Chapter 23: The Current Position of Rescue

Trinak walked through the camp in a quick haste wondering if Yanira’s wound had worsened since his absence from her. He thought of the look in pain she would give from the wound he inflicted and it made him feel sour in the stomach.

I should have been more careful around the princess.

Trinak turned a corner and felt his eyes widen when he saw Yanira playing tag with the children wearing a red dress. He noted her smiling face as she managed to grab a girl’s shoulder before giggling in delight and tilted his head in puzzlement.

Does she not feel pain?

Trinak began to approach the children, but stopped in his tracks when he heard a loud slap and looked toward Chalina, who was glaring daggers at Kileona, who had a red hand mark forming on his cheek, with her hand raised high.

“How dare you suggest such a filthy thing?”

“You plan to do it with the king anyway on your wedding night, so why wait?” stated Kileona with a mocking tone. Chalina slapped Kileona’s other cheek, but was shocked when she felt a strong hand grab her wrist and pull her away from Kileona. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Trinak glaring at her.

“If you value your life then I suggest you stop striking Kileona.”

Chalina clenched her fist with a frustrated look and stated, “So I should just let him get away with insulting my pride as a woman?” Trinak sighed and forced Chalina back in her seat, while Kileona smirked in amusement, but that smirk immediately left his face when he felt a strong gust of wind that knocked him into the ground and in turn make his head hit a wooden pole. Kileona groaned in pain as he rubbed the new formed bump on his head and then noticed Yanira with the palm of her hands facing him and the children looking at her in awe.

“So you did that?” asked Kileona trying to control his rising anger. Yanira nodded and then stated, “Don’t say things that offends Lady Chalina. I will not allow it.” Kileona groaned and was about to approach Yanira, but Trinak held him back saying, “I’ll speak with her so you stay with the princess and don’t speak of filth around her.” Kileona nodded and watched as Trinak approached Yanira.

Trinak grabbed Yanira and lifted her off the ground making her give out a gasp and then flung her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Yanira yelled out Trinak’s name, but all he did was begin to walk off out of sight from the children, who were puzzled by the turn of events.

Trinak walked into a tent and then dumped Yanira onto a feather stuffed bed. Yanira glanced at Trinak and stated, “You didn’t have to carry me off.”

Trinak just stared at Yanira before saying, “Take off that dress.”


“I need to change your bandages and put more medicine on that wound before it begins to fester,” stated Trinak as he began to pull rolls of bandages from a crate, but paused when he heard Yanira’s answer.

“There’s no need. The wound is gone.”

Trinak looked at her with widen eyes exclaiming, “What do you mean the wound is gone?”

“The wound is just gone.”

Trinak looked at her with doubtful eyes suspecting that she was lying, so not to get treated by him, but Yanira turned her back to him and let the dress’ back loose to show her scar less back. Trinak stared at Yanira’s healed back in awe. There was no trace of a wound and not even scar was left from the attack. It was like it was never there.

“Did you use healing magic that I wasn’t aware of you?”

Yanira shook her head and stated, “I went to sleep and when I woke up, the wound was gone. Is it really that strange?” Trinak thought awhile and then sighed saying, “It is strange, but it is good that you are healed.”

Yanira nodded and jumped off the bed and began to head to the exit of the tent saying, “Now I must return to Lady Chalina’s side.” The moment Yanira touched the opening of the tent, she was lifted up and dangled in the air by Trinak. Yanira puffed her cheeks as she swung her legs around in the air.

“I am not wounded, so there is no reason for me to be in here with you, so let me go back to Lady Chalina.”

Trinak sighed as he made Yanira face him.

“Look here, Yanira. You are a prisoner here, so you are not free to wander around this camp unattended.”

Yanira thought a while and then nodded saying, “Then you accompany me.”

“I planned to,” stated Trinak and then placed Yanira on his shoulders and exited the tent. Yanira rode on his shoulders with a slight blush saying, “I can work on my own, Trinak.”

“I am not taking the chance of you wandering off.”


Yanira sighed realizing that Trinak would not put her down, but the people’s stares at her and Trinak was a little embarrassing for the young girl.

Meanwhile, Kaysan, Nigam, and Leveret were halfway through the woods. Leveret looked around and then at Nigam asking, “Do you feel it too?” Nigam nodded and added, “Yanira must be close.”

Kaysan nodded at the two and drew his sword to prepare for any surprise attacks. He stepped forward, but instantly felt a shiver run down his spine. He leapt back just as silver blades rained down where he once stood. Kaysan cursed under his breath.

“Looks like whoever kidnapped the princess, knows how to set deadly traps.”

Nigam and Leveret stared at the blades in shock, but felt their shock rise when the blades vanished. Nigam rubbed his chin and glanced at Kaysan saying, “This is not a normal trap. I believe an Anyion is responsible for this.” Kaysan nodded in agreement.

Kaysan stood up straight as he sheathed his sword and stated, “Considering that we are not skewered yet, I think this is a form of barrier.” Nigam and Leveret nodded and then looked forward saying, at the same time, “Yanira is in there.” Kaysan nodded, but was shocked when he saw Leveret and Nigam run in. He was about to stop them, but paused when he saw no traces of the blades appearing.

Nigam nodded with a smirk saying, “Just as I expected. Since Yanira already had permission to enter and Leveret and I are connected to her, the permission to enter applies to us as well.” Kaysan nodded in understanding, but then paused and asked, “Do any of you two know how to fight? I mean I can’t enter to help you.”

Nigam frowned realizing the problem of Kaysan not being able to enter. He looked around the area and saw a bush filled with green berries. Nigam smirked and looked at Kaysan saying, “Go back to the castle and let his majesty know where we are.”

Kaysan nodded, but Leveret gasped saying, “That’s a very bad idea. Big Brother will blame this all on me.”

Nigam glanced at Leveret saying, “We don’t really have a choice anymore. This barrier is dangerous and considering this, the enemy might be even more dangerous and we can’t exactly save Yanira with us dead, right?” Leveret clenched his fist with an uneasy look.

Nigam smirked and stated, “Besides, I need your help for this.” Leveret became puzzled as Nigam looked back at Kaysan saying, “I will count on you to bring his majesty and your men to this location, so count on me to remove this barrier.”

“Can you do that?” asked Kaysan. Nigam chuckled flicking some of his hair off his face.

“What do take me for? I am the genius that can break through any obstacle in my way.”

Kaysan chuckled and then nodded adding, “Just don’t die before I get here.” Nigam nodded and then watched as Kaysan ran off into the distance.

The moment Kaysan was out of sight, Nigam faced Leveret and ordered him to gather the berries from the bushes. Leveret did as told with puzzlement in his face. Nigam, on the other hand, began to dig in the dirt with delight in his eyes.

“If my theory is correct…”

Nigam’s smile widened as his hand hit something hard in the dirt. He shoved the dirt aside revealing a reddish stone. He yanked the stone out and chuckled muttering, “Just as I suspected. Those berries get their nutrients from Crimson Clay, so the clay had to be in the ground.” Nigam continued to dig getting dirt all over his hands and clothes. More of the red clay was revealed.

Nigam plucked out more of the clay stones as he began to chuckle in amusement.

“Prepare for a blast.”

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  1. Daw~ You’re so cute, Trinak, worrying about harming Yanira like that. (By the way, how old did you plan him to be?) And *cue evil laugh* everyone is going to die from Shuya’s rage (and jealousy.)~


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