Chapter 19: Discussion before the Camp

In the castle of Azseldo Kingdom, Kaysan was speaking with Leveret and Nigam about the whole situation and his reaction was as expected: shock and anger.

“Are you two serious?”

Leveret and Nigam nodded.

“And you two did nothing to stop her abduction?”

Nigam groaned and stated, “That kidnapper’s speed was unnatural and he even broke through Yanira’s wind spell with no problem.” Leveret nodded in agreement and added, “We did try to help, so don’t blame us.”

Kaysan sighed and stated, “His majesty is not going to be happy with this.”

“Please don’t tell Big Brother. He would be furious and you know he will blame me immediately.”

Kaysan sighed saying, “That’s true and he might go into extremes to get her back like he did in the forest in Balwar Kingdom when she was first kidnapped.”

“What do you mean by extremes?”

Kaysan cleared his throat, ignoring Leveret’s question, and then looked at the guards still by his side saying, “Tell nothing of this to his majesty and make sure he doesn’t discover the princess’ disappearance.” The soldiers nodded and marched out of the hall.

Kaysan then looked back at the two boys making them sit up straight and stated, “I’ll help this time, but don’t expect another favor from me.” Leveret and Nigam both nodded.

“So exactly what did the Princess do to you before she was taken?”

Nigam smirked as he stated, “She reached out to both Leveret and I and muttered a spell. I believe it was a connection spell of the heart.”


“She connected our hearts, so we can know where she is no matter where she is taken.”

“So I just need to take one of you to find her?”

“Actually, I think you need both of us, since it seems she made the spell to make Leveret and I into one heart, so if we separate…it could kill us.”

Kaysan groaned pressing his fingers to the bridge of his nose.

“The princess cast quite a problematic spell, but it is the only way to find her, so both of you come with me.”

Leveret sighed and stated, “We actually have another problem.” Leveret glanced at Nigam’s collar and stated, “He can’t go anywhere off castle grounds with that thing on.” Kaysan nodded in understanding.

Kaysan looked down the hallway to make sure no one was in sight and then pulled out a gold bracelet from his breastplate. He placed it on Nigam’s wrist and then the next thing Nigam knew, the collar on his neck vanished. Nigam placed a hand to his neck and asked, “What did you do?”

“I temporarily changed ownership to me.”

“You can do that?”

“His majesty gave me this right in case of emergencies. I didn’t expect that I would have to use it this quickly,” stated Kaysan and then urged the two to follow him down the hall. They did as told, but then stopped in their tracks when Kaysan stopped in his steps and cursed under his breath.

“Something wrong, Kaysan?”

Kaysan urged the two back with seriousness in his eyes.

“Of all the places for his majesty to appear.”

Leveret’s eyes widened as he peeked around the corner and indeed, his brother was slowly approaching with an unraveled scroll in his hand. He seemed deep in thought, so Kaysan took this chance to force Nigam and Leveret toward one of the opened windows.

“What are you…?”

Kaysan suddenly shoved them out the window making them gave out a quick scream. As they rushed toward the ground, Kaysan caught them in midair and then did a backflip before landing on his feet. Kaysan heaved out a sigh and then looked at the two boys in his grasp.

“Sorry, I had to move quickly.”


Just before Kaysan touched the ground, Shuyu entered the hall and then approached the window wondering why it was left open. He closed it gently and was about to walk off, but paused when he noticed something lying on the ground. He knelt down to pick it up and felt his eyes widen when he saw that it was the key to the garden he had given to Yanira. Shuyu frowned and immediately ran in the direction of Yanira’s room.

Meanwhile, Yanira and Chalina were still being carried to the base camp of the fallen citizens of Ridarni Kingdom. Chalina began to fidget with her skirt and then glared at Kileona demanding when they were going to arrive.

“We are close princess.”

Chalina frowned and then noticed that Yanira was looking toward the back as if she were waiting for someone, but there was no way that anyone could find them in these unknown parts. Chalina suddenly poked Yanira’s back making Yanira glance at her.

“What are you looking at that is so interesting?”

Yanira looked back and stated, “I am just waiting.”

“Waiting? For what exactly?”

Yanira remained silent this time making Chalina groan and grab the top of Yanira’s head making Yanira give out a yelp.

