Chapter 25: The Truth of Ridarni Kingdom’s Heir

In the castle of Azseldo Kingdom, all was in chaos. Since the discovery of Yanira’s disappearance, Shuyu had been turning all the rooms of the castle upside down and even threatened to behead anyone who concealed information of Yanira’s whereabouts. Through this chaos, there was still no sign of the princess.

After long hours of searching and the sun beginning to descend, Shuyu was panting with sweat on his brow in his throne room. Raul stood by his side with concern in his face.

“Your majesty, I’m pretty sure Yanira will turn up. She can’t just disappear,” stated Raul in an attempt to calm Shuyu down. Shuyu shook his head saying, “I know something is wrong.”



Shuyu wiped the sweat off his brow and was about to search through the halls again, but Raul grabbed Shuyu’s arm saying, “I know you are worried, but you getting exhausted is not going to bring her back.”

Shuyu’s form was shaking as he cursed under his breath and leaned against the wall placing a hand to his forehead.

Raul sighed in relief when he got Shuyu to calm down somewhat, but his relief was short lived when Kaysan suddenly burst into the room.

“Kaysan?” Raul muttered. Kaysan was panting as he walked briskly toward Shuyu’s tired form. Kaysan knelt on one knee bowing to Shuyu.

“I apologize for my absence your majesty, but I was pursuing the kidnappers of the princess.”

Shuyu’s eyes widened as he looked at Kaysan.

“Kidnappers…so my Yanira was kidnapped?”

Kaysan nodded. The next thing Kaysan knew, he was kicked in the face by Shuyu, who was glaring daggers at him with Raul trying to hold Shuyu back.


Kaysan stood up not tearing his eyes from Shuyu’s angered form.

“I needed to know where they were going, so we can attack at the source. Thanks to Nigam and Leveret, I know where they are.”

“Nigam and Leveret…how are they involved.”

“Yanira cast a spell on them so they would know where she is. It is because of them that I can report this to you and they plan to remove the barrier that Yanira is being held in.”

Shuyu was frowning as he stared at Kaysan and then sighed saying, “Fine. Take your men and head to their position.” Kaysan nodded and was about to leave, but stopped in his tracks when Shuyu added, “Also make sure to slaughter those fools who dared to kidnap my princess.” Kaysan nodded running out of the throne room.

When Kaysan was no longer in sight, Shuyu glared at Raul and demanded for his armor.

“Are you going to?”

“Of course,” stated Shuyu as his look seemed to darken and added, “I will make sure those kidnappers suffer.” Raul nodded with cold sweat running down his forehead. In Raul’s view, Shuyu looked like he was beginning to turn into a demon.

Meanwhile, Yanira was practically being dragged with Chalina by Kileona toward a clay hut that she had never seen before. Yanira looked toward the hut and asked, “What’s that place?”

“Where our leader lives.”

“He lives there?”

Kileona nodded, but he suddenly noticed that there were bleeding scratches forming on Yanira’s feet from walking around excessively around the camp. Kileona knew that if Trinak saw this, he would put up an anger fit, so using his best judgment, Kileona lifted Yanira off the ground and placed her on his back with Yanira holding him on his shoulders.

“Why are you carrying me?”

“To protect your feet.”

“My feet are fine.”

“Have you looked at your feet?”

Yanira glanced at her feet and noticed that some blood was dripping and pressed her lips as the pain began to rise. Yanira held Kileona’s shoulders giving him permission to hold her. Kileona just smirked and then glanced at Chalina asking, “You are fine walking right?”

“I refuse to be carried by you.”

“I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing.”

Chalina huffed in anger finding the words of Kileona insulting.

They soon entered the hut that held a throne and other common objects for a small home, but they didn’t see the leader that Kileona spoke of. Even Kileona looked puzzled as he looked around.

“Your majesty?”

“I am in here,” stated a young boy’s voice and the next thing Yanira saw was the silver haired youth she had played with emerging from behind the throne with a smirk. Gulshano bowed toward them saying, “Let me introduce myself formally to you two ladies, I am Gulshano Bellbach, the heir to Ridarni Kingdom.”

