Chapter 33: Kidnapped again?

The people in the chapel were in a panic. The wedding was getting close to an end and an unknown man, most likely an Anyion, had kidnapped the princess before she could complete her vow of marriage. While others were panicked, Shuyu was yelling out demands to retrieve Yanira.

As Shuyu barked orders Raul approached Yanira’s family and asked, “Do you have any idea who that man was?”

“We do not have a clue. Who is that man who took my daughter?” asked Alistair in a worried voice. Raul sighed and stated, “This