Chapter 13: Priestess of the Night

In the realms of Algosun, all the kingdoms were blessed with a priestess that spoke to the heavens and had a connection with all of nature in the realm and the priestess would change when a successor was decided, but there was one kingdom that was said to not have a priestess: Azseldo Kingdom. Azseldo Kingdom believed that a priestess was unnecessary and therefore never had a priestess and yet before Yanira and Leveret stood a woman who claimed to be a priestess of Azseldo Kingdom.

The priestess, Aurora, bowed toward Leveret and Yanira saying, “I have expected that you two would be before me this very day.”

Leveret showed a confused look, but Yanira smiled saying, “I see. You must have the power of Future Sight.”

“Future Sight?” muttered Leveret looking at Yanira with a confused expression. Yanira nodded and stated, “I learned this from my teacher. Future Sight is a gift given to priestesses, but only a few priestesses have this rare gift.”

Yanira looked back to Aurora and added, “So her claim of being a priestess is indeed truth.”

Leveret shook his head saying, “But Azseldo Kingdom never had a priestess.”

Aurora chuckled raising her head.

“All kingdoms have a priestess, but your kingdom refused my existence, so I have instead stayed hidden under the castle to at least give my blessing of nature to the kingdom.”

“Sounds rough,” commented Yanira making Aurora chuckle and then pat her head.

“You are such a bright child. I can see why you were chosen as a priestess successor.”

“So you know?”

“Of course. As you have said, I have Future Sight.”

Yanira lowered head with a sadden expression and stated, “Then you must also know that I am to be wed to the king of Azseldo Kingdom.”

Aurora nodded and stated, “I have heard, but I must tell you that you are still destined to be a priestess, so don’t stop your training.” Yanira beamed a smile and nodded.

Aurora then looked at Leveret making him flinch.

“As for you young prince, you are destined for greatness as well.”

“Greatness? Me? That sounds very unlikely,” stated Leveret with crossed arms.

Aurora chuckle and patted his head saying, “As long as you continue you passion in archery and your studies, your future path will remain bright.” Leveret sighed pushing her hand away.

“I am doubtful of your words, but you don’t have to tell me to keep my passion in my archery and studies, since I don’t plan to stop.”

Aurora nodded and then glanced down the tunnel she emerged from.

“I will lead you to the exit, but you two must promise not to reveal my whereabouts to anyone, especially your king.”

“Why?” asked Yanira with her head tilted to the side.

“You are aware that the Azseldo Kingdom refuses to recognize a priestess and if I am discovered then my existence will indeed vanish.”

Yanira frowned clenching her fist.

“Could it be that you are also cursed?”

Aurora nodded and stated, “I can only appear at night. When the sun rises, I vanish into the wind and when the sun falls I return to this tunnel. If my existence was ever discovered by the king then I will vanish forever.”

“Is there a way to break the curse?” asked Yanira with concern in her eyes.

“There is, but you will discover someday, so please be patient.”

Yanira nodded with determination in her eyes.

Aurora began to walk forward urging Leveret and Yanira to follow. As they walked, Leveret leaned toward Yanira’s ear and whispered, “Do you really trust this woman?” Yanira nodded whispering back, “I feel that in my heart that I should trust her words and you should too, Leveret.” Leveret groaned not knowing what to do.

Aurora suddenly stopped and pointed down the tunnel saying, “The exit is just ahead.” Yanira and Leveret both nodded and began to walk forward, but Leveret suddenly stopped in his tracks and glared at the priestess.

“Before we leave, can you tell me why you sent a beat to attack us?”

“Ah yes, that was for me to test Yanira’s power. She maybe a successor, but her power is still growing and this fight between the best and her proves that her power has not reached its peak. I expect great things from her and I hope that you can guide her as well.”

Leveret clicked his tongue saying, “I might not be able to, since Big Brother might prevent me from getting close to her after this event.” Aurora chuckled and then pushed him forward saying, “You must head back quickly then, so he can see you in a favorable matter.” Leveret was confused by her words, but he ran after Yanira, who was calling him to come along.

When they were out of sight, Aurora turned away and then disappeared into the darkness.

Yanira and Leveret finally reached the exit and the moment they stepped out of the tunnel, dirt rose from the ground and sealed the exit turning solid in the process making it seem that there was never an opening in the first place.

“I have to admit that that was pretty impressive,” stated Leveret. Yanira nodded with a smile and then turned around only to realize that she was in the garden that Shuyu had gifted her with.

“We are back in the castle,” cheered Yanira and then looked at Leveret and noticed that he was looking at the garden in awe.


“Is this really the garden beyond that door?” muttered Leveret. He took a few steps forward as he looked at his surroundings and suddenly tears began to fall from his eyes.

“I finally got to see it,” stated Leveret wiping the tears from his eyes. Yanira watched Leveret as he cried tears of joy and then smiled as she removed the key from her pocket and handed it to Leveret making him look at her in confusion.

“This garden was a gift from your brother to me, but I believe you might enjoy this gift more than me, so please feel free to enter her whenever you please,” stated Yanira, placing the key in his hand. Leveret stared at the key in his hand and then smiled at Yanira before giving her a hug saying his thanks.

Yanira hugged him back and stated, “We should head back now.”

Leveret nodded and both Yanira and him headed toward the door. As they ran, Leveret glanced at the key and then at Yanira. He felt his heart skip a beat at her smile and placed the key toward his heart.

Is this what big brother was feeling?

            They exited the garden and Leveret made sure to lock the door so no one could enter. He then looked at Yanira saying, “If you like, let’s enter this garden again together in the future.” Yanira nodded with a smile.

Yanira suddenly heard approaching footsteps and looked at Leveret whispering, “Go back through the door.” Leveret nodded and immediately entered the garden once again just as the sound of footsteps got closer.

Yanira looked up at the stairs and saw none other than Shuyu walking down the steps. Shuyu and Yanira’s eyes met and before Yanira could say anything, Shuyu had pulled her into a hug with his form slightly shaking.

“I was so worried about you Yanira,” muttered Shuyu.

Yanira hugged Shuyu back saying, “I’m sorry Shuyu. I was playing in the garden and lost track of time.” Shuyu held Yanira tighter as if she were going to disappear.

“Don’t disappear on me like that again,” whispered Shuyu. Yanira could only nod as she allowed Shuyu carry her into his arms and begin to ascend the stairs. As they ascended, Yanira peeked at the closed door of the garden over Shuyu’s and then saw Leveret peek out. She smiled and gave him a small wave. Leveret did the same.

Yanira and Leveret on that day became friends and the meeting in the garden would be their little secret.

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