Stage 30: The Fire Fairy’s Grudge

Deep in the forest, there was a cavern filled with nothing, but fire stones and within this cavern stood the majestic form of a red fairy only known as the Fire Fairy. He was programmed as the arch nemesis of the Water Fairy Hero. Even when the game was sealed, he kept up this role and tried anything to take down his rival.

This time, he planned to take as many Water Fairies as he could to lure out the Water Fairy Hero and end his life using the captured fairies as a shield. It was a cowardly move, but he saw it as brilliant. Sadly, on his part, he was only able to find one water fairy: Anthea.

The Fire Fairy hovered around her as she slept in her cage and kept noting that she was different for a fairy. First of all, she had no wings and secondly, there was no water jewel or symbols embedded on her body, but he believed her to be a fairy since she did a water attack that was only possible with water fairies.

He tilted his head staring at her face and also noting that she resembled that of a human. Humans…he absolutely loathed them just as much as the water fairy hero. As per his program, he was the archrival of Hasani, but rivals always have a reason for the hate and humans were involved. According to his back story, he was originally part of a group of fire fairies that roamed the volcanoes that the Dragon Lord frequented. The fairies paid him no mind since their element gave his dragons power, but this led to the misunderstanding that they worshipped the Dragon Lord and thus were targeted by the humans. They were slayed and their wings were clipped to be sold on the market by a cult that worshipped the Dragon Lord.

The Fire Fairy was the only one remaining of his kind and swore vengeance against the humans believing they were to blame and not the Dragon Lord. He began to master fire and even used the other fairy species to increase his power by stealing their elemental stones and changing their power. This caused the fairies to slowly die off. Because of this, the water fairy hero took action to fight the fire fairy and was victorious, but the fire fairy always returned because he obtained the power of a phoenix, which allowed him to be reborn when his body turns to ash. This cycle of fighting continued, even when the water fairy hero decided to fight only the Dragon Lord and ignored the fights with the fore fairy.

The Fire fairy felt he had no purpose unless he increased his power to destroy humanity and this could only happen (as he believed) if he defeated Hasani.

This led to the present time of capturing water fairies to urge Hasani to fight him. As he thought his plan brilliant, Anthea began to awaken with a groan. She sat up and noticed the fire fairy deep in thought, not taking notice of her awakening. Anthea remembered that she was kidnapped by this fairy when she was practicing her skills, so it didn’t take her long to realize her circumstances of being captured.

Since the fire fairy was distracted, she picked lock her cage and opened it a crack making as little noise as possible. The moment her hand touched the ground of the cavern, feet of a fairy appeared in front of her making her heart race. It didn’t take her long to realize that the fire fairy finally took notice of her awakening and now stood in front of her with arms crossed.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Anthea remained silent knowing that she couldn’t escape at the moment and sat back in her cage. The fire fairy scoffed kicking her cage back closed.

“Water fairies are so annoying,” he muttered as he used a flame to melt the lock shut. Anthea glanced at the melted lock and then at the fire fairy.

“So you’re the last fire fairy,” stated Anthea and then added, “The water fairy’s rival.” The fire nodded and stated, “Then you can guess that I am using you to get to Hasani right?” Anthea nodded and then added, “But it won’t work.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Hasani, is not very fond of humans, even if they are heroes, and I am of the human race.”

The fire fairy felt like he was struck by lightning. He knelt before Anthea’s cage with wide eyes.

“You’re kidding right?”

Anthea shook her head saying, “Did you mistake me as a fairy?”

The fire fairy groaned and nodded and then asked, “But how can you use a water spell that only water fairies can use?”

“A glitch,” stated Anthea honestly and then added, “To be honest, I was an NPC not too long ago.”

“…That is a huge glitch.”

The fire fairy clicked his tongue and then turned away from Anthea saying, “I can’t exactly let you go, even if you are human. I mean Hasani is not fond of you guys, but he is still a hero.”

Anthea smiled and stated, “I heard you were a rival of Hasani, but you still recognize him as a hero.” The fire fairy frowned with crossed arms.

“Whether I like it or not, he was programmed to be the hero…while I am the tragic rival with the hateful past.”

“I heard about it. It is why you hate humans so much…why you are the last of your kind.”

“So you are aware that fire fairy wings are still being sold and they are even quest items when sneaking into Dragon Lord Cults. Humans like you are trash.”

Anthea sighed saying, “I am aware of that as well and that’s an item I don’t sell.”


“I was an NPC Vendor. My village made these items and we knew how to make these wings, but I refused to make them.”


“It was barbaric.”

“Barbaric? Weren’t you an NPC? NPCs didn’t have opinions.”

“That’s not true. When the game was sealed, we gained awareness as well, but when we faced others with a role like the heroes, our program kicked in.”

The fire fairy rubbed his chin in thought and then glanced at Anthea asking, “You had awareness and couldn’t do anything except for what you were programmed to do, am I right?” Anthea nodded.

“You have such a glitch to be able to move on your own now without your program.”

“Aren’t you the same?”


“You were considered an NPC too, but then when you became aware, you started acting on your own, right?”

“I guess that’s true, but my program to fight the water fairy still works, so I have to fight him to get stronger.”

Anthea sighed and then asked, “So I am your captive until Hasani comes, right?” The fire fairy nodded adding, “He’ll come, so just wait. He’ll save you even if you are not a fairy.” Anthea nodded and then remembered her friends hoping that they would also come to her rescue, if only they knew she was captured.

The fire fairy on the other hand, took glances at Anthea remembering her opinion toward fire fairy wings and smirked thinking that she was OK for a human, but he still planned to use her for his ultimate goal. Even though she was not a fairy, he truly believed that Hasani would still come.

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