Chapter 26: Nigam’s Device

Near the edge of the barrier, Nigam was crushing the green berries in a bowl shaped rock, while Leveret placed clay pots filled with a white powder around the edge of the barrier. Leveret heaved out a sigh and glanced at Nigam asking, “What exactly are we doing?”

“Making a great device.”

“A great device, what exactly does that mean?”

Nigam chuckled and revealed the crushed berries in the rock bowl. The berries spewed out a green liquid that gave off a smell like that of a skunk when it defends its territory.

“You know what these berries are?”


“These are Trula Berries, berries known as one of the most stinky and poisonous berries in the world.”


“That’s right and with the right modification, they can also be used as an explosive.”

“Explosive…is that what you used to destroy the walls of Balwar Kingdom?”

Nigam shook his head saying, “I used stronger explosive force for that wall. These berries are a little weaker than that explosive, but they should be enough to destroy this barrier.”

Leveret nodded and then glanced at the clay pots asking, “So these pots will explode?”

“When I add the Trul juice and the ignition light.”

“Ignition light?”

Nigam glanced at leveret and pointed at the dagger that Leveret had hanging from his waist.

“That dagger will be used to ignite the device.”


“All for a good cost.”

“What exactly is good about destroying my dagger?”

Nigam smirked and stated, “It helps us save Yanira from those bastards.” Levert frowned realizing that Nigam was right, so Leveret removed his dagger and held it to Nigam giving him permission to do whatever he wanted. Nigam took the dagger without any hesitation and then shattered it on a rock. Leveret was silently crying as he saw his weapon shatter into a million pieces.

Nigam took the dagger pieces and began to crush them more using a rock until it was a fine powder. Leveret watched this procedure and stated, “You’re pretty strong to crush metal into powder with just rocks.”

“One has to be strong to save on the use of equipment,” stated Nigam as he began to sprinkle the crushed metal into the juice of the berries creating a metallic color liquid. Nigam nodded in approval and then handed the new liquid to Leveret making Leveret gag at the nauseas smell of it.

“Poor a little of this liquid into the pots you placed near the barrier’s edge.”


Nigam chuckled saying, “It won’t explode until the ignition source is lit, so you’re fine.” Leveret gulped and then nodded taking the bowl of the liquid and then began to divide it between the clay pots.

Nigam wiped his hands and then began to gather vines from the trees. When he found that he had enough of the vines, he then began to rub the wet crimson clay that he had still left over on the vines. He stretched the vines examining them and then nodded before approaching each of the pots and dipping the tip of the vine into the pot.

“What are those for?” asked Leveret as he poured the last of the liquid into the last pot.

“We want to be in a safe distance when the device explodes, so these vines will be the one ignited and the crimson clay is highly flammable, so it should lead the flame to the pots.”

“How exactly are we lighting them?”

“With enough friction, a fire can be made, so no problem.”

Leveret noticed that delighted smile on Nigam’s face as he prepared the vines in the pots and felt that in the future, he would need to avoid Nigam when he had such a smile.

Nigam nodded at his handy work and then led Leveret to a far off tree, while dragging the other end of the vines to the position. Leveret glanced at the vines and asked, “Are we going to light them now?”

Nigam shook his head saying, “We will light them when the King’s army is near. If we light them now, it might gain the notice of the enemy and they might run off with Yanira. We don’t want that, so the plan now is to wait patiently for the army.”

Leveret nodded as he sat near a tree with Nigam. Leveret then glanced at Nigam as they sat down and asked, “You mentioned friction, but what is that?”

“Friction is rubbing two things together until heat is made.”

Nigam picked up two rocks and began to rub them together saying, “As I rub these rocks together, heat is being made and if enough is made then a spark will form.” Nigam stopped rubbing the rocks and held it to Leveret. Leveret touched the rock and gasped when he felt some heat.

“That’s pretty neat.”

Nigam nodded with a proud expression.

Leveret picked up two rocks and rubbed them together fast trying to produce the same heat, but a spark suddenly rose from the rocks and landed on the vine creating an instant flame and began to travel down the vine. Nigam and Leveret screamed and were about to chase the flame, but Nigam stopped when he noticed that the speed was high, so he immediately grabbed Leveret and pushed him down to the ground.

The vines ignited in the pots and the next thing the two boys knew, a loud explosion rang throughout the woods along with the shattering of the barrier and a gust of wind that could almost compare to a hurricane.

