Stage 31: The Water Fairy’s Refusal

In the secret boss cave, Sky, Sapphire, Geronimo, and Simba were throwing stones endlessly at the orbs that held Hasani and Hazel captured. When a stone missed, Hazel would say something that Yul, the ruby cat of Simba, refused to translate.

“Is there really no other way to free them? My arm is getting tired,” complained Geronimo. Simba looked at Yul for an answer, but Yul just shook his head and gave out a mew.

“The stones are the only way.”

Geronimo cursed under his breath and grabbed the biggest stone he could find from the ground. He positioned himself to throw it, but paused when Simba stated, “Yul says that the stone you are holding would most likely kill them.” Geronimo cursed again as he slammed the stone down sending tremors through the cave.

The tremor was so strong that the orbs on the ceiling began to shake, but this led to an idea for Sky. Sky looked at Geronimo and stated, “Throw the stone to the ground again.”

“Like this?”

Geronimo picked up the stone and slammed it on the ground. The orbs shook once again and small rubble began to fall with some hitting the orbs and creating cracks on it. Sky smirked and stated, “There rubble counts as stones, so we can use those to free Hazel and Hasani.”

“You’re a genius, Sky!” cheered Sapphire, but then added, “As long as you are not fantasizing about Anthea Dear.” Sky frowned, but then ordered Geronimo to continue his attack on the ground to shake the place.

They suddenly heard a ringing noise and then a screen popped up in front of Geronimo.

You have learned a new skill:

Stone Shaker

Geronimo smirked saying, “Haven’t learned a new skill in ages.” Geronimo slammed the stone to the ground again. That final throw shook the cavern so much that rubble began to rain down like it was a shower and as a result, the orbs finally shattered sending Hasani and Hazel falling to the ground. Hasani managed to hover off the ground, while Hazel did a flip and landed on the ground almost like a ninja.

The moment the cavern finally settled, Sky approached his freed hero companions asking if they were OK. Hazel nodded, but Hasani groaned with crossed arms.

“Why did I have to run into you humans again?”

“Do you even know how to say thanks?” demanded Hazel and added, “We came here because of you.”

“I never asked you to come,” stated Hasani with a pout making the urge to kill rise in the thief, but Sky placed a hand on Hazel’s shoulder to calm him down and then faced Hasani with seriousness in his eyes.

“Look here, Hasani, we wouldn’t have come if we didn’t need your assistance.”

“So you need me for a quest of something? I already told you guys when we separated not to call me again for a quest. I am true with you guys and besides, I have another quest to take.”

“Can’t it wait? This is very important,” stated Sky in a near desperate tone.

“The answer is NO, so excuse me while I go on another quest.”

Hasani hovered off the ground and flew forward only for his face to meet with a flying kick.

10% damage Water Fairy Hasani

Hasani fell to the ground gripping his throbbing face and then glared at his attacker: Sapphire.

“What was that for?”

“For being a jerk. Our companion is in danger and you are partly at fault, so help us out!” demanded Sapphire as her glare intensified.

Hasani groaned and was about to fly pass the Dancer, but was suddenly grabbed by Geronimo by the back of his neck.

“You are not going anywhere until you say yes,” stated Geronimo with the same glare intensity as Sapphire. Hasani cursed under his breath.

“I don’t want too you bunch of lowlife humans!”

Simba suddenly stood before Hasani and held up Yul to his eye level saying, “Agree of be eaten by Yul.” Yul gave out a mew with his ears flat. Hasani visibly shook in fear remembering that this was the creature to capture him in this secret quest.

“…Fine, but let me finish my other mission first.”

Sky sighed in relief when Hasani finally agreed and then asked, “So what is your quest?”

“I have to save a water fairy.”

“…Water fairy?”

“That’s right. That blasted Fire Fairy kidnapped a water fairy, so I have to save her.”


“Why are you guys so silent?”

Sky cleared his throat and stated, “Actually, that’s why we were looking for you.”


“We need you to help us save that so called Water Fairy.”

“…You guys got this quest too?”

Hazel chuckled saying, “Actually we are forced to get involved since Miss. NPC was the one kidnapped.”

“Miss. NPC?”

Sky scratched the back of his head sheepishly and stated, “Your water fairy is actually a human mistaken as a Water Fairy.”


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