Chapter 22: The Heir to Ridarni Kingdom

In the castle of Azseldo Kingdom, Shuyu was walking toward Yanira’s chambers with the key to the garden in his hand. He couldn’t explain it, but when he saw that key, he felt something grab at his heart. It was almost hard to breathe and he felt that he just had to see Yanira to breathe again.

Shuyu reached Yanira’s chambers ordering the soldiers in front of the door to step aside. The moment the soldiers were out of the way, Shuyu kicked the door open shattering the hinges of the door and felt his heart drop when he saw no sign of Yanira. He glared at the soldiers and yelled, “Did you let Yanira leave this room?”

“No, your majesty. She never left her room.”

Shuyu cursed under his breath and then ordered the soldiers to search for Yanira. As the soldiers ran off, Shuyu clenched the key in his hand with a dark look.

“I will find you Yanira. You are mine.”

Meanwhile, Yanira was in the Ridarni Kingdom Camp playing tag with the children of the camp with Chalina watching with an uneasy look.

“We are being held against our will right?” muttered Chalina. One of the citizens close to her nodded. Chalina narrowed her eyes and pointed at Yanira yelling, “Then why is she enjoying herself so much?”

“Well the children wanted to play with her, princess.”

Chalina groaned and was ready to approach Yanira, but was held back by the citizen, who stated, “Unlike your servant, you are not allowed to move freely.” Chalina groaned mentally cursing Yanira.

“Lady Chalina?”

Chalina looked toward Yanira and noticed that Yanira was waving to her.

“Come play with us too,” cheered Yanira with a giggle. Chalina frowned, but her frown grew deeper when she noticed the tail like thing swinging behind Yanira. Chalina shot up from her chair before the citizen could react and ran at Yanira grabbing the top of her head with a glare.

“What is with that tail on your back?”

“It’s just the end of the shirt since the shirt was too big.”

“At least wear clothes your size!”

Chalina’s hold on Yanira’s head tightened making Yanira apologize repeatedly. Chalina suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and glanced back only to see Trinak glaring at her.

“How about not bullying the child?”

“Well her clothes is an insult to all women,” retaliated Chalina. Trinak and was about to say something, but paused when he heard one of the female children say, “Yanira can borrow a dress from me.”

“My dress would look better on her.”

“No, mine fits her image better.”

Trinak looked at the small children with a puzzled look. He remembered when he asked earlier, they refused to share their clothes and now they were fighting who would give Yanira clothes.

Yanira giggled saying, “I’m fine wearing these clothes.”


Yanira flinched at the sudden outburst of the children and the next thing she knew, she was being dragged off by the children toward a tent.

Trinak and Chalina stared in the direction Yanira was dragged off with puzzled looks.

“The children here are quite attached to her, huh?”

Trinak nodded and then began to drag Chalina back to her seat. As he dragged her back, he suddenly came to a realization: Yanira was still injured and yet she was running around like nothing was wrong. He practically dumped Chalina back in her seat and began to head to the tent, but stopped in his tracks when he heard someone call his name. He looked to the side and saw Kileona approaching him.

“Do you need something Kileona?”

Kileona smirked and stated, “His majesty wants to speak with you.”

“What for?”

“Ask him yourself?”

Trinak sighed and took one glance in the direction of the tent and then began to follow Kileona.

In the tent Yanira was dragged in, the girls and even the boys were looking through the children clothes with excitement in their eyes. Yanira smiled and stated, “I am really fine with what I am wearing.”

One of the girls glanced at her saying, “No way. We don’t want you looking like a raccoon during your stay.”

“Is that what I look like?”

The children nodded and then began to hold different dresses in front of her.

“So which one do you prefer to wear?”

“Anything is fine. I can basically wear anything. Even boy clothes.”

“Boy clothes?”

Yanira nodded.

The children frowned and then asked, almost in unison, “Is it that princess’ doing?”


“That princess is really wicked.”

“Not to mention spoiled.”

“I bet she even mistreats her servants.”

They all paused and then looked at Yanira with pitiful eyes.

“Poor Yanira.”

Yanira sighed shaking her head and then stated, “That’s not true. Lady Chalina can be nice at times.”