Nigam cursed under his breath, hoping that the enemy wouldn’t notice the explosion too soon, even though he didn’t doubt that anyone could hear this explosion.

A few minutes before this explosion, Yanira was sitting in the hut with Gulshano sitting in front of her.

Gulshano crossed his legs as he asked, “So tell me, how old are you?”


“That’s really young to be getting married.”

“I know that, but it was in the contract. I was to be wed to Shuyu if he made the alliance with my kingdom.”

“So an arranged marriage? Do you know why Shuyu wanted you?”

Yanira clenched her fists saying, “He says that he loves me, but…”

“Can’t answer clearly huh?” stated Gulshano and then added, “I met Shuyu once, when I drank that poisoned wine. He didn’t show any mercy in his eyes and yet he has fallen in love with a child. His actions are very mysterious.”

“I can’t deny that,” stated Yanira. Gulshano chuckled and stated, “With him being in love with you, that means you are his weakness, so if I were to take you, would he accept my demands?”

Yanira frowned and stated, “I don’t think so. He would most likely kill everyone here.”

“Well he is pretty heartless, except to you.”

Yanira glanced at Gulshano and asked, “So what do you plan to do with me and Lady Chalina.”

“I really have no need for that Chalina girl, but she knows where our camp is so I can’t really let her go either…I could use her as a way for you to obey me.”

“Aren’t you already doing that?”

“True,” stated Gulshano with a snicker. He got close to Yanira making her lean back an inch. He smiled as he examined her and stated, “I did plan to send Shuyu’s bride’s head as a threat to accept my demands, but looking at you closely, you do have a pretty face.”

Yanira fidgeted in her seat uncomfortably. Gulshano lifted her chin making her face him and muttered, “Maybe I will take you from Shuyu. Shuyu losing his love to the enemy. That would be a great revenge.” Gulshano leaned toward Yanira’s lips making Yanira’s eyes widen. Yanira was about to shove him, but they suddenly heard a rumbling and the ground shook making them fall to the ground.

Gulshano yelled out a curse and then glanced at Yanira asking if she was all right. Yanira nodded as Gulshano forced her on her feet.

They exited the hut and were shocked to see that the camp was nearly destroyed with the people in a daze. Gulshano looked around with wide eyes, but then noticed that the sky was different and hoped that his thought was not correct, but the appearance of Trinak running toward him made it obvious that his thought was correct: the barrier was destroyed.

“The barrier…”

“Is gone, I know. Can you tell me how this happened?” demanded Gulshano. Trinak shook his head and stated, “It might have something to do with that explosion.”

“Then find out how it happened,” ordered Gulshano. Trinak nodded and was about to run off, until he noticed that Yanira was standing near Gulshano.

“Why is Yanira…?”

“I ordered that the PRINCESS stays close to me and don’t think I am not aware you knew.”

Trinak clenched his fist and asked, “What do you plan to do with her?”

Gulshano grabbed Yanira’s arm holding her close to him and stated, “We’ll discuss that later. I need you now to check that explosion source.” Trinak nodded and began to run off, but not before glancing back at Yanira in concern.

When Trinak was out of sight, Yanira glanced at Gulshano and stated, “Don’t harm Trinak. I asked him to keep it a secret.”

“Are you just saying that to protect him?” asked Gulshano in a low tone. Yanira shook her head and stated, “I just don’t believe Trinak should be punished for something I asked.” Gulshano frowned and tightened his hold on Yanira making her cringe.

“I’m starting to understand…there is something about you that even makes me want to claim you.”

Gulshano held Yanira close and leaned toward her ear.

“When I find a way to break this curse on my body, I will break your connection with Shuyu.”

Yanira was shaking in his hold, but she suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her leg and gave out a scream making Gulshano jolt. Gulshano glanced at Yanira and noticed her losing her footing. He supported her and then noticed that her face was in pain.

“Did I hold you too tight?” asked Gulshano in a panic. Yanira shook her head and muttered, “My leg hurts.”

“Your leg?” Gulshano glanced at her leg and saw that there was no sign of a wound and was about to question it, but Yanira suddenly grabbed his arm and looked at him with tear filled eyes.

“Please find the source of the explosion…my friends are hurt.”

Gulshano was confused by her words, but Yanira could feel her heart race as she thought of her two friends: Leveret and Nigam.

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