Precious Stone


Yanira Castleheart, second princess of Balwar Kingdom, had talents to be a priestess, but her kingdom is involved in a war and the king of Azseldo Kingdom won’t assist them unless they pay a price…a price of marriage. What does the future hold for Yanira in a Kingdom involved with Spirits and magic?

Updated on Fridays or Saturdays

Prologue: Destined Meeting
Chapter 1: War Ridden Kingdom
Chapter 2: War Alliance
Chapter 3: Farewells
Chapter 4: Path to Azseldo Kingdom
Chapter 5: Kidnapper
Chapter 6: Wolf Guardian
Chapter 7: Fate
Chapter 8: Wandering thoughts
Chapter 9: Arrival in Azseldo Kingdom    
Chapter 10: Brothers’ Bond
Chapter 11: Trapped
Chapter 12: Tunnel
Chapter 13: Priestess of the Night
Chapter 14: The Inventor
Chapter 15: The Trio
Chapter 16: Kidnapping
Chapter 17: Mistaken Identity
Chapter 18: Chalina’s Lies
Chapter 19: Discussion before the Camp
Chapter 20: Yanira’s Treatment
Chapter 21: Yanira’s Scolding
Chapter 22: The Heir to Ridarni Kingdom
Chapter 23: The Current Position of Rescue
Chapter 24: The Silver Haired Youth
Chapter 25: The Truth of Ridarni Kingdom’s Heir
Chapter 26: Nigam’s Device
Chapter 27: Capture of Nigam and Leveret
Chapter 28: The army approaches
Chapter 29: Changing the Future
Chapter 30: Yanira’s Return
Chapter 31: Preparing for the Wedding
Chapter 32: The Wedding
Chapter 33: Kidnapped again?
Chapter 34: The Land of Dragons
Chapter 35: Sealed Mountain
Chapter 36: The Golden Egg
Chapter 37: The Ocean’s King
Chapter 38: Changes
Chapter 39: Willow Awakens
Chapter 40: Racing Heart
Chapter 41: Anyion Collector
Chapter 42: Anyion of Wind
Chapter 43: Anyions in Captivity
Chapter 44: The Man with no memory
Chapter 45: The Raven’s Curse
Chapter 46: The True Captain
Chapter 47: Gaining the Cat’s Trust
Chapter 48: Rasmus’s Choice
Chapter 49: Comforting Rasmus
Chapter 50: Rheolis Kingdom’s Protection
Chapter 51: Red Haired Mermaid
Chapter 52: Lady Nira
Chapter 53: The Priestess’ Vision
Chapter 54: The Priestess Heir
Chapter 55: Rheolis’ Nightfall
Chapter 56: Yanira’s Escape?
Chapter 57: Yanira’s Dance
Chapter 58: Magical Forest
 Chapter 59: The Maze
Chapter 60: Balwar Kingdom’s Prince
Chapter 61: The New Priestess?
Chapter 62: Agreement Within the Temple
Chapter 63: Support for a Replacement
Chapter 64: The Priestess and the Slave
Chapter 65: Recognition for the Priestess
Chapter 66: Wishing for a Miracle
Chapter 67: Damario’s Gift
Chapter 68: Matchmaker Fairy
Chapter 69: The Rumor
Chapter 70: Market 
Chapter 71: Youth Chamber
Chapter 72: A Contract Formed Once Again
Chapter 73: Yanira in the Priestess Temple
Chapter 74: A Memory from a Year Ago
Chapter 75: Escape Artist

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