Chapter 27: Capture of Nigam and Leveret

At the end of the explosion, Nigam began to groan in pain as he held his leg, while Leveret was opening crying as he held his leg that had a sharp rock sticking out of it.

“You didn’t tell me the explosion was going to be that strong,” whimpered Leveret as he attempted to remove the stone, but Nigam grabbed his hand saying, “Don’t pull it out. You might have hit a vessel judging by the pain I’m feeling.”

“So leave it in there?”

Nigam nodded and then glanced toward the remnants of his invention.

“I knew the explosion was going to be strong, but I guess we were still not far enough to avoid damage,” stated Nigam and then glared at Leveret adding, “This is mostly your fault for lighting the fuse to early.”


The pain began to pulse in his leg making Leveret give out a whimper. Nigam just cringed from the pain. Nigam stood up trying to ignore the pain and stated, “I bet the enemy heard that explosion too, so we better…”

The next thing Nigam knew, there was a blade near his neck making him fall silent and freeze in place with visible sweat running down his forehead. Nigam didn’t have the heart to look back, but Leveret clearly saw who was behind Nigam: a man with long brown hair, Trinak.

Trinak stared at the two boys holding his blade at the one standing up and demanded who they were. Nigam refused to answer, but to his surprise, Leveret whimpered saying, “I am the second prince of Azseldo Kingdom, Leveret Sou; and his name is Nigam. We blew up the barrier around your base.”

“Don’t give information to the enemy,” scolded Nigam. Leveret whimpered saying, “I wouldn’t have said anything, but I want us to be captured so I can be treated. It really hurts.” Nigam noticed Leveret’s complexion and nodded and then glanced at Trinak making sure not to cut himself on the blade near his neck.

“We will come quietly, but Leveret needs to be treated as soon as possible for that leg wound,” stated Nigam with seriousness in his eyes. Trinak frowned, but he nodded as he flung Nigam onto his shoulder and then flung Leveret onto the other shoulder. Nigam groaned saying, “I can still walk.”

“I don’t trust you.”

Nigam groaned again and then glanced at Leveret, who was beginning to weep from the pain in his leg. Nigam heaved out a sigh and as they were carried off looked into the distance hoping that reinforcements would come soon before another barrier is made.

Meanwhile, Yanira was rubbing her pain pulsing leg with worry in her eyes back in the hut of Gulshano. Gulshano stared at Yanira as she rubbed her leg and asked, “Why do you suspect your friends are hurt and why are you rubbing your leg?”

“My heart is connected with my friends and since my leg is hurting I suspect that one of them is hurt in the same place.”

Gulshano narrowed his eyes asking, “What do you mean that your hearts are connected?”

Yanira glanced at Gulshano still rubbing her pain stricken leg as she spoke.

“You are aware that I trained as a priestess. Well, one of the spells I learned was how to connect one’s heart with another in case one wanted to be found. This spell is only casted in emergencies.”

“So you used this spell on your friends?”

Yanira nodded, but flinched when the pain in her leg slightly increased. Gulshano noticed this and knelt next to her asking, “Is there a way to break the connection?” Yanira nodded adding, “But I have to be near them to do it.” Gulshano sighed.

“I’ll make sure they are not harmed until the connection is broken,” stated Gulshano and then glanced at her leg saying, “Even though your hearts are connected, I’m glad you only feel the pain and not gain the physical wound.”

Yanira glanced at Gulshano and noticed that his expression had softened, but then returned to that of annoyance when Kileona entered the hut saying, “Your majesty, Trinak has returned with the culprits who made the explosion.” Gulshano glared back at Kileona saying, “Bring those prisoners in here.” Kileona nodded and ran out of the hut.

Gulshano then looked back at Yanira ordering her to break the connection when her “friends” arrived. Yanira nodded still rubbing her leg.

In a matter of moments Trinak entered with the two boys draped over his shoulders like sacks of potatoes. Yanira smiled at the sight of the two boys calling their names. Nigam and Leveret glanced toward Yanira calling out her name with faces of relief, but that relief was shirt lived when Trinak dumped them on the ground. Trinak then crossed his arms leaning against the wall.