“Don’t be deceived, Yanira. All royalties, except our future king are wicked.”

“Your future king, are you talking about the prince of Ridarni Kingdom?”

“So you have heard of him?”

“Well yes, but I thought he died according to the records I read. He drank poison right?”

The children looked to one another with worried looks and then looked back at Yanira as one of them began to speak.

“The truth is that our prince never died. He was forced to drink poison, but instead of killing him something else happened…we just don’t know what it is, but he is still alive and well in this camp, but we haven’t seen him since the war.”

Yanira placed a hand to her chin in thought. She knew that this citizens of Ridarni Kingdom must have a leader to create a camp like this, but she never expected that it was the prince of Ridarni Kingdom, who was said to be already dead by poisoned wine. Yanira did wonder what exactly happened to the prince, but then another thought dawned on her.

“Was it really OK to tell me this? I am a prisoner after all.”

The children looked to one another and then began to laugh saying that they believed Yanira was trust worthy and unlike the “princess,” they saw Yanira as a friend. Yanira smiled and pulled a dress from the clothes the children selected.

“I’ll wear this, so if you would please wait outside, while I change.”

The children nodded and left the tent one by one.

When the children were out of the tent, Yanira began to remove the shirt and then straightened out the red dress she chose. She was about to slip it on, until she noticed in her reflection the blood covered bandage still wrapped around her. She tilted her head to the side as she touched her supposedly wounded back noting that it wasn’t painful. She removed the bandage slightly and felt her eyes widen when she saw no trace of her wound. She removed the bandage completely and saw not even a trace of a scar.

Yanira stared at her back and began to remember that ever since she was young, all wounds on her back would heal after she had fallen asleep and she always remembered that there was a warm feeling on her back like a butterfly’s touch. Yanira shook her head slipping on the dress.

It must have something to do with my training as a priestess. That’s it.

Yanira took one more glance at her reflection before grabbing the discarded bandage and exiting the tent to join the other children.

Meanwhile, Trinak was in a clay hut kneeling before a silver haired boy who had his legs crossed with Kileona standing behind him.

“Is there something you want to tell me, Trinak?” asked the boy. Trinak lifted his head asking what the boy meant. The boy frowned and looked at Kileona saying, “Leave us and check on the princess and her servant.” Kileona nodded with a bow and immediately left the hut.

When Kileona was gone the boy looked back at Trinak with a smile.

“Now that we are alone, can you please be honest with me, DEAR YOUNGER BROTHER?”

Trinak flinched at the words saying, “I thought we agreed that you would not call me that, seeing that you are the true heir to the throne of Ridarni Kingdom.”

“Only because my mother was the lawful wife and we are alone, so it should be safe to call you as such. Now tell me, the one called Chalina: is she really the princess?”

Trinak paused and then nodded saying, “She is the princess.”

“Then what of that girl, Yanira. Kileona claims that you brought her here because she saw you. Is that true?”

“It is true.”

The boy rubbed his chin in thought and then leapt down from his throne.

“You are my brother and I am the only one aware of that, so I will trust your words, but I am curious about that girl, Yanira. She may be not the princess, but she must be related to the royalties in some way based on how she acts.”

Trinak frowned and asked, “What do you plan to do, your majesty?”

The boy smirked and glanced at Trinak saying, “Please call me, Gulshano like you used to, dear younger brother.”

“…Gulshano, what are you planning?”

“I just want to speak with her, so rest easy,” stated the boy, Gulshano, and then chuckled adding, “I swear, you make it sound like I am going to eat her.”

Trinak frowned and stood up saying, “I need to check on Yanira’s wound, so don’t do anything yet, OK.”

“All right, but I will make a move when you least expect it. Just like the good old days.”

Trinak frown deepened and then left the hut. Gulshano chuckled and then noticed his reflection in a mirror in his hut. He broke the mirror with a frown.

“I thought I told Kileona to remove all mirrors from my presence.”

Gulshano picked up a shard of the mirror and ran it across his arm drawing blood, but the wound inflicted healed instantly leaving no trace of a scar and smirked with a dark look.

My wounds can heal thanks to your father Shuyu, but I’ll make sure to make such a deep wound that will never heal as my revenge for my kingdom.

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