Paths of Yulan


(image from Pixabay)

The first path is crossed in Paths of Yulan. Megumi Yoh was a gifted child in Yulan, who did everything for his family, until one night, a fire took them away. Now he is trying to become an official to find the ones who took away his loved ones to exact his revenge and maybe find something more.

Updated on Wednesdays

Book 1: Imperial Path (Buy)

Bunkai 1: Examinee
Bunkai 2: Qualification Exam
Bunkai 3: Princess
Bunkai 4: Imperial Exams
 Bunkai 5: Duties

Book 2: A Man’s Path (Buy)

(Note: Megumi will now be referred to as a girl)

Bunkai 6: Revealed
Bunkai 7: Visit
Bunkai 8: Tournament
Bunkai 9: Beauties

Book 3: A Marked Path

Bunkai 10: Goddess Road
Bunkai 11: Traveling Merchant
Bunkai 12: Doctor
Bunkai 13: Mafia Elite
Bunkai 14: Official Rescue
Bunkai 15: Path Back
Bunkai 16: Mr. Wolf

Book 4: Palace Path

Bunkai 17: Return
Bunkai 18: Bride
Bunkai 19: Poison
Bunkai 20: Sickness
Bunkai 21: Final Day

Book 5: Masked Path

Bunkai 22: A New Day
Bunkai 23: Nue Clan Heir
Bunkai 24: Market Trip
Bunkai 25: Banquet
Bunkai 26: Challenger
The Emperor’s Dream

Book 6: Provinces Path

Bunkai 27: Blocked Path 
Bunkai 28: Mysterious Deaths

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