Chapter 21: Yanira’s Scolding

Trinak had traveled the entirety of the camp looking for a shirt for Yanira, but he only managed to get a shirt that would be big on Yanira, since the few children they had in the camp refused to show their clothing with an outsider. It might even appear that she was wearing a dress with that shirt on as Trinak theorized, but he believed it to be better than Yanira traveling shirtless. She was a girl after all.

Trinak entered the tent and saw Yanira fast asleep. Trinak rolled his eyes knowing full well that Yanira’s strength had finally fallen to the point of passing out. Trinak knelt next to her adjusting the blanket on her form, but as he did so, he suddenly noticed that Yanira was smiling in her sleep.

Trinak sighed muttering, “How can you smile when you should be in pain?” Trinak stared at Yanira’s smiling face and then ran his hand through her short red hair. Trinak had to admit that when he overheard the conversation between Chalina and Yanira, he had doubts about Yanira being the real princess, but when Chalina spoke of her unrequited love for the king, he suddenly felt that Chalina was not the real princess. Between the two girls, Yanira had the feeling of a royalty in his opinion.

Trinak then placed his hand on her cheek and tilted her head to get a better view of her face.

This girl was the true fiancé of the king and who the king loved deeply according to the rumors in the town, but she was so young. Trinak had to admit that she may become quite a beauty when she reaches of age, but he didn’t understand why the king of Azseldo Kingdom chose this girl.

Trinak suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when one of the Ridarni Citizens burst into the tent yelling, “Trinak, we have a problem!”

Trinak groaned and glared back at the citizen asking, “What problem?”

“The princess has taken one of the children hostage.”

Trinak’s eyes narrowed as he shot up to his feet and ran out of the tent pass the citizen ordering to be taken to where the “princess” was.

The moment he left the tent, Yanira had awoken and gave out a yawn rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“That was a nice dream,” commented Yanira, but paused when she noticed her surroundings and then sighed remembering that she was currently in the camp of the fallen kingdom of Ridarni. Yanira stepped off the mat and then looked at her surroundings.

“Trinak said that he would bring me to Lady Chalina…I’m still worried.”

Yanira was about to walk out of the tent, but paused when she noticed the large shirt on the mat she was originally on. Yanira picked up the shirt, examining it closely, and then slipped it on. The shirt dangled from her small form and even dragged on the ground. Yanira giggled finding her new appearance quite entertaining, but Yanira shook her head muttering, “I have to fix this.”

Yanira gathered the cloth of the shirt closes to her neck and tied it back to cover her shoulders. She then tied the bottom of the shirt behind her waist making it resemble a raccoon tail. Yanira nodded in approval and then slipped out of the tent.

To Yanira’s relief, there was no sign of any of the citizens of Ridarni, but even though she was relieved, she was also confused about their whereabouts. She suddenly heard an explosion and immediately ran in the direction of the sound wondering if Chalina was in danger.

Yanira arrived at the site only to see Chalina pinned to the wall of a building with Trinak’s hand around her throat and a female child crying at their feet and a few citizens looking on with both hate and concern.

Yanira noticed that Chalina was turning blue and immediately ran at Trinak screaming, “Let her go!” Yanira tackled Trinak’s side making him gasp and release Chalina making her fall to the ground gasping for air. Yanira stood before Chalina with her arms spread out as she glared at Trinak.

“Don’t hurt Lady Chalina!” yelled Yanira. Trinak glared at Yanira completely recovering from her small attack.

“Your Lady Chalina took a child hostage, so I was merely punishing her,” stated Trinak and his tone made it seem like he was ready to attack Chalina again. Yanira stared at Trinak with defiant eyes and then sighed saying, “I see.”

Yanira turned to Chalina, who was glaring at Trinak, and asked, “Is what Trinak said true?” Chalina frowned saying, “I overheard them saying that they were going to cut my hair to send to Shuyu, so I grabbed that child to protect myself.”

Yanira suddenly slapped Chalina’s cheek making her fall instantly silent. Even the citizens and Trinak were shocked by Yanira’s sudden attack.

“You should never take a child hostage, even to protect yourself.”


“There are other ways to defend yourself without endangering the life of a child.”


“You should apologize for scaring that child.”

Chalina frowned holding her slapped cheek.

“Why should I? They wanted to harm me first.”

“Then attack the ones who said it or talk back. Don’t involve the child, so apologize right now.”

Chalina stared at Yanira with an uneasy look. She felt like a child in front of Yanira’s angered expression, when she was supposed to be the adult. Chalina clenched her fist and looked at the crying female child near her.

“I’m sorry for getting you involved,” muttered Chalina. The female child only nodded with a shaking form.

Yanira smiled and then patted Chalina’s head saying, “Very nice, Lady Chalina. Girls like you are better when kind to others.” Chalina sighed wondering why she couldn’t talk back to Yanira.

Yanira suddenly looked at the citizens and Trinak and stated, “As for you guys, you need to apologize to her as well for threatening to cut her beautiful hair.”

“Why should we…?”

“Hair is a girl’s life and you had the nerve to think of cutting it against her will. Shame on you. Now apologize!”

The citizens present felt that they couldn’t talk back, especially the women, who knew how precious hair was to a girl. They bowed their heads and apologized to Chalina making Chalina blink in confusion.

Yanira nodded in approval and then looked at the shaking female child. Yanira held her hand to the small child and stated, “Don’t be afraid. I promise not to hurt you.” The female child stared at Yanira and then held her hand with an uneasy look. Yanira giggled and stated, “I hope to get along with you.” The female child immediately stopped shaking and smiled hugging Yanira. Yanira giggled and hugged the child back.

The citizens began to talk to one another filled with confusion about Yanira, but Trinak chuckled as he looked at Yanira’s smiling face.

She is quite the princess.

Unknown to them, Kileona was watching from a distance. He smirked as his focus landed on Yanira.

“I wonder if she is truly a servant,” he muttered and then looked back adding, “What do you think?”

A boy, who looked around the same age as Yanira, with silver hair glanced at Yanira with his brown eyes from behind Kileona’s back and stated, “I’m not quite sure what to think, but keep an eye on her for the time being.” Kileona nodded and bowed before the boy.

“Of course, your majesty.”

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