Chapter 31: Preparing for the Wedding

The bells of the kingdom of Azseldo Kingdom rang for it marked a special occasion for the kingdom. The King of Azseldo Kingdom and the princess of Balwar Kingdom’s wedding day had finally arrived. The streets of the commoners were busy decorating the streets with carnations to bless the King’s wedding and market stands for arriving royalty and aristocrats. This day was a day of celebration for the current king had never showed interest in any women and now he found the one. The only mystery was that none of the commoners saw the bride to be and they would finally get to lay eyes on her when she walks down the aisle.

As the streets filled with celebration a carriage for the royalty of Balwar Kingdom entered through the gates of Azseldo Kingdom with wooden carts draped in purple trailing behind it. Those that noticed the carriage bowed their heads in respect. Within this carriage was the royal family: The Castleheart family.

The King of Azseldo Kingdom, Alistair, and his queen, Irina sat by each other and right across from them sat their children: first princess Xema and first prince Zuriel. They had come to Azseldo Kingdom for one purpose: to attend the wedding of Yanira Castleheart, a beloved member of the Balwar Kingdom royal family.

Alistair peeked from the window of the carriage and smiled when he saw a stage being set up in the square.

“Looks like a festival is taking place instead of a wedding,” stated Alistair and then glanced at his children, who both remained silent with gloomy features of their faces.

“How long do you two plan to pout?” asked Alistair with a frown. Zuriel glared at Alistair and stated, “You are well aware that I am against this marriage.”

“I am aware…I have been aware since Yanira left the kingdom.”

Zuriel growled and stated, “You were against it too not too long ago and now you look like you can’t wait.”

“That’s true, but there’s no point in me sulking now is there? The wedding is written in stone.”

Zuriel clicked his tongue. Since the day Yanira was taken, Zuriel wanted to gather his army to take his precious little sister back from this scoundrel, but he was aware that his army would be wiped out by Azseldo Kingdom’s army, so he had no choice, but to wait, but he swore that he would save his little sister someday.

On the other hand, Xema was still bitter toward Yanira for claiming Shiro’s heart and felt that she was betrayed. She felt that this bitterness would stay with her until her death bed.

Alistair was aware of how Xema felt, so he had been searching for a match for Xema, but had yet to find one that Xema would accept. Between Xema’s bitterness and Zuriel’s hatred he wondered if Yanira’s wedding would go according to plan, especially since the wedding was postponed once because of circumstances that were not mentioned. Alistair was curious about the reason for the first postponement, but chose not to pry when he felt that Shiro might get angry, so he waited and now he is at Azseldo Kingdom to attend his youngest daughter’s wedding with his wife and very unhappy children. Alistair was indeed worried.

Meanwhile, in one of the rooms of the castle, a female tailor was looking over a small dress with a puzzled look. She tilted her head at the dress muttering, “No matter how I look at it, this seems to be for a child.” The female tailor even looked at her notes of the size she was delivered from the castle comparing the notes with the size of the dress. Just like the commoners she never saw the bride to be and this day would be the first time she would see the little princess.

The door to the room suddenly opened making the female tailor look back. The female tailor’s eyes visibly widened when she saw a ten-year-old girl enter the room wearing a white robe. The little girl had short red hair and her eyes were golden. If the tailor didn’t know better, she would have thought the child was an Anyion, but Azseldo Kingdom never had such creatures. The female tailor was about to shoo the little girl out, but the little girl approached her with bright eyes asking, “Are you Cocoa?”

“That’s me, but why are you here?”

“Oh my how rude of me,” stated Yanira and then curtsied with a bright smile saying, “My name is Yanira Castleheart, second princess of Balwar Kingdom.”

“…second princess? So you’re the bride?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “My appearance must be quite a shock, but I am the bride.”

The female tailor, Cocoa, glanced at the dress and then at Yanira saying, “No wonder the measurements were so small.” Cocoa sighed wondering what other people would think when they see the bride, but she had the duty of dressing up the bride. Cocoa knelt before Yanira and asked, “Are you ready to try on your dress?” Yanira nodded.

Cocoa then took the dress from the mannequin and then began to dress Yanira. As Cocoa placed the dress on Yanira she took note that Yanira had good proportions and a nice skin tone and made a guess that when Yanira grew up, she would be quite a beauty fit to be next to Azseldo Kingdom’s king.

The wedding dress was quite dazzling with white carnations on the shoulder straps and on the hem of the dress. A white lace ribbon was tied around her waist and white lace decorated her neckline of the dress. The dress was pure white, but the designs from the flowers and the lace were noticeable. Truly a work of a master.

Cocoa was proud of this small dress, but when she saw it on Yanira, she realized it looked like a child playing house. Cocoa shook her head and then made Yanira face her.

“No matter how I look at you, you still look too young. For a wedding you need to look a little more mature.”

“Is that possible?”

Cocoa nodded and then looked at a small basket on the side.

“I planned to do your hair, so might as well get started.”

Cocoa took the basket and immediately got to work on Yanira’s look for the wedding.

In another room, Shiro was putting on his best royalty suit for the wedding along with medals he obtained when he joined the army during his father’s rein as king. Shiro then looked in a mirror and began to fix his hair with sweat on his brow.

Shiro suddenly heard a knock on his door and gasped nearly yanking out a strand of hair from his head. Shiro sighed and then looked toward the door asking, “Who is it?”

“Raul, your majesty.”


Raul entered the room and smiled when he saw Shiro dressed up.

“I see you are ready for wedding.”

“Of course,” stated Shiro flattening his hair. Raul noticed the sweat on Shiro’s forehead and stated, “I also see that you are nervous.”

“Well it seems a little unreal that Yanira and I are finally getting married.”

Raul nodded in understanding and then his face grew serious as he stated, “I am still concerned how the kingdom will react when they see Yanira.”

Shiro frowned saying, “I don’t care about their reaction. Yanira will be my only queen.” Raul sighed and then approached Shiro fixing one of Shiro’s medals on his vest.

“Then look proud on your wedding.”

Shiro nodded and continued to fix his appearance looking forward to the time that Yanira would say, “I do.”

Shiro suddenly heard another knock on the door followed by a vice saying, “The bride’s family has arrived.”

Shiro sighed and stated, “Send them to the church.”

“As you wish.”

Shiro then looked at Raul and stated, “I will see you at the church.” Raul nodded and then left the room.

The moment Raul was gone, Shiro opened a box and removed the white and pink stone that had a gold chain attached to it from the box. Shiro kissed the stone and then placed it in his pocket.

Soon Yanira…soon.

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