Chapter 30: Yanira’s Return

Yanira felt like her body was floating. It had been so long since she did a spirit dance and she was reminded that a spirit dance for fire was very tiring to her small body. She remembered that Lucina warned her never to overexert herself with the fire dance. Yanira found it funny that she did overexert herself to the point of exhaustion, but she did not regret it, since she was able to prevent a massacre…at least that is what she hoped.

Yanira took a few small breaths before opening her eyes. She did not see the sky. Instead, she saw the familiar ceiling of her chambers in the castle. Without looking around, she knew that she had returned to the castle of Azseldo Kingdom. Lying in her bed with a feeling of floating, she would have believed that her entire ordeal with the Ridarni Kingdom Resistance was a dream, but she knew it all happened. She knew it in her heart.

Yanira lifted up her head taking in her surroundings and then realized the warm hand covering her own. She looked to the side and saw Shuyu asleep leaning his head on the side of her bed, while he sat in a cushioned chair. She also took notice that his hand held hers. Yanira tried to peel her hand away, but Shuyu tightened his hold on her making her slightly flinch.

Yanira gave out a sigh and leaned toward Shuyu saying his name repeatedly in an attempt to awaken him. Shuyu opened his eyes quickly like he was startled and met eyes with Yanira. A smile formed on his lips as he said, “You finally woke up.”

“Was I asleep long?” asked Yanira. Shuyu nodded and stated, “You’ve been asleep for a whole day.”

“A whole day? Does that mean our wedding…?”

“Is tomorrow, but I don’t want to have it if you are still ill, so tell me, are you well?” asked Shuyu as he held her hand gently. Yanira stared into his eyes and could tell that Shuyu himself didn’t want to postpone the wedding, but Yanira felt a squeeze in her heart and stated, solemnly, “I don’t feel that well. I did use a lot of power that day, so just waiting for one day will be fine.” Shuyu nodded with disappointment clearly in his face.

Shuyu stood up from his chair and stated, “I’ll get the doctor to check on you, so rest well.” Yanira nodded, but as Shuyu left the room, she asked, “Are Lady Chalina, Leveret, and Nigam OK?” Shuyu paused in her steps and then forced a smile in front of Yanira.

“They are fine, but in the future, I would appreciate it if you kept a distance from them.”


“Yanira, because of them you were in that predicament, so please do as I say.”

Yanira nodded with a saddened expression as Shuyu finally left her room.

The moment he was gone, Yanira stepped out of her bed and then headed to her balcony. She tried to open the doors leading to the balcony, but noticed that there was a chain lock on the outside of her door. Yanira frowned realizing that Shuyu discovered how she got out of her room. She pressed her hand against the glass of the door and muttered a spell that she had yet to master, “Libehaeji.”

The chain rattled and then unlocked from the outside. Yanira smiled glad that the spell of release worked. She pushed opened the balcony door making the chains slip out. She placed the chains on the side and then grabbed a rope from her room. She tied one end of the rope on the balcony and tossed the other end to the other side. She pushed a strand of her from her face and then began to descend down the rope.

Yanira continued to descend down the rope until she reached the window of Nigam’s chambers. Yanira noticed the reinforced bars on the windows. She then realized that Shuyu also discovered how she met Nigam in the first place. Yanira knocked on the window through the bars calling for Nigam.

The door opened crack, but only a crack since she heard the jingling of chains on the inside of the window.


“Nigam, are you OK?”

“I am, but I was forbidden to speak with you.”

“Did Shuyu order it?”

“That’s right and he even whipped me to make a point.”

“Whipped you? Are you really all right?” asked Yanira in worry.

“Don’t worry. This pain is nothing….I am glad that I could hear your voice to know that you are OK.”

“…Nigam, I know Shuyu told you not to speak with me, but I want you to speak with me still when we have the chance. When Shuyu is not around. I also want to speak with Leveret too. We are friends and friends don’t make a distance because someone ordered it.”


“Whose words have more impact on your actions: Shuyu’s or mine?”

Nigam leaned his head forward as a tear escaped his eyes.

“Obviously yours. I am your friend, so let’s see each other again.”

Yanira smiled saying her thanks to Nigam and then climbed up back her balcony as Nigam shut the window.

Yanira climbed up her balcony and was surprised to hear someone calling her name. She thought it might be the doctor or Shuyu, but was surprised to see Leveret standing in her room.

Yanira called Leveret’s name making him look at her. Leveret burst into a smile and walked to her saying her name. Yanira stood before Leveret and stated, “I was planning to see you. How did you get in here?”

Leveret glanced back and Yanira followed his line of sight to a small opened door near her dresser.

“Aurora led me to that secret passage.”

“Do you mean Priestess Aurora? You were able to meet her again?”

Leveret nodded and then began his explanation.

“When I returned to the castle I heard her voice in the wind and so I returned to the place where you and I first entered her tunnel. I was able to get in and then she spoke to me. She wanted me to tell you that you have future sight as well.”

“I kind of guessed, but I wasn’t sure until now.”

“She says you did the right thing…also thank you for saving me. That priestess told me what would have happened if you didn’t intervene, so thank you.”

Yanira giggled saying, “No problem. Did Priestess Aurora tell you anything else?”

“She wanted me to tell you that your power is still not balanced, so visions might come once in a while when you sleep.”

“That’s a little unnerving.”

“…She also told me that I should not be seen together with you by big brother and I agree considering that he planned to kill me before.”

Yanira nodded and added, “I spoke with Nigam and he agreed that we can speak to each other, but in secret. You’re fine with that right?” Leveret nodded and then scratched the back of his head saying, “That’s all Aurora told me before telling me about this secret passage to your room, but I also want to apology for losing the key to your garden…big brother has it now.”

“Shuyu must think I dropped it, so let’s promise to go in the garden together when I get the key back, OK?”

Leveret nodded and gave her a quick hug that Yanira returned.

“I hope to see you soon.”

Leveret released Yanira and was about to leave, but Yanira immediately asked, “Is Lady Chalina OK? I won’t be able to see her to check considering my circumstances right now.”

Leveret glanced back at Yanira saying, “Lady Chalina has left the castle, but she is fine.” Yanira nodded and thanked Leveret for the information, before he left her room sealing the small door as if it were never there.

Yanira then remembered her balcony door and shut it. She held her hand against the glass focusing on the fallen chain.


The chain shook as it coiled around the handles of the door like a snake and then the lock clicked shut.

Yanira nodded in satisfaction. She suddenly heard approaching footsteps and immediately slipped back into her bed. As the doctor entered her room, Yanira clenched her blankets hoping to see her friends again.

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