Chapter 32: The Wedding

In the tailor room for the bride, after hours of working, Cocoa heaved out a satisfied sigh with a brush in her hand.

“Truly a masterpiece.”

Yanira blinked a few times before looking in a mirror and gasping at the sight that met her. Her short hair had been extended with red hair extensions making it appear longer and had blue lily pins hanging from it like a waterfall. Her makeup was light, but it showed more of her natural beauty making it more obvious that she would indeed be beautiful in the future. She was given an old diamond necklace from the late queen of Azseldo Kingdom and pink carnation design bracelets that she borrowed from Cocoa herself. In Cocoa’s opinion, Yanira looked a little more mature.

Cocoa winked at Yanira and added, “The dress is new, so you have all the four specials for your wedding.” Yanira smiled and thanked Cocoa saying, “Let’s meet after the wedding so I can return your bracelets.”

“It’s a promise,” stated Cocoa and then placed the clear veil over Yanira’s head with a smile.

After being dressed up, Yanira was forbidden from leaving the room until the start of the wedding. Cocoa left the room to report to the king, so Yanira was left alone in the room.

Yanira puffed her cheeks muttering, “I would have liked a book at least.” Yanira swung her legs on the chair she sat on and then glanced at her mirror reflection.

Yanira had to admit that she looked different from her original appearance, but it also proved that she was indeed getting married that day. She ran her finger on the surface of the mirror.

“Is this really my destiny?”

Yanira suddenly heard something unlock, but noticed that the door was still closed. She tilted her head in confusion, until she heard a familiar voice call her name. She glanced back and saw Leveret crawling out from behind a curtain.

“Leveret!” cheered Yanira and immediately gave him a hug as he stood up. Leveret managed to maintain his balance as he hugged Yanira back.

Yanira looked at Leveret in the eyes and asked, “Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for the wedding too as the best man?”

Leveret sighed and stated, “I only need to change in my royal clothes for the wedding and there is no rule that the best man can’t see the bride before the wedding.”

“That’s true,” stated Yanira and then giggled saying, “Then can you do me the favor of finding me a book.”

“A book?”

Yanira nodded adding, “I can’t leave this room until the wedding, so…”

“Say no more. I’ll find you a book and I’ll bring you a snack as well.”

Yanira thanked Leveret as he knelt down to enter the secret passage he entered the room from, but Leveret paused in his actions and glanced back at Yanira saying, “You look really beautiful in that dress.” Yanira thanked Leveret with a bright smile and watched as he closed the secret passage door behind him.

Yanira suddenly heard the door of the room open and glanced back only to see her father and older brother enter the room.

“Father, Big Brother!” cheered Yanira as she ran to them with arms wide open. She practically leapt into her father’s arms.

Alistair embraced Yanira with tears shining in his eyes.

“Yanira, my little princess,” stated Alistair as he held Yanira. Yanira smiled trying to prevent tears from escaping her eyes. She then looked at Zuriel and left her father’s arms in order to embrace him. The moment she was a few inches from him, Zuriel lifted her off the ground and hugged her saying, “I really missed you.”

“I missed you too, Big Brother,” stated Yanira as she hugged him back and then glanced around asking, “Where is Big Sister and Mother?”

“Mother is waiting in the church with Xema.”

Yanira remembered Xema’s angered voice before Yanira left Balwar Kingdom and asked, “Is Big Sister still mad at me?” Zuriel silence was enough of an answer to Yanira. Yanira felt sad that her sister still loathed her, but she was happy to see her father and big brother after so long.

Zuriel held Yanira in his arms as she spoke.

“So why are you in my room?”

Alistair chuckled saying, “It was decided that I will walk you down the aisle. Zuriel just decided to accompany me.”

Zuriel clicked his tongue and stated, “I actually want to take you away from this Kingdom right now to protect your virtue.”

Yanira giggled and stated, “You know I can’t leave and I’ll be fine, Big Brother.” Zuriel had eyes filled with worry as he looked at his adorable younger sister.

A thought suddenly dawned on Yanira and asked, “Where is Lucina?”

“The priestess?”

Yanira nodded and her eyes seemed to shine mentioning her priestess teacher. Zuriel glanced at Alistair as if asking for permission. Alistair nodded at Zuriel before Zuriel looked back at Yanira.

“Lucina wasn’t able to come.”

“Why not?”

“…She had other duties to attend to in Balwar Kingdom, but she did send you a gift.”

Yanira perked up and stated, “A gift from Lucina? I look forward to it.” Yanira placed her hands on Zuriel’s cheeks and added, “Tell Lucina when you get back that she has to visit me soon. I miss her.” Zuriel forced a smile and nodded hugging his sister gently.

Alistair, on the other hand, had a troubled expression. In truth, a message was sent from Azseldo Kingdom that said not to bring the priestess to the wedding. Alistair didn’t want bad relations, so he obliged to Lucina’s anger. Alistair didn’t know why Lucina was forbidden to attend the wedding, but he hoped that Lucina would forgive his decision of following the order in the future. He also hoped to avoid telling Yanira the truth.

The sound of footsteps soon began to come closer to Yanira’s room, so Zuriel placed her down and peeked out of the room. He saw one of the maids approaching and asked, “Do you need something?”

The maid bowed saying, “The wedding is about to start, so I was told to lead the princess to the chapel.”

Zuriel nodded and told Alistair and Yanira the maid’s message. Yanira nodded, until she realized that Leveret was supposed to return to the room. Yanira stepped back and looked at Zuriel and her father saying, “I need to do something first, so can you go ahead of me.” Alistair and Zuriel looked to each other and then back at Yanira.

“Father will go to the chapel. I will wait for you outside of the door,” stated Zuriel. Alistaor nodded, while the maid began to yell out protests, but Zuriel raised his hand to silent her and stated, “I know how to get to the chapel, so I can bring my sister there, so please take your leave.” The maid still seemed uneasy as she nodded with a bow and then walked down the hall with Alistair.

Zuriel looked at Yanira and stated, “Please take your time.” Yanira nodded and closed the door. Yanira let out a sigh and then heard a rustle behind the curtain followed by Leveret’s voice asking, “Are they gone?”

Yanira looked at Leveret and smiled saying, “So you were already here.”

Leveret nodded as he crawled out with a thick book in his right hand and stated, “I heard you talking with your family, so I decided to wait until they were gone.”

“What if I went with them?”

Leveret smiled saying, “I knew you would wait for me and you being here is proof that I was right.” Yanira giggled and then stated, “You should get ready soon before I get to the chapel. We wouldn’t want Shuyu to get angry.”

Leveret nodded in agreement and then held the book up saying, “Maybe I can give you this book next time.” Yanira nodded and wished Leveret farewell as he left through the secret door again.

Yanira sighed and then opened the door to her room and saw Zuriel glancing down at her.

“Are you ready?”

Yanira nodded. She was about to walk, but Zuriel lifted her up once again and carried her in his arms as he began to walk down the hall. Yanira giggled saying, “Big Brother, I can walk by myself.”

“I hate to admit it, but you are getting married and I won’t be able to carry you like this for a long time, so let me indulge myself.”

Yanira giggled and nodded saying, “All right, Big Brother.” Yanira placed her hands on his shoulders as he walked down the hall.

Meanwhile, in the chapel, Shuyu was in one of the rooms with Raul and Kaysan standing by the door. Shuyu glanced at the mirror and then looked at his two trusted advisors and asked, “Does my hair look good?”

Raul nodded, while Kaysan sighed saying, “For the tenth time: it is fine.” Shuyu chuckled realizing that he asked the question of his looks too much.

Shuyu then asked another question not related to his looks.

“Where is Leveret?”

“He should be ready soon, your majesty,” stated Raul.

Shuyu frowned saying, “He better. If he wasn’t my brother, I would have already banished him.”

Kaysan chuckled saying, “You shouldn’t speak so harshly about him.”

Shuyu groaned. At that moment, Leveret entered the room in royal purple clothing nearly out of breath.

“Where were you?” demanded Shuyu.

“Sorry, Big Brother. I kind of lost my way,” stated Leveret with an uneasy tone. Shuyu clicked his tongue muttering, “Pathetic.” Leveret lowered his head with a sigh.

There was a knock on the door followed by a female voice saying, “Your majesty, Princess Yanira has arrived at the chapel.” Shuyu smirked and called back, “Ring the bell.”

“As you wish.”

Shuyu straightened himself and then looked at Leveret, Raul, and Kaysan saying, “Get in position.” They all nodded and left the room behind Shuyu, who had a bright smile on his face.

On the other hand, Yanira stood inside of one of the rooms of the chapel with Alistair holding her hand, while Zuriel stood on the other side. Alistair glanced at Zuriel saying, “You can go to your seat now, since you already dropped her off.” Zuriel clicked his tongue and then knelt down in front of Yanira with a smile.

“Yanira, if that bas…I mean his majesty Shuyu tries to do anything to you tonight, make sure to use the STRONGEST priestess spell you know on him.”


Zuriel clicked his tongue again before patting Yanira’s head and leaving the room.

Alistair sighed after Zuriel left and then looked at Yanira saying, “Pay no mind to his words.” Yanira nodded, but flinched when she heard the bells begin to ring.

“It’s starting.”

Alistair nodded increasing his hold on his daughter’s hand.

Yanira took deep breaths in as nervousness invaded her heart.

This is really happening.

            Yanira suddenly heard a knock on the door indicating that it was time to enter the main hall of the chapel where her future husband would be waiting at the head.

Alistair opened the door and led Yanira to the opened double door of the main hall of the chapel. The chapel main hall was filled with nobles and she also took notice of her family at the front row. Yanira smiled at the sight of them, but felt her heart race when she noticed Shuyu standing next to the priest that would wed them. Yanira was led down the carpet of the chapel hall with her father by her side and Azseldo wedding music playing from the piano.

When she was at the front, Alistair held her hand to Shuyu. Shuyu took her offered hand gently with a smile. Yanira stood next to Shuyu as her father sat with her mother and siblings. When the music ended, the priest began to speak the words from the marriage scrolls that promised an eternity of loving one another.

As the priest spoke, Yanira noticed the confusion in people’s faces and realized that this truly was the first time anyone learned that the bride was a child. Yanira shook a bit, but pressed her lips to prevent anymore shaking and to prevent Shuyu from noticing her discomfort.

“Please present the rings.”

Yanira saw a servant bring over two gold wings. Shuyu took one and Yanira took the other. Shuyu placed the gold ring on her left ring finger and Yanira did the same with Shuyu with her hand shaking slightly.

“Now Shuyu Sou, the king of Azseldo Kingdom, do you take Yanira Castleheart as your wife and forever queen? To love and cherish?”

“I do.”

“Yanira Castleheart, second princess of Balwar Kingdom, do you take Shuyu Sou as your husband and forever king? To love and cherish?”


Yanira struggled with her words. She knew that this marriage was set in stone, but as she struggled to say those words, she remembered an Anyion she met before…an Anyion she couldn’t forget.


“Ah man, you shouldn’t force such a young girl to marry.”

Yanira’s eyes as did many others’ grew wide at the sound of an unknown male’s voice. The next thing they all knew, a gust of wind passed through the church forcing all to close their eyes. Yanira closed her eyes as well, but they sprung open when she felt someone grab her from around her waist and lift her up in the air. Yanira gasped in surprise as she saw the ground get farther away from her sight. Her sudden fear was soon replaced in delight at being so high up and clapped in delight.

“Looks like you like high places like me.”

Yanira blinked in confusion and suddenly saw black wings near her face. She realized she was being carried and glanced at the person hold her. It was a boy maybe around his teens with long black hair in a braid. When he glanced at her she saw that his eyes were golden like hers. He smirked at her revealing his fangs and asked, “You don’t mind me stealing the bride, do you?”

The boy chuckled as he flew out of the chapel with Shuyu calling out Yanira’s name repeatedly.

Yanira stared back at the chapel and felt relief as the chapel got farther from her sight.

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  1. Holy god. Just when I think Yanira is going to be saved by the spirit(?) of the chestnut tree, a black-haired youth with wings suddenly swoops in and takes her away. Only you know who he is right now…

    Thanks for the chapter as always!


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