Chapter 20: Yanira’s Treatment

In the deep woods of Azseldo Kingdom, Kaysan traveled with Leveret and Nigam in search of the kidnapped princess. As they walked Kaysan made sure to look at his surroundings in caution. Even though they were in protected territory it didn’t mean that bandits weren’t in hiding.

“I hope Yanira wasn’t taken too far,” commented Leveret with a worried expression on his face. Nigam nodded in agreement, just as worried for the little princess.

Kaysan looked back at the two and asked, “Do you feel her presence?”

“A little, but it isn’t too strong,” stated Nigam. Leveret nodded.

Leveret and Nigam suddenly both felt a stabbing pain in their backs and simultaneously knelt to the ground.

“What happened?” exclaimed Kaysan.

Nigam cringed as he spoke.

“It feels like I was just whipped on the back.”

Kaysan immediately went to their sides and lifted the back of Nigam’s shirt only to see that there was no trace of a wound. Kaysan sighed and asked, “Were you joking?” Nigam shook his head and glanced at Leveret, who was shaking in pain.

“He feels it too and if there is no wound present then I believe Yanira was just injured.”

“Are you serious?”

Nigam nodded and his look from pain turned to anger.

“How dare they hurt Yanira in such a way…I’ll make sure they see Hell.”

Kaysan could hear the spite in Nigam’s voice and felt that whoever took Yanira was indeed going to see Demons in the afterlife. Kaysan also looked at Leveret and saw the same look of spite in his face. At that moment, Kaysan felt the same anger that Shuyu let out when Yanira was in danger emitting from this two. He felt that he had to get the princess back or more people might go crazy.

Meanwhile, in a large tent in the camp of Ridarni citizens, Trinak was soaking a towel with water and herbs known to ease pain as Yanira laid on her stomach sweating and panting with her injured back exposed. Blood covered the lower half of her back and the pants that she wore. It looked like a tragic painting.

Trinak gripped the soaked towel and then reached toward Yanira. The moment the towel came into contact with her back, Yanira winced and opened her eyes glaring at Trinak.

“Sorry, it’s going to hurt. The wound is deep,” muttered Trinak and began to wipe along the scratch with the towel absorbing some of Yanira’s blood. Yanira pressed her lips together with tears seeping from her eyes.

Trinak smirked at Yanira’s pained expression with amusement. In truth, he expected her to yell out complaints about the pain since she was just a child, but she bared the pain and didn’t utter any complaint. In his opinion, he felt that Yanira was quite mature for her age.

“Does it hurt badly?”

Yanira nodded.

“Then why not scream?”

Yanira gulped with tears in her eyes.

“Because if I scream, you might not be able to finish. It is best to stay silent, so the pain can go away faster,” muttered Yanira.

“Smart words for a child, so tell me: are you truly able to bare this pain? I have known men that I have screamed in agony when I cut them and some even die with just the pain alone.”

“I can take it and I won’t die now. I have to make sure you guys don’t hurt Lady Chalina.”

Trinak burst out laughing making Yanira look at him with a puzzled look.

“You sound like a knight in shining armor, princess.”

“I’m not sure if that is a compliment…did you call me princess?”

Trinak nodded and added, “You are the princess engaged to the king of Azseldo Kingdom aren’t you?” Yanira’s eyes widened and before she could say anything, Trinak spoke again.

“I overheard your conversation with that girl when you were in the cage.”

“But I spoke to her with a mind connection spell. You shouldn’t have heard anything.”

“You need to work on that spell. I was close by, so the spell affected me too. Don’t worry, Kileona is not aware. He wasn’t close enough to be affected.”

“Are you going to tell?”

Trinak shook his head.

“Why?” asked Yanira with a raised eyebrow.

“It sounds interesting and I do wonder how long you can keep up this charade, princess.”

“Just call me Yanira. For now, I am Lady Chalina’s protector until help arrives.”

Trinak chuckled saying, “I doubt help will come, but go ahead and dream. You and that girl are not going anywhere until my people have Ridarni Kingdom back.” Trinak wiped the last of the blood and then placed a large clean cloth on top of her back.

“I need you to sit up, so I can bandage you.”

Yanira nodded and then sat up letting the torn shirt on her fall off. Trinak stared at her exposed back and then at the fallen shirt and asked, “Don’t you have any modesty as a girl?”

“Well my shirt needs to be off for you to bandage me correctly and I don’t really mind you looking since you are currently acting as my doctor.”

“So no embarrassment from you.”

“There’s no need for it.”

“…You’re no fun.”

Trinak began to wrap the long cloth bandage around her back making sure not to let his hand touch her front. Women would have been shaking and blushing madly when exposed to a man, but Yanira showed no signs. Maybe it was because she was a child, but Trinak felt that she should be a little embarrassed.

Trinak tucked in the end of the bandage and stated, “That should do it. Now don’t move…”

Yanira suddenly sprung to her feet and was about to run out of the tent, but Trinak grabbed the top of her head with a frown.

“Where do you think you are going young lady?”

“I am going to find Lady Chalina and protect her from bullies like you.”

“She’ll be fine, so lie down and rest.”

Trinak picked her up and took her back to the mat she was lying on before, but the moment she was put down, she dashed toward the exit again. Trinak immediately grabbed her arm with a groan.

“I’ll take you to her after you rest a little and what are you thinking leaving this tent with no shirt on.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Don’t be a brat!”

Yanira flinched at the raised voice of Trinak and sat back down on the mat. Yanira puffed her cheeks in dissatisfaction as Trinak looked at her.

Trinak sighed saying, “You should be in so much pain right now and yet you want to go to that girl.”

“I want to protect her.”

Trinak rolled his eyes, but then glimpsed at Yanira’s bandage top. He grabbed a nearby blanket and dumped it on top of her head. Yanira slipped the blanket off letting it rest on her shoulder and then looked at Trinak with a puzzled look.

“I’ll find you something to wear, so keep that on and don’t leave the tent.”

Yanira stared at Trinak and then smiled saying, “So you do have a nice side, Trinak.” Trinak felt his face heat up and then immediately left the tent adding, “Just stay!”

When Trinak was out of sight, Yanira cringed as she felt the pain in her back.

“I wish there was Fairy Sprouts nearby,” muttered Yanira and laid on her side pulling the blanket around her form.

On the other hand, Trinak was cursing under his breath. He couldn’t explain it. He thought Yanira would be a spoiled child since she was a princess, but she shows so much kindness to the girl and just seeing her smile made his heart race. He didn’t believe himself to be into little girls, but this Yanira was different. Trinak shook his head and began to ask his companions if any of them had a shirt in Yanira’s size.

Meanwhile, Yanira drifted off to sleep with sweat on her forehead. As she slept she didn’t notice a small wind enter the tent and then the white haired man with the golden eyes appeared kneeling by her side. He looked at Yanira’s form with concern in his eyes and then placed his pale hand onto her back. A white light glowed from his hand as it came into contact with Yanira’s back. As the light began to cover her back, Yanira smiled in her sleep. The white haired man removed his hand from Yanira’s back and then smiled as he then began to caress her cheek.

“I won’t let you get hurt, my princess.”

The man bent down and kissed her cheek before he vanished leaving no trace of his presence.

Yanira smiled holding the blanket to her chest in her sleep.


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