Chalina yelled out surprise, while Yanira tilted her head in bewilderment. From what she read in the records of the fallen kingdom, Gulshano Bellbach, the former heir of Ridarni Kingdom should have been in his twenties when he was presumed dead, but the heir before her seemed no older than ten or just a little over. Gulshano chuckled as Yanira’s puzzled look.

“You seem confused, but I can explain,” stated Gulshano and then ordered Kileona to give Yanira and Chalina a seat. Kileona did as told whipping out two chairs from a corner and placing them before the throne. He did forced Chalina to sit, while he placed Yanira on the chair gently.

Afterwards, Gulshano sat in his throne and crossed his leg over the other as he looked at the two confused girls.

“You know that in the records that the heir to Ridarni Kingdom was forced to drink poisoned wine and died. Well, the story was slightly altered. The heir, me, did drink the poison wine, but the poison did not kill me…it had quite the unique effect. My hair turned silver and I gained the body of a child and not only that…”

Gulshano pulled out a dagger and scratched his arm creating a deep gash. Blood flowed form the wound before the wound healed up. Gulshano wiped the blood away revealing his healed arm.

“I am also able to heal at a rapid pace.”

Gulshano placed the dagger on the arm of his throne as he continued to speak.

“I am like this because of the previous king of Azseldo Kingdom, but since he is dead, I will have my revenge on the current king of Azseldo Kingdom and get my Kingdom back.”

Gulshano snapped his fingers and there was suddenly a sharp dagger near Chalina’s neck making Chalina give out a scream of terror.

“I will start by sending the princess’ head to him.”

Kileona, the holder of the dagger, was about to slice Chalina’s neck, but Yanira suddenly leapt from her chair and punched Kileona’s cheek as hard as she could screaming, “DON’T HURT LADY CHALINA!” Kileona tumbled from the force dropping the dagger and glanced at Yanira with wide eyes as Chalina began to bawl with her face in her hands.

Yanira was panting as she stood protectively near Chalina and then glared at Gulshano saying, “I know you want revenge, but I won’t let you harm Lady Chalina.” Gulshano stared at Yanira and then smirked asking, “Then would you take her place? Would you offer your head in her place?” Yanira clenched her fists and then nodded saying, “If it would allow Lady Chalina to live.”

Silence fell upon the hut as Yanira and Gulshano locked eyes. Gulshano suddenly burst out laughing making Yanira flinch and stated, “I won’t take your head or that Chalina girl, but now I know the truth.”

“The truth?”

Gulshano nodded and pointed at Yanira saying, “You are the true princess that Shuyu plans to marry.” Yanira clenched her fists remaining silent.

“I heard that the princess that Shuyu plans to marry was training to be a priestess before her engagement and not only that, she was described as a girl with a kind heart willing to sacrifice. Between that girl and you, you fit the description quite well, YOUR MAJESTY.”

Yanira sighed and stated, “It is true, I am the princess and Lady Chalina is a noble, so what do you plan to do now that you know the truth.” Gulshano chuckled as he got up from his throne. He approached Yanira not tearing his eyes from her. When he reached her, he placed his hand under her chin and forced her to look at him.

“I didn’t expect that Shuyu’s bride would be this young. I am curious what he sees in a child like you.” Gulshano released Yanira and then looked at Kielona saying, “Change of plans, lock up that princess fake and as for the true princess, she will remain with me.” Kileona nodded and began to drag Chalina off. Yanira tried to grab Chalina, but Gulshano grabbed her hand and pulled her to him whispering, “If you want that girl unharmed then do as I say.” Yanira gulped and nodded looking toward Chalina.

I’ll find a way to save you.

When Chalina and Kileona were gone, Gulshano placed his hand on Yanira’s chin and made her face him again.

“I won’t hurt her or you, so do as I say.”

Yanira nodded and suddenly felt a kiss on her cheek. Gulshano smirked and muttered, “I will figure out why you are Shuyu’s weakness.”

Yanira felt a chill run down her spine calling for help in her heart.

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  1. Aw, Gulshano, don’t do that or you’ll never have a chance…*giggles and winks* And Shuyu, your dear Yanira is safe- that is, for now.


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