“At least show some respect to me, you filthy thing.”

“It hurts, it hurts,” complained Yanira. The cage suddenly shook making Chalina tumble off of Yanira with a gasp.

“Don’t bully the little one, princess,” stated the man under the cage. Chalina groaned and began to kick the bottom of the cage saying, “Who are you to tell me what to do, you Gorilla man!”

“The name is Trinak, princess, and considering your position, I would not be so prideful.”

Chalina groaned and crossed her arms in a pout. Yanira, on the other hand, managed to get a view of the man, Trinak, and stated, “I have a question for you.”

“Ask away?”

“Are you an Anyion?”

“…Yes, I have the spirit of the Blade. Did you figure it out when I deflected your power?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “I was quite shocked. You are the third Anyion I have met this year.”

“So you have met Anyions?”

“They were brother and sister and really kind to me…I wish I can meet them again.”

Trinak chuckled and then smirked when Kileona asked, “So the servant has power as well?” Trinak nodded saying, “She threw wind at me, so I think she might be a sorcerer.”

“Not an Anyion like you?”

Trinak shook his head and then managed to look at Yanira saying, “If you know what is good for you then I expect you to use your power for our kingdom in the future.” Yanira puffed her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

Kileona suddenly pointed forward saying, “The camp is almost in sight.”

Yanira and Chalina looked forward and indeed they did see a camp filled with people, who looked like soldiers. Yanira guessed that they were the old Ridarni Kingdom citizens preparing for battle.

The moment they were in the camp, Chalina and Yanira’s cage were dumped on the ground. Chalina tumbled back, while Yanira cushioned her fall.

“Are you OK, Lady Chalina?”

Chalina nodded and then glared daggers at Trinak, who just scoffed and looked away from her. Chalina scoffed and then looked at Kileona who knelt before the cage.

“How do you plan to use me to get the rights to your kingdom back?”

Kileona smirked saying, “Quite simple. My people and I have heard how much the king of Azseldo Kingdom loves his bride to be, so if we were to threaten your safety then I am sure he will give us our Kingdom back.”

“What if he just sends soldiers in to kill you all?”

“I doubt he will, besides…”

Kileona gestured toward Trinak saying, “Trinak made sure to use his power as an Anyion to protect our camp, so not even a mouse can find us.” Trinak nodded making Chalina groan.

Kileona stood up with a chuckle saying, “I will let our leader know of your arrival and who knows: we may start our plan of letting your husband to be know that you are here earlier than you think.” Kileona gestured toward Trinak before walking out of sight.

Trinak raised his hand and Yanira noticed the red light surrounding his hand. Yanira immediately jumped in front of Chalina hugging her around her neck and then felt a stinging pain on her back as Trinak chopped his hand toward the cage. Chalina gave out a scream as she saw blood seep from Yanira’s now exposed back. Yanira was shaking in pain as she glared back at Trinak.

Trinak sighed saying, “I was just going to cut a fingertip from the princess.”

Yanira shook her head with tears visible in her eyes.

“I won’t let you cut one strand of hair from Lady Chalina.”

Trinak sighed and then kicked the cage open. He reached toward Yanira, but Yanira flinched away refusing to be touched by the Anyion.

“You need to get that treated.”

Trinak tried to yank Yanira from Chalina, but Yanira refused to let go of Chalina. Trinak frowned and then glared back at some of the soldiers behind him.

“Separate these two and make sure to place the princess in another cage.”

The soldiers immediately rushed over and began to pull Yanira from Chalina. Yanira tried to hold on tight, but her strength was leaving her as the blood seeped from her wound. The soldiers finally managed to separate the two and began to drag Chalina off with her screaming to be released.

“Lady…Chalina,” Yanira managed to squeak out before passing out in a soldier’s arms. The soldier holding Yanira glanced at Trinak awaiting orders.

Trinak immediately took Yanira from the soldier’s arms and stated, “I’ll get her treated. You keep an eye on that princess and do not harm her in any way.” The soldier nodded and then left Trinak.

Trinak glanced down at Yanira, who began to shiver in pain. Trinak sighed and began to walk off.

Was your lie really worth this trouble princess?

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