Stage 29: The Puzzle Door

If one plays a number of RPG games, there was always a puzzle. In this game world, one of the puzzles was a puzzle door. With a puzzle door, you are given three riddles. If one answer is wrong, then the puzzle is restarted with different questions to answer.

Currently, this puzzle door stood before the group. As heroes they had run into puzzle doors before, but sadly, they never solved them and just ignored them, but this time, they had to save Hasani and so they needed to solve this puzzle.

Hazel clicked his tongue asking, “So who wants to try their smarts?”

Geronimo groaned saying, “If you think about it, none of us would be smart enough for this. The best hero for this would be that detective.”

Sapphire giggled saying, “Do you mean Doyle? You wouldn’t find him anywhere near a cave.” Simba nodded in agreement.

Sky, on the other hand, stood before the door saying, “I’ll take the challenge if it means taking another step to save Anthea.”

Sky stared at the door as words began to appear on the door followed by a deep voice.

“Tell me this adventurer: A thief is to be executed by gunshot by ten men. He is told to position them before he is shot. He survives without a scratch. How is this possible?”

Sky thought awhile, but Hazel growled and yelled, “I was never going to be executed. My stealing wasn’t that bad!”

Sapphire sighed saying, “It’s just a riddle, Hazel, so calm down.” Hazel growled with crossed arms.

Sky snapped his fingers and stated, “The thief positioned them, so maybe he positioned them to be pointed at each other.”

“That is correct.”

Sky cheered, but the others just thought that the question was ridiculous and didn’t sound much like a riddle.

“Now tell me this adventurer: What has the softest touch in the world?”

“That’s easy….that would be my darling Anthea’s touch.”

That is wrong.”


“The answer is a baby’s caress.”

The door then fell silent. Sapphire shoved Sky aside and stated, “I swear, I love Anthea as much as you, but don’t put her in your answers.” Sky apologized as Sapphire took the challenge next.

“Tell me this adventurer: Smell me, buy me, deliver me, I will never change.”

“That would be cent and words that sound like it. At least give me a hard one.”

“That is correct.”

“Looks like Sapphire is smarter than she looks,” stated Geronimo earning a glare from the Dancer.

“Next question: Such grace, such beauty. Only a fool would look away. A story to behold with music at the tip of the toes.”

“…This one is tricky…do any of you…?”

“That is wrong.”


“The answer is ballet.”

Hazel was the one to burst out laughing saying, “You’re the dancer and you didn’t even know the answer to that.” Sapphire glared at Hazel and kicked him to the door saying, “Looks like you’re the next challenger.” Hazel scoffed accepting the challenge.

“Tell me this adventurer: She stands before all. No one can speak against her. Any who speak ill of her will lose their head and cover the land in red.”

“Sounds like Miss. NPC.”

“That is wrong. The answer is Queen of Hearts.”

Sky glared at Hazel yelling, “How dare you compare Anthea to such a vile riddle?”

“Well I see her as scary when she cooks meat,” retaliated Hazel.

Geronimo then pushed Hazel back saying, “Let me try.”

“Tell me this adventurer: I command you to play. I command you to stop. I command you to applaud.”

“…This door is demanding to make all those demands.”

“Geronimo that was the riddle.”

“I see.”

That is wrong.”

“I haven’t even…”

“The answer is a conductor of music.”

“…Can I please break this door?” asked Geronimo as he pulled out his mace.

Simba held his hand saying, “I’ll take care of it.”

They all nodded and watched Simba.

“Tell me adventurer: I…”

“A snake.”

“…That is correct.”

The others clapped in amazement, but also were bewildered how he knew the answer before the riddle was even given.”

“The next question: Who…”

“A fairy tale.”

“…That is correct…let me complete the question this time.”

“Wow, the door complained,” muttered Hazel with a smirk.

“Tell me this hero: I am king. I am greatness. All animals kneel before me and some laugh in fear. What am I?”

“A lion.”

“That is correct. Your group may pass.”

The door sunk into the ground making the others cheer, but they then looked at Simba wondering how he solved those riddles so quickly, but then they noticed Yul smiling as he leapt onto Simba’s shoulder.

“Hey, wasn’t Yul the original boss of this cave?” asked Geronimo. They all nodded realizing that Yul told the answers to Simba.

They finally entered the chamber and saw that it was littered with diamonds and rubies this time. Hazel immediately began to gather the precious stones before anyone could object.

The others allowed Hazel to follow his greed as they searched the chamber for Hasani.

“Where is he?” Sky asked as he looked toward Yul. Yul pointed upward with a small meow. They all looked up and saw Hasani hanging above them in an amber orb yelling out something with an angered expression as he looked down at them.

“Hey Hasani!” called up Hazel as he tossed a diamond into his inventory. Hasani yelled out something, but they couldn’t hear his words.

“Looks like that orb is sound proof,” stated Sky and then looked at Simba asking, “Does Yul know what he is saying?” Simba looked at Yul and Yul in turn began to give out a slur of meows.

“Yul says he rather not mention the curses he is yelling out, but he is saying to stop touching the jewels because they are booby trapped.”


The next thing they knew Hazel was engulfed by an amber orb and hung next to Hasani in the ceiling. Hazel looked like he was yelling, but no one could hear his words.

“Good thing, we didn’t touch the jewels,” stated Sky and then asked, “So how do we get them down?”

Yul leapt off of Simba’s shoulder and pointed at plain rocks.

“He says to use these rocks to get them down,” translated Simba.

“So target practice?”

“Pretty much.”

So for the time being, after solving the riddle door, they began to throw rocks at the trapped Thief and Water Fairy.

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