Chapter 24: The Silver Haired Youth

Chalina sat impatiently in the seat as she watched the children play. She then looked at Kileona, who was standing guard next to her, and asked, “Can I at least get something to eat?” Kileona nodded and tossed her an apple. Chalina stared at the apple in her hand and glared at Kileona.

“This isn’t exactly a filling meal!” roared Chalina. Kileona smirked at her with crossed arms and stated, “You are a prisoner princess, so don’t expect to be treated as a part of the group.” Chalina groaned and began to nibble on the apple.

Chalina groaned when she realized that the apple was not yet ripe and realized that Kileona gave her the apple, while being aware of the apple’s flaw. Chalina was about to spit out the apple piece in her mouth, but her hunger prevented her from doing so as she forced herself to swallow. Chalina felt that after this predicament, she would refuse to eat apples for a long while.

Chalina was ready to take another bite of the unappetizing apple, until she saw Trinak approaching with Yanira riding on his shoulders. Chalina lowered the apple not tearing her eyes from the two.

Yanira noticed Chalina and waved to her calling her name. Chalina focused her gaze at Yanira and asked, “Why are you up there?” Yanira glanced down at Trinak resting her hands on top of his head and stated, “He wanted me not to wander off so he put me up here.”

“Is that so?”

Yanira nodded and then poked Trinak’s head and asked, “Can I get down now?” Trinak scoffed and stated, “I don’t think so.”

“Come on, Trinak. I want to get down already to greet Lady Chalina properly.”


Yanira puffed her cheeks and began to beat on Trinak’s head in her dissatisfaction. The others around them began to chuckle at the sight. Even Kileona who was being serious around their captive began to chuckle at the sight. Chalina just sighed placing a hand to her forehead.

“Yanira, just stay up there. You don’t need to bother with me.”

Yanira stopped her futile assault on Trinak as she glanced at Chalina and asked, “Are you sure? I mean you are getting bullied so much right now.” Chalina groaned and shot up from the chair yelling, “I am fine!” Chalina was shoved back into her seat and began to pout.

Yanira puffed her cheeks and then glanced back at Trinak.

“I need to get down.”

“I already said…”

“I need to relieve myself or do you want me doing that on your back?”

Trinak was frozen in place and then reluctantly placed her down. Yanira brushed her skirt off and then looked at Chalina saying, “I will leave you be for now, Lady Chalina, while I go to relieve myself.”

Yanira approached one of the children asking where the toilet was. One of the children gladly pointed the way. Yanira nodded and then glanced at Trinak saying, “I will be right back and no peeking.”

“I would never peek on a child,” stated Trinak with crossed arms. Yanira nodded and then walked in the direction of the bathroom.

When Yanira was out of sight, Kileona began to laugh out loud making Chalina and Trinak look at him with raised eyebrows.

“What’s so funny?” asked Trinak. Kileona managed to seize his laughing as he smirked at Trinak.

“I just find it so amusing. That girl is also a prisoner and yet we are treating her as no such thing. Even the serious you is kind to her.”

Trinak clicked his tongue, while Chalina groaned realizing that Yanira was indeed being treated a lot better compared to her.

Why is she being treated differently?

Chalina took another bite of the apple only to make a bitter face as she struggled to swallow. Trinak noticed the apple in Chalina’s hands and then looked at Kileona with a raised eyebrow.

“Is that the Devil Fruit?”

Kileona nodded saying, “I thought the princess would enjoy it.”

“You do know that it is extremely bitter right?”

“Of course,” stated Kileona with a wink and a mischievous smirk. Kileona pulled out another Devil Fruit from his pocket and stated, “Maybe I should give one to the little servant as well.”

“You do that and I will make sure you see the REAL Devil,” threatened Trinak. Kileona chuckled admitting that he was joking as he tossed the Devil Fruit over his shoulder.

Trinak sighed and then looked in the direction Yanira went wondering if she was truly OK.

Meanwhile, Yanira finished her business in the bathroom with a relieved sigh and began to wash her hands in a nearby bucket. When she was done, she suddenly noticed that the water was beginning to look murky. Yanira stared at the water and then looked around her. Assuring that she was alone, she emptied out the bucket and then placed it down holding her hands over it.

“Adininaju No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.”

Water surrounded her hands and then began to fill the bucket with clean water. Yanira giggled in delight, but she suddenly felt someone touch her shoulder and gasped causing the water to explode from the bucket and splash behind her. Yanira turned around and saw a boy with short silver hair and brown eyes completely drenched from head to toe.

“I’m so sorry!” exclaimed Yanira and then held her hands to him saying, “Irmazu No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.” Wind burst from her hands and surrounded the boy making the boy gasp and fall down on his bottom. When the wind faded he was all dry, but his eyes were wide in shock.

“I’m really sorry for getting you wet and for knocking you down with the wind…really very sorry.”

The boy shook his head and then stood up dusting off his clothes.

“I was just a little shocked,” stated the boy and then stared at the water filled bucket and then back at Yanira asking, “How did you do that with the water and wind?”

“Well, I was training as a priestess.”

“A priestess?”

Yanira nodded.

The boy smiled and stated, “That’s amazing. Are you close to completing your training?”

