Chapter 11: Trapped

Leveret couldn’t believe it. Shuyu, his older brother, already hated him for a reason he didn’t know and now Shuyu indeed had a reason to hate him at that moment: being trapped in a box with Shuyu’s fiancé, Yanira. Leveret was inwardly panicking trying to come up with a way to get out.

Yanira, on the other hand, was watching Leveret as he attempted to open the lid to no avail. Yanira giggled making Leveret frown at her.

“You know we are in a bad spot, right?” asked Leveret wondering why Yanira was laughing.

“I know we are trapped, but it kind of reminds me of the time when my big sister and I were trapped in a well. It took a long time for us to be found. It was quite enjoyable.”

“That doesn’t sound enjoyable,” pointed out Leveret with confusion in his face.

“I guess it depends on how you look at it,” stated Yanira and clenched the edge of her shirt as she continued to speak.

“At the time, my sister and I were having a fight because I was chosen to go overseas with father to meet an aristocrat. She wanted to go, but my father told her that she couldn’t and she took her anger out at me. I fought back and before I knew it, my sister had chased me in the woods and we both fell into an uncovered well. It was so dark like this box. We ended up talking about why the fight even happened and then we started to play around like ‘I Spy’ and ‘Guess Who’. When night approached fireflies appeared and they were so bright, we started to play shadow puppets. It was very enjoyable and we made up.”

“Sounds like your sister and you are quite close,” stated Leveret still trying to push the lid off the box. Yanira looked saddened as she said, “We WERE close.”

Leveret stopped in his actions and looked at Yanira with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you two fighting again?” asked Leveret. Yanira hugged her legs close to her chest.

“You know I am engaged to your elder brother, right?”

Leveret nodded.

“My older sister, Xema, is in love with him and wanted to be the bride, but he chose me and that angered Xema…she might not forgive me this time.”

Yanira seemed close to tears. Leveret lowered his hand from the lid as he stared at Yanira and slowly embraced her.

“It’s not your fault, so believe that your sister will be close to you again,” whispered Leveret. Yanira smiled with tears falling from her eyes and hugged Leveret whispering her thanks.

Meanwhile, night had finally approached, and Shuyu was waiting in the dining hall for his bride, but she was nowhere in sight. He had prepared a meal with all of Yanira’s favorites and yet she was not present to enjoy it. Shuyu frowned and called over one of the servants to fetch Yanira from her room. The servant bowed and then ran out of the dining room.

Shuyu tapped his index finger on the surface of the table with impatient eyes. He then dug in his pocket and pulled out the chestnut stone. He believed that the stone granted him luck and he felt that it allowed him to obtain Yanira. It was a stone he refused to part with until his wedding day. He fiddled with the stone in his right hand, but the door suddenly burst open making him drop the stone to the ground and roll under the table.

“Your majesty!” exclaimed the servant as she burst through the door, “Her majesty is missing!”

Shuyu felt a chill run down his spine at the news. HIS Yanira was missing. Was she kidnapped? Did she run away? So many thoughts ran through his mind, but he had one thought that soared above the others: He needed to find her. Shuyu bolted out of his chair and yelled out, “Find Yanira Castleheart now!”

His voice echoed throughout the castle and both servants and soldiers began to search all around for the missing princess.

Yanira and Leveret on the other hand had no knowledge of this great search. They remained seated in the box as the box grew darker.

“So Yanira?” asked Leveret in an attempt to break the silence, “I heard it from my brother, but did you really train as a priestess?” Yanira nodded.

“It was really enjoyable and even learned spells.”


Yanira nodded.


Leveret’s sudden roaring voice made Yanira yelp and hit her back against the box. Leveret placed his hands on her shoulders and yelled, “You could have used those spells to get us out of here!” Yanira muttered an apology with an uneasy look.

Yanira understood that she was in the wrong this time, but she did want some time to be away from Shuyu. Yanira held her hands together instructing Leveret to scoot back and then began to mutter a spell.

“Irmazu No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.”

Wind began to encircle Yanira’s form and then burst forth colliding with the walls, but surprisingly the walls didn’t budge and the wind began to encircle both Leveret and Yanira making them give out quick screams. Yanira ended the spell immediately panting. Leveret was panting as well and glared at Yanira.

“Your spells suck.”

“They do not,” stated Yanira with puffed cheeks and then placed her hand against the walls of the box adding, “This box is the one that is strange.” Yanira knocked on the walls and then knocked on the bottom giving out a hollow noise. She raised an eyebrow and knocked again, but then both Leveret and her began to hear a crack.

Leveret was the first to realize what was about to happen and grabbed hold of Yanira just as the floor of the box gave way and sent them tumbling down into a dark abyss with their screams echoing.

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