“You can leave now Trinak,” stated Gulshano, but to his surprise, Trinak shook his head saying, “I rather stay this time.” Gulshano clicked his tongue allowing Trinak to do as he pleased just that one time Gulshano then looked at the boys on the ground as they sat up and noticed that a stone was sticking out of Leveret’s leg.

“So that’s the source of Yanira’s pain,” stated Gulshano and then glanced at Yanira ordering her to break the connection. Yanira nodded and then held her hands toward Leveret and Nigam.

“Owarideh Anugrit No Kayishu Fibimo Sino Adnawidah!”

In a matter of moment wind filled the hut and Yanira, Nigam, and Leveret felt the connection shatter in their hearts. Nigam flinched slightly, while Leveret began to whimper as the pain in his leg increased once again.

The moment the connection was broken, Yanira immediately stood up and ran to Leveret’s aid asking if he was all right. Leveret shook his head muttering that it hurt repeatedly under his breath. Nigam then knelt next to Leveret saying, “I can take care of him now, so I just need medicine for the pain.” Yanira nodded, but the next thing she knew she was dragged away from her two friends and held tightly to the chest of Gulshano.

“I would appreciate you not touching my possession,’ stated Gulshano with a glare. Yanira was about to object, but was surprised when Trinak was the one to yell, “Stop it!” Gulshano smirked at Trinak saying, “There’s no need to be angry dear little brother.”

“Brother?” Yanira muttered in disbelief. Trinak just frowned glaring at Gulshano. Gulshano clicked his tongue and then looked at Nigam and Leveret.

“Kill them.”

Yanira’s eyes widened as Nigam and Leveret glared daggers at Gulshano, who just smirked at them.

“You two are no longer connected to Yanira, so I see no reason to keep you two alive and you should be punished for breaking the barrier.”

Gulshano then gestured to Trinak with a shake of his head. Trinak summoned a blade and then began to approach the two boys. Trinak raised his blade above their heads, but stopped when a gust a wind rushed at him making him lose his grip on his sword. In fact, there was wind rushing everywhere in the hut.

Gulshano gritted his teeth and then noticed that Yanira was muttering the wind spell under her breath repeatedly. Gulshano tried to cover her mouth, but the wind smacked his hand away and then pushed him against the wall. The wind was so strong that Trinak and Gulshano found it hard to breathe. Gulshano clicked his tongue and stated, “They can live.” The moment those words left his lips, the wind stopped.

Gulshano glared toward Yanira as she fell to her knees panting. Nigam immediately ran to her aid with Leveret limping behind him asking if she was all right. Yanira nodded with sweat on her brow.

Gulshano also approached and stated, “They can live, but I won’t tolerate another outburst like that in the future.” Gulshano forced Yanira on her feet and then glared toward Trinak saying, “Get that boy treated and lock up the other boy with the fake princess.” Trinak nodded and began to drag Nigam and Leveret out of the hut.

Leveret was slowly losing consciousness, while Nigam reached toward Yanira saying her name repeatedly.

When they were out of sight, Gulshano glared at Yanira asking, “Are those friends of yours that important to you?” Yanira nodded saying, “Just like with Lady Chalina, I am also willing to do anything to protect Nigam and Leveret.” Gulshano could see the determination in her eyes and smirked saying, “You really are an interesting girl.”

Yanira suddenly fell forward as her consciousness left her. Gulshano caught her and then noticed that she was panting in her sleep.

“I guess you used too much power. That’s what you get for doing as you please.”

Gulshano carried her bridal style and then placed her gently on the floor. He stared at her sleeping face and muttered, “You really will be a beauty when you are of age. I imagine that Shuyu will go mad when he realizes that you are now my possession.’

Yanira continued to sleep hoping for the safety of her companions.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 27: Capture of Nigam and Leveret”

  1. Slightly disappointed with Leveret this chapter, but not many people can be like Yanira, even at older ages. After all, it’s one of the qualities that make Yanira so admirable; being able to continue on stubbornly in the face of pain.
    Thank you for the chapter(s)!


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