Chapter 16: Kidnapping

Shuyu walked along the halls making sure that the colors for Balwar Kingdom and Azseldo Kingdom were blended correctly and were hung at an appropriate sight. He even triple checked the menu and nodded in approval. He wanted Yanira’s wedding day to be perfect.

Shuyu opened a booklet in his hand revealing the proposed designs for Yanira’s dresses. Just imagining Yanira in these dresses made his heart race, but then his head filled with annoyance at the sound of a high pitched voice calling his name. It was that spoiled daughter of the aristocrat staying at his castle, Chalina Saruki.

Shuyu in truth found this female quite annoying to the point that Yanira’s older sister who was devoted to him looked like a saint. Shuyu had the urge to slap her away when she wrapped her arms around his waist, but held back in respect for her father.

“Shuyu, when are you going to teach me again? I’m tired of getting substitutes,” whined Chalina. Shuyu forced a smile on his face and stated, “If you are tired of them then you should return to your home. Your father has mentioned missing you.”


“Lady Chalina, your need for knowledge is admirable, but you must understand that I am preparing for MY wedding in two days. Everything must be perfect,” stated Shuyu and then began to walk away after slapping Chalina’s hand off of him and added, “Now I must be going, so please wait for your next Substitute for your lesson or go home. Your choice.”

When Shuyu was out of sight, Chalina groaned in dissatisfaction. Ever since Shuyu left for that war and returned, he had refused to teach her and even brought a fiancé from Balwar Kingdom. This FIANCE was a child and couldn’t compare to Chalina’s beauty. In fact, Chalina believed that she was smarter than the little princess, who dared to steal the king from Chalina’s grasp. It was Chalina’s plan to use this face to face lessons to get closer to him, so she could become queen of Chalina kingdom. It was the perfect plan to have the king fall in love with her slowly and now this fiancé ruined everything. At that moment, Chalina considered Yanira her most hated enemy.

Chalina stormed off, but not toward her room, but in search of Yanira. Yanira was a child and children always had “accidents.”

Meanwhile, Yanira was walking happily with her two friends, Leveret and Nigam. Nigam groaned as he walked and asked, “Is this garden far? You guys do know that I am a prisoner and can’t go too far from the castle or I will die.”

“It’s not far and you should know that Yanira would not allow it,” stated Leveret with crossed arms. Nigam thought awhile and nodded, but he was still worried and a little annoyed that it was taking a long time to reach the garden.

They soon reached a door that would lead to the inside of the castle. Leveret opened it for them and made sure that the coast was clear, before instructing them to step inside.

When they were inside, Leveret began to lead them toward the throne room. They were in the hall after a few moments of walking and Yanira noticed that the hall was decorated with all her favorite flowers making her excited, but Leveret showed an uneasy look. Leveret knew how infatuated Shuyu was of Yanira to the point he knew almost everything about her. Leveret kept quiet about this around Yanira in fear of scaring her.

Nigam was clueless on the matter, but did wonder how the king obtained flowers that should have been out of season at this time.

Yanira was indeed excited and even plucked two white roses from a wreath. Leveret and Nigam gasped and began to yell out in panic.

“That’s a wedding decoration. You shouldn’t do that.”

“We’ll be caught if they notice those flowers missing.”

Yanira giggled in reply and then placed a white rose on the shirt over their hearts.

“They look good on you.”

They were both instantly silent and then smiled with light blushes wondering why they couldn’t find it in their hearts to scold her anymore.

They suddenly heard approaching footsteps and immediately hid under a small table covered by a white table cloth. Yanira peeked under to see who was approaching and saw that it was Chalina with a frown on her face.

She doesn’t look very happy.

            Chalina groaned and muttered, “Those blasted solders. How dare they refuse me entry in that child’s room.”

Yanira immediately understood that Chalina was speaking about her, but she wondered why Chalina wanted to enter her room. Leveret was the first to understand and whispered, “I think it is best to avoid her until after you are married.” Yanira nodded, but she didn’t notice the hurt in Leveret’s face when he mentioned the marriage. Even Nigam looked bothered by the word as he glanced down at Yanira.

Yanira saw that Chalina was about to walk off, but her eyes widened when she noticed rushing footsteps and then Chalina falling down to the ground unconscious. Nigam and Leveret noticed this as well and leaned forward.

A man wearing a green ogre mask knelt before Chalina’s fallen form and pushed a strand of Chalina’s black hair aside.

“This must be the princess.”

The masked man picked up Chalina’s body and flung her over his shoulder like a bag of potatoes. The man began to walk off, but Yanira suddenly emerged from under the table making Nigam and Leveret panic. Yanira was no fool and knew that Chalina was about to be kidnapped.

“Put her down!” commanded Yanira. The man stopped in his tracks and glanced back at Yanira.

At closer inspection, Yanira saw that the man had long brown hair in a ponytail and wore black clothes from neck to toe like he was trying to become one with the darkness. She also noticed that his eyes were pure red under the mask.

The man stared at Yanira and then asked, “Who are you?” Yanira stood her ground and even gestured for Nigam and Leveret to stay hidden.

“I don’t need to answer you. I only you need you to release her.”

The man sighed and seemed ready to say something, but he suddenly heard approaching footsteps and clicked his tongue. He knew that he had a little time, but this young girl standing before him might reveal his whereabouts before he could escape, so he made a decision.

The masked man ran toward Yanira, who held her hands together saying, “Irmazu No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.” Wind burst from Yanira’s form and charged at the masked man. The masked man was at first shocked, but he surprisingly defected the wind and then snatched up Yanira making her give out a quick scream.


Yanira saw Leveret and Nigam appear from under the table behind the masked man, but the masked man had leapt out the window and soared into the sky making Yanira gasp and reach toward her two friends.

“Anugrit No Kayishu Fibimo Sino Adnawidah!”

Leveret and Nigam both felt a jolt, but at that moment Yanira slumped on the man’s shoulder.


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