Yanira shook her head and then gasped making the boy flinch.

“How rude of me, not to introduce myself: my name is Yanira and you are…”

“Call me Gil.”

“Then nice to meet you Gil.”

The boy, Gil, looked to the right asking, “Is someone waiting for you?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “I do have to go back to Trinak.”

“Trinak, I heard he was watching over a prisoner…I’m guessing that prisoner is you?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “But I have to admit that I don’t feel like a prisoner.”

“Is that so? Why?”

“Well, everyone has been very kind to me.”

“Kind? I see…”

Gil rubbed his chin in thought, but he suddenly felt a hand on his own and glanced at Yanira with a raised eyebrow.

“The children love to play, so you should join us too,” insisted Yanira. Gil shook his head with a chuckle.

“I’m not the playful type and the children wouldn’t want to play with an unsociable guy like me.”

Yanira shook her head and began to drag Gil saying, “It’ll be fine.” Gil was about to yell out a protest, but when he noticed the eagerness in Yanira’s face, he gave out a sigh and allowed himself to be dragged.

I wonder if this is how Trinak feels around this girl.

Yanira soon returned to the other children and called out to the children. The children immediately cheered when they caught sight of Yanira, but became puzzled when they saw Gil.

“Who is that?”

Yanira tugged on Gil’s arm saying, “His name is Gil. Can he play with us?”

“But…this is our first time seeing him.”

The children were visibly nervous as they looked at Gil and Gil sighed expecting that reaction from the children. When Ridarni Kingdom still existed, he knew the children to be shy around strangers, so it was a shock to him that they warmed up to Yanira so quickly. Gil planned to make a quick escape, but Yanira kept her hold on his arm and stated, looking at the children, “Let’s give him a chance.”

The children looked to one another and then smiled and gave nods of approval to Gil’s surprise. The next thing Gil knew, he was forced into a game of kick ball with Yanira being on his team. Gil kicked the ball up in the air and used his knee to juggle the ball before kicking it to a teammate.

“That was so cool!”

“Do it again!”

The children’s cheers brought a smile to Gil’s lips, but suddenly felt a chill down his spine. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Trinak glaring daggers at him, while Kileona stared at him with an uneasy look.

Gil smirked as he turned away from his brother.

I did tell you dear younger brother that I would speak to Yanira when you least expect it.

Gil kicked the ball into the air and then leapt up kicking the ball toward Trinak. Trinak punched the ball away still glaring at Gil.


Gil, revealed to be Gulshano, caught the ball in midair and then chuckled as he looked at Trinak, but paused when he saw Yanira clapping her hands as she looked at Trinak saying, “That was a wonderful pass, Trinak.” Trinak blushed and thanked Yanira. Yanira giggled in reply.

Gulshano frowned and kicked the ball at Trinak again. Trinak caught the ball this time and noticed the dark look in Gulshano’s eyes. Trinak glared back and tossed the ball back before yanking Yanira off the ground and placing her back on his shoulders.

Yanira puffed her cheeks and stated, “I really don’t need to be up here.”

“Considering that you brought in a stray animal, I think it is best for you to be up there.”

“Gil is not a stray animal, you meanie,” stated Yanira hitting the top of his head with puffed cheeks, but Trinak paid it no mind and refused to place her down.

Yanira realized soon enough that Trinak was not going to place her down and instead began to pout on his shoulders. Yanira glanced toward Gulshano and stated, “Sorry, but Trinak won’t let me play.”

“That’s OK, Yanira. We can play next time.”

Yanira nodded with a smile.

With Yanira no longer playing, the children began to disperse. Gulshano began to leave as well, but not before approaching Kileona and whispering something in his ear. Kileona nodded and then waved goodbye to Gulshano.

Yanira sighed in disappointment and then glanced at Chalina asking, “Lady Chalina, are you OK?” Chalina looked at Yanira with a sour look.

“I was just forced to eat a bitter fruit…how can I be OK?”

Chalina gagged trying to forget the taste of the fruit. Yanira looked at Chalina with pity in her eyes and then glanced at Trinak asking, “Is there anything sweet here?”

“There is, but you are a prisoner here,” reminded Trinak. Yanira nodded with a sad look. Trinak sighed feeling Yanira’s sadness and stated, “I’ll get you something small to eat…that is sweet.” Yanira burst into a smile and nodded.

Trinak was about to walk off with Yanira on his shoulders, but Kileona suddenly grabbed his arm saying, “Please leave the servant here.”


“It was decided in the last minute that the princess and the servant are not to be separated.”

Trinak cursed under his breath realizing that the order was what Gulshano whispered to Kileona. Trinak reluctantly placed Yanira down next to Chalina and stated, “I’ll be right back, so no wandering off.” Yanira nodded.

Trinak ran off out of sight hoping to finish getting food for Yanira quickly, so he could return to her.

The moment Trinak was gone, Yanira felt Kileona grab her arm. Kileona also forced Chalina on her feet. Kileona began to drag the two girls making Yanira look at him with puzzlement.

“Where are we going, Kileona?”

“You’ll see.”

Yanira was bewildered as Kileona dragged her and Chalina toward a clay hut.

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