Chapter 17: Mistaken Identity

Leveret and Nigam were both in shock. Yanira was with them not too long ago and now she was kidnapped along with another girl by an unknown person. Between the two, Leveret was the most panicked. His brother hated him and now another reason for hating him had been made: Yanira being kidnapped in his presence.

“Maybe we should get his majesty.”

“No!” yelled Leveret making Nigam flinch, and added, “If big brother knows, he might kill me. We need to find her on our own.”

Nigam sighed.

“I understand your worries, but that guy most likely left the castle grounds and I can’t go anywhere beyond the castle grounds without dying, so unless you plan to go on your own, we better tell his majesty.”

Leveret groaned realizing that Nigam had a point. Unlike himself, Nigam had limits on where he could go. Leveret was practically hitting his head trying to come up with an idea to save Yanira without Nigam’s help, but unknown to Leveret, Nigam was just as worried.

In truth Nigam wanted to find Yanira as soon as possible, but because of the restriction he felt that he had to ask Shuyu’s help, but also feared it. He also couldn’t understand wny she was taken.

Nigam and Leveret were so in deep thought that they didn’t notice the approaching soldiers.


Leveret perked up at the familiar voice and noticed that Kaysan was standing before him with soldiers behind him.

“Kaysan, why are you here?”

Kaysan frowned saying, “I should be asking you that. I remembered you were ordered to stay in your room until wedding preparations were complete.” Leveret cursed under his breath for completely forgetting that order. He even planned to play in the garden with Yanira and Nigam. Leveret’s eyes widened realizing something important: Nigam wasn’t supposed to leave the room either.

Leveret looked toward Nigam and saw that his arms were crossed as he glared at Kaysan. Kaysan glared back asking, “How did YOU get out of your room?”

Nigam smirked saying, “I’m still on castle grounds so it shouldn’t be a problem.” Kaysan narrowed his eyes in displeasure and then glanced at the guards behind him.

“Take this trash back to him room and make sure that he is restrained.”

The soldiers nodded and began to approach Nigam. The soldiers each grabbed Nigam’s arms and began to drag him off, but Nigam and Leveret suddenly felt a jolt and cringed making the soldiers stop in confusion.

Kaysan noticed this and asked, “What’s wrong with you two?” Nigam and Leveret were just as confused until they realized that before Yanira was taken away, she muttered an unknown spell.

“Did Yanira do something?” they muttered at the same time. Kaysan caught their words and narrowed his eyes.

“What is this about the princess? Did she do something?”

Nigam and Leveret looked to one another and then nodded before looking at Kaysan with seriousness in their eyes.

“We need your help!”

Kaysan raised an eyebrow at them waiting for their explanation.

Meanwhile, Yanira began to awaken and saw herself in a wooden cage. She sat up with confusion in her eyes and then remembered that she was kidnapped making her sigh.

I can’t believe this happened again.

            Yanira suddenly heard a groan and noticed that Chalina was lying next to her.

“Lady Chalina,” stated Yanira and began to shake the young girl, but Chalina just groaned. Yanira puffed her cheeks in annoyance wondering how Chalina could sleep in such a situation.

Yanira suddenly heard approaching footsteps and immediately laid back down thinking it was best to pretend to be asleep. She heard rustles and the sound of footsteps getting closer. When the sound stopped she could hear two men speaking.

“So this girl is the princess?”

“I believe so.”

“She is quite beautiful. I can see why the king was interested in her, but why did you bring this child too.”

“I didn’t want any witnesses, so I just grabbed her. Was it wrong of me?”

“You did well. It would have been bad if someone reported the kidnapping so soon.”

Yanira felt a hand on her shoulder making her slightly flinch at the touch.

“She must be a servant of the castle. She might prove useful to us in defeating that king.”

Yanira heard their words and realized that they had mistaken her as a servant and Chalina as the future queen of Azseldo Kingdom. Yanira kept her pretense as she continued to listen.

“Let’s bring them to the camp.”

Yanira felt the cage rise and then begin to move. Yanira clenched her fists wondering what they had planned for Chalina and her.

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