Chapter 18: Chalina’s Lies

As the cage moved, Yanira began to slowly rise deciding that pretending to be asleep was no longer necessary. She took notice of her surroundings realizing that they were indeed in the forest and that the path they were traveling on was rocky. She peered through the bars of the cage and noticed that a man with long green hair and pale skin was walking up front, but she saw no sign of the man that had taken Chalina and her, until she realized that someone had to be carrying the cage. She noticed a shadow of a man under the cage and was quite surprised that he was carrying the cage by himself.

“I see that you are awake.”

Yanira peered over her shoulder and saw the green haired man looking her way. Yanira gulped and asked, “Who are you?”

“Seeing that you are going to be in our company for a long time, I believe introductions are in order,” stated the man and then said, “My name is Kileona Menchi, a citizen of the once great kingdom of Ridarni.”


Yanira recognized this name: it was the name of a Kingdom long gone. This very kingdom existed for hundreds of years with rich fields of wheat, but the Kingdom fell when the original king of Azseldo Kingdom conquered it. The king of Ridarni Kingdom was executed without mercy and the people of the kingdom were forced to give their loyalty to Azseldo Kingdom. As for the heir, he was executed as well, forced to drink poisoned wine. What remained of the Kingdom was absorbed into Azseldo Kingdom. The history was sad and Yanira wasn’t that surprised that some of the fallen kingdom citizens wanted revenge.

“Do you recognize the name of the kingdom?”

“I do.”

“Good, now tell me your name.”


Yanira suddenly heard Chalina begin to groan and looked down at her. She saw that Chalina’s eyes were fluttering open and sighed in relief.

“Lady Chalina.”

Chalina’s eyes opened wide and saw Yanira glancing down at her. Chalina gave out a quick scream and shoved Yanira away making Yanira tumble back.

“Don’t get near me you filthy thing!” yelled Chalina, but then realized her surroundings and began to shriek, “Where am I?”

Kileona chuckled as he looked at Chalina’s shaking form.

“I see that you are awake, princess.”

Chalina glanced at Kileona with a puzzled look and stated, “Princess? Are you talking to me?”

“You are the princess engaged to the King of Azseldo Kingdom right?”

Yanira immediately sat up and was about to object, but Chalina suddenly covered Yanira’s mouth and stated, “That’s me. I am Shuyu’s future queen. Chalina is the name.” Kileona smirked and then looked at Yanira, who was trying to pry Chalina’s hand off her mouth.

“And this girl, Yanira, is your servant.”

“That’s right, quite the filthy thing isn’t she?”

Yanira groaned and felt the urge to use her wind to force Chalina off of her, but held back in fear of harming Chalina.

Kileona nodded and then glanced at the man holding the cage saying, “You really did well in capturing the princess.”

“Anything to have our Kingdom restored.”

Kileona glanced back at Chalina explaining the situation and then added, “I’m sorry princess, but your wedding will have to be on hold until your future husband agrees to restore our Kingdom rights.” Chalina nodded, but Yanira could have sworn that Chalina was smiling.

As they ventured through the woods, Yanira’s mouth was still sealed making Yanira groan and glare at Chalina.

Yanira closed her eyes and then placed her hand on Chalina’s and muttered, in her mind, “Anugrit No Kayishu Fibimo Sino Bahmancetas.” Chalina felt a shock go through her and then began to hear something whispering in her ear.

“Why did you lie, Lady Chalina?”

Chalina gasped immediately releasing Yanira, who stumbled back and then glared at Chalina.

“Tell me.”

“This voice? How are you doing this Yanira?”

“I learned this mind connection spell though my book of a priestess, so tell me why you lied, through your mind. I have a feeling you don’t want these men to know the truth.”

Chalina clicked her tongue glaring at Yanira.

“I knew Shuyu longer than you and been with him longer and yet he wants to make you queen. That was my dream and you took it away from me.”

“But why lie?”

“…This is just my own selfishness right now. I want to be glad that I was mistaken for Shuyu’s fiancé and not you. I want to live in the fantasy that I am his fiancé and not you. That Shuyu loved me.”

Yanira saw tears run down Chalina’s eyes and sighed. Yanira approached Chalina and began to pat her head making Chalina look at Yanira with a puzzled look.

“I’m sorry for what happened. It was never really my choice to get engaged. For now, I will play along with your fantasy until help comes.”

“Really? You won’t spill the beans about my lie.”

“I promise not to tell.”

Yanira smiled proudly with her chest pushed out. Chalina stared at Yanira and began to pat Yanira’s head making her confused.

“You’re a good kid.”

Yanira giggled saying her thanks, but gasped when Chalina pushed her away adding, “But I still hate you.” Yanira puffed out her cheeks in annoyance and turned away from Chalina with crossed arms.

Unknown to the two girls, the man under the cage smirked.

“Quite the lie,” he muttered as he picked up his pace.

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