as the bad guy for Anthea’s disappearance and silently cursed Anthea’s name.

While Sky was still panicking as he called out Anthea’s name and Hazel was being cornered by Sapphire and Geronimo for his lack of concern for the missing NPC, Simba began to look around the area with an observant eye. He glanced at the birds flying in the area and was about to try to make a link with them to get any information on Anthea’s disappearance, but he suddenly heard a rustle in the bushes and spun around taking out his whip. The others also took notice of Simba’s fighting stance and prepared themselves for a battle, but soon noticed that the battle music hadn’t started meaning that their “enemy” in the bushes wasn’t looking for a fight. They visibly relaxed and waited for the “enemy” to emerge.

A Ruby Cat leapt out of the bushes giving out a small meow in greeting. Simba knelt to its level and stated, “This is the Ruby Cat that approaching Anthea last night.”

“How can you tell?”

“I’m a Beast Tamer, so I can tell the difference in animals.”

The Ruby Cat gave out a slur of meows and waved its paws as if trying to tell them something, but none of them understood what it was saying. Hazel scoffed and glanced at Simba asking, “You know what the cat is saying?”

“I can only communicate with monsters with low levels. This Ruby Cat is surprisingly strong.”

Sapphire knelt to the Ruby Cat’s height and stated, “Well it is obviously trying to tell us something and it might have something to do with Anthea Darling.”

Simba nodded saying, “I think so too, but the only way I can understand it is if it is willing to make a contract with me.”

“A contract?”

“If I make a contract with it then I can communicate with it no matter what level it is.”

Sky nodded saying, “Then let’s do that.”

Simba nodded back and lifted the Ruby Cat off the ground and held it at eye level.

“If you want us to understand you then please make a contract with me.”

The Ruby Cat seemed hesitant, but then gave a nod and placed its small paw to Simba’s forehead. Simba closed his eyes and muttered, “Make the connection to thy being and serve thee for years to come. I shall name you Yul.” A small light emitted from the Ruby Cat and Simba and then burst.

Simba heaved out a sigh as he placed the Ruby Cat on the ground and then            stared down at the cat asking, “So what were you trying to tell us Yul?” The Ruby Cat, now named Yul, gave out a slur of meows making Hazel growl and yell, “THAT CONTRACT DID NOTHING!”

Simba sighed saying, “I never said that if I made the contract you guys would understand it.”

“So you know what it is saying?” asked Sky with hopefulness in his eyes. Simba nodded and then picked up Yul.

“It was right for us to be worried. According to Yul, Anthea was kidnapped by a Fire Fairy.”

“A Fire Fairy, but why?” exclaimed Sky near panic again. Yul began to meow at Simba again. Simba nodded and then looked at the others saying, “According to Yul, the Fire Fairy mistook her as a Water Fairy.”

Hazel chuckled saying, “Miss. NPC looks nothing like a fairy, so why was she mistaken for one.” Yul meowed again. Simba nodded at Yul’s words that only he understood and stated, “She was practicing her OCEAN WAVE skill. Water Fairies are the only ones who can do such a skill so the Fire Fairy mistook her as one.”

“But why take her?”

Simba once again translated Yul’s language to his companions.

“According to Yul, this Fire Fairy is gathering Water Fairies to lure out the Fairy Hero.”

Geronimo rubbed his chin and then snapped his fingers saying, “I know that Hero. I think his name was…uh…”

“His name is Hisani. He was part of our last party when we took a mission in the Elemental Caves,” stated Hazel with crossed arms and then clicked his tongue adding, “I can’t believe he is starting trouble already.”

Sapphire giggled and stated, “So we just need to find the Fairy Hero and then he can help us find Anthea Darling.”

Sky sighed and stated, “There’s a problem there…we don’t know where he went after he separated from our party.” Hazel nodded in agreement and added, “He also mentioned not to call him unless there was something in it for him. Cocky bastard.”

Simba heard Yul meowing again listening to his words and then smiled saying, “I know where Hasani is.”

“You do?”

“According to Yul, Hasani should be in the forest near us.”

“What is he doing there?”

Simba looked at Yul and Yul gave out a cheerful meow making Simba turn slightly pale.

“Is something wrong?” asked Sky. Simba looked at the group and stated, “Yul said that he is one of the heroes he captured to save for a snack, so he is trapped in Yul’s cave.”

All of them fell silent as their gazes landed on the Ruby Cat that looked proud of itself.

“Simba, what level is this Ruby Cat exactly?”

Simba glanced at the Ruby Cat and his eyes widened as he stated the level of the Ruby Cat.

“Level 500.”


Yul gave out a cheerful meow and then nudged Simba. Simba sighed and stated, “Yul says that he was a secret boss for a mission, but since he is now contracted with me, his boss status no longer applies, so there is no reason to eat the fairy hero, so we are free to go get him.”

Sky sighed and stated, “At least this Ruby Cat won’t be fighting us, but I wonder why he made the contract if he is a boss monster.”

Yul gave out a cheerful meow with sparkles practically around his form.

“He wants to save the pretty NPC.”

“He means Anthea right?” asked Geronimo. Simba nodded and added, “I really should invest in getting the Animal Whisperer skill if it can affect a monster like this so well.”

Simba placed Yul down and instructed him to lead them to Hasani. Yul gave out a meow and then dashed forward making sure the group was following him.

They entered the woods and traveled through it making sure not to lose sight of Yul. They soon found themselves standing before a cave with torn white ribbons on top. Yul sat in front of the cave giving out a meow.

“He says Hisani is in here.”

“All right,” stated Hazel and was about to waltz in, but Yul suddenly gave out another meow making Simba’s eyes widen. Simba immediately grabbed Hazel pulling him back just as a blade landed in front of Hazel. Hazel stared at the blade that immediately pulled out of the ground and then flew into the mouth of the cave.

Out of the shadows of the cave emerged a creature with the head of a tiger, but a body of a man with two long blades in its hands. Hazel clicked his tongue and asked, “Why is that in there?”

Simba frowned saying, “Yul mentioned that he felt that a new guardian of the cave spawned when he approached the cave, so in order to get Hasani back…”

Sky drew his blade and stated, “We have to fight.”

They all gave a nod and drew their weapons as the battle music started.

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