Chapter 28: The army approaches

In the woods of Azseldo Kingdom, the Azseldo Kingdom army was marching and in the front were Kaysan and Shuyu riding their stallions with their war armor on.

Kaysan glanced at the large army wondering if they went overboard with the men they were bringing, but he had no idea how much men the enemy had, so it was better to be safe than sorry. He then looked back at Shuyu and saw the killing intent in his eyes making him give out a sigh. Kaysan was already aware that Shuyu would take drastic measures to save Yanira and he still remembered that the orders were to leave no survivors after rescuing the princess. He still did not understand what his king saw in Yanira.

“Are we close?” demanded Shuyu making Kaysan snap out of his thoughts. Kaysan looked forward and then nodded saying, “It should be close.”

“Good,” muttered Shuyu, tightening his hold on the rein of the horse. Shuyu wanted those kidnappers dead. He wanted them to cease to exist for taking his bride.

Meanwhile, in the resistance camp, Gulshano sat next to Yanira’s unconscious form with his hand under his chin. He stared at Yanira’s sleeping face and caressed her short hair. He found her hair surprisingly soft to the point that he felt wanted to continue to pet her like a cat. Yanira groaned in her sleep and then muttered, “Cookies.” Gulshano stifled his laugh and then heard Yanira’s stomach grumble a bit. Gulshano burst out laughing this time.

“I guess you hadn’t eaten yet, princess.”

Yanira groaned in her sleep making Gulshano chuckle. He smiled a bit and then reached out to caress her cheek, but he suddenly heard a whistle and spun around trying to find the source. He saw no one and believed that the sound was just his imagination playing tricks on him, but when he turned back to Yanira’s sleeping form, his eyes widened at the sight of a man with long white hair and golden eyes hugging Yanira’s form close to his chest. Gulshano drew his dagger and pointed it at the man.

“Who are you?” demanded Gulshano. The man with white hair just frowned and swung his hand toward Gulshano. A gust of wind burst out toward Gulshano making him drop his dagger and collide into the wall of his hut. Gulshano groaned in pain glaring at the white haired man.

The white haired man turned away from Gulshano and began to caress Yanira’s cheek.


The white haired man glared at Gulshano with his golden eyes giving off a glint. Gulshano felt a shock and when he attempted to speak his voice was gone making him go pale.

The white haired man focused his gaze on Yanira again and pressed his hand to her forehead. A light emitted from that hand and soaked into Yanira’s body. Yanira smiled as she felt the warmness of the light. The white haired man smiled and then glared at Gulshano, who gritted his teeth as he glared at the man.

“Yanira is not yours. Yanira does not belong to the king of Azseldo Kingdom either.”

The white haired man tightened his hold on Yanira.

“She is my princess.”

The white haired man kissed Yanira’s forehead and suddenly vanished from the hut allowing Yanira to fall gently back onto her sleeping place. Gulshano gasped out realizing that his voice had returned and then looked around for any traces of the man. He saw none and gritted his teeth.

Yanira is yours…I won’t let you have her either, bastard.

Yanira, on the other hand, groaned in her sleep. She could feel her mind wandering like she had just activated a traveling of the spirit spell. Actually, she knew she was dreaming, when she saw small lights surrounding her form like fireflies. Yanira giggled in her dream, but suddenly saw that the lights were forming a path. She followed that path giggling, but as she went down the path, the area grew brighter. Yanira saw a flash and then a burst of chestnut tree petals blew by her. Yanira shut her eyes momentarily before opening them and saw that she was standing in the sky just above the woods of Azseldo Kingdom.

“Amazing!” cheered Yanira with a smile on her face, but paused when she saw an army roaming through the woods. Yanira tilted her head in bewilderment, but when she saw that Shuyu was leading the army, she gasped and tried to float down, but to no avail. It was like an invisible floor was blocking her forcing her just to be a spectator.

The army went pass where there used to be a barrier and then entered the resistance camp. Yanira grew pale as she watched the army slaughter all the residents including the women and children. She saw Trinak try to protect a child only to be impaled by countless spears. Kileona had his throat slit as he tried to reach Gulshano’s hut. She also saw Nigam, Leveret, and Chalina dragged out from another hut, most likely the prison cell. Nigam was knocked out, and to her horror, she saw Leveret and Chalina stabbed to death. Yanira covered her mouth trying to prevent her scream. She couldn’t understand why Chalina and Leveret were killed. She then saw Gulsahno dragged out of his hut glaring at Shuyu.


Those were Gulshano’s last words before Shuyu sliced his head off. Yanira saw Shuyu enter the hut and then walk out with her unconscious form with a smile on his face and corpses at his feet.

Yanira shook her head with her hand covering her tear filled eyes.

“I don’t want this to happen. I don’t want them to die!”

Yanira snapped open her eyes and saw Gulshano looking at her asking if she was OK. Yanira nodded and then looked around asking, “Did anything happen while I was asleep?” Gulshano frowned remembering the white haired man and stated, “Nothing happened.” Yanira sighed in relief, but suddenly felt a chill down her spine.

What is this?

Yanira remembered her dream…her nightmare and then immediately rushed out of the hut. Gulshano commanded her to return, but Yanira paid him no mind as she continued to run. She stared up at the sky as she ran and then went as close as she could to the end of the resistance camp. She could hear that the woods were rumbling and turned pale just as Gulshano caught up to her saying, “Were you trying to escape?” Yanira shook her head and then faced Gulshano with panic in her eyes.

“You and the others have to run.”


“Shuyu’s army is coming. He’s going to kill everyone!”

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 28: The army approaches”

  1. You know you’re in too deep when you have to try to restrain yourself with all of your willpower in order to not squeal.
    Dare I say that the white-haired man is her soulmate? But I wouldn’t mind the reverse harem route either…Although I’m pretty sure some of the men (that will be or are) in love with Yanira are too possessive, etc. (That isn’t bad either. -grins- Are my views too distorted for you? XD)
    Oh dear, Gulshano. The person that Yanira is has already made you fall tremendously~
    What a horrible vision for Yanira to experience. Was is shown to her by the white-haired man? I wonder what his motives are for that.

    A few errors here and there: “The white haired smiled and then glared at Gulshano, who gritted his teeth as he glared at the man.” Should be: “The white haired man smiled and then glared at Gulshano, who gritted his teeth as he glared at the man.”


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