Chapter 12: Tunnel

Yanira could hear the sounds of dripping water and the sounds of bats. She opened her eyes and found that only a glimmer of light lit her surroundings. Yanira sat up and looked at her surroundings. She could tell that she was in some type of cave that was like a tunnel, but a tunnel to where? She heard a groan and noticed that Leveret was lying by her side groaning. Yanira sat up right and shook Leveret’s shoulders saying him name repeatedly.

Leveret opened his eyes with a groan and sat up rubbing his head.

“That was a nasty fall,” he commented. Yanira nodded and stated, “At least we survived, but…”

Yanira looked at her surroundings again.

“…we need to figure out where we are.”

Leveret finally took notice of their surroundings and gasped, shooting up to his feet.

“Why is this under the training ground?” stated Leveret with panic in his voice. Yanira also stood up and placed her hands to the wall of the tunnel. She felt a rush of energy run through her hand and pulled it away with confusion in her eyes.

“This place was made by magic.”

“How do you know?” asked Leveret, finally regaining his composure. Yanira showed her right hand that touched the wall revealing what looked like shining dust from a falling star.

“The walls are littered in fairy dust and the energy within the walls radiates with my own.”

“Can you feel the power because you were a priestess in training?”

Yanira nodded rubbing the dust onto her pants.

“I’m not sure if this will work, but I think I can trace the magic on the walls to the exit.”

Leveret smiled with relief that they might be able to get out, but then he wondered exactly how Yanira was going to trace the magic. He was aware that she had magic potential as a priestess, but her way of sensing the magic might be difficult, especially since he heard that people who are young have a hard time controlling the power within them. He wanted to get out, but he didn’t want Yanira to be harmed either, especially since she was his big brother’s fiancé.

Yanira placed her hands against the wall of the tunnel allowing the fairy dust to bathe her hands and closed her eyes as if she were falling asleep. The energy once again rushed through her body making her eyes open wide, but her eyes began to glow like a cat’s eyes in the night.


Yanira paid no heed to Leveret’s words as she felt her entire spirit leave her body and travel along the walls of the tunnel at an alarming rate. The tunnel seemed to go on for ages, but then reached a crossroad. Yanira’s spirit hesitated wondering which tunnel to go into, but then another rush of energy sent her spirit soaring through the right tunnel. Flashes of light ran though her spirit, until she reached a pure white door locked tight. Her spirit hovered around the door. Suddenly the door opened revealing an elderly woman.

The woman had long white hair and wore pure black clothes. She looked almost like a witch, but when her eyes looked toward Yanira’s spirit, the woman showed a radiant smile that resembled that of an angel.

“Just wait where you are, I’ll be there soon,” stated the woman. At those words, Yanira’s spirit traveled backwards in the tunnel and then returned to her body making her gasp and fall on her bottom next to Leveret.

“Are you OK?” asked Leveret in a panic. Yanira nodded rubbing her eyes that had returned to their natural color.

“Someone lives in this tunnel.”

“Who would live here?”

“She was an elderly woman, but I think she has magic potential. I felt it before returning to my body.”

“So there’s a woman here, but did you find a way out?”

Yanira shook her head and added, “But I think that woman might be the way out.”

Leveret sighed and sat next to Yanira asking, “If that’s the case, how do we get to her?”

“She saw my spirit and told me to wait where I am, so we should just stay here.”

“…Is that really safe?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “I’ll trust her words.” Leveret gave out a sigh again and then looked at the walls of the tunnel.

“Whoever this woman is, she must be pretty clever to hide this from my brother.”

Yanira nodded and suddenly felt another rush of energy from where she sat. She shot up to her feet making Leveret do the same.

“What’s wrong?”

“This energy…it’s not the same as the woman’s.”

“What do you mean?” asked Leveret, feeling dread build up in his chest. Yanira drew her bow and prepared an arrow on it with seriousness in her eyes.

“Get your bow ready.”

Leveret was confused by her words, but his confusion soon turned to fear when a lion with wings and a snake for a tail emerged from the shadows. It gave out a roar digging its claws into the rock ground.

Leveret drew his bow getting ready to shoot, but Yanira immediately said, “Don’t shoot yet. This creature will strike if you shoot too soon.” Leveret nodded trusting Yanira’s words.

Yanira and Leveret stared into the eyes of the beast that waited for them to strike first, but Yanira made sure not to shoot a single arrow. The patience of the beast was running thin as it growled with saliva running down its mouth.

The moment the beast took a step forward, Yanira finally released an arrow impaling the beast in the shoulder. The beast cried out and then rushed toward Leveret and Yanira. Yanira drew another arrow yelling, “Shoot now!” Leveret released his arrow impaling the beast in the other shoulder, but the beast kept moving forward.

Yanira fired another arrow, but she immediately dropped her bow and held her hands together muttering a spell.

“Irmazu No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.”

Wind erupted from her body, but then Yanira thrust her hands forward toward the arrow making the wind circle around the arrow. The wind around the arrow increased the speed of the arrow making it resembled that of a speeding bullet. The arrow went through the beast’s forehead sending blood and flesh erupting. The beast cried out before the whites of its eyes were shown and it fell forward with no life in its body.

Leveret stared at the fallen beast with his heart racing and looked at Yanira saying, “You’re pretty good with the bow.”

Yanira said her thanks and approached the body of the beast. She yanked her arrow from the beast and then stepped forward to search for the other arrow that did the killing blow, but stopped in her tracks when she heard a female voice.

“You are truly a magnificent individual to take down my beast in a few shots.”

Yanira looked forward and saw the elderly woman she saw before holding the bloodied arrow in her hand. The woman held the arrow to Yanira with a warm smile.

“My name is Aurora Saiya, the priestess of Azseldo Kingdom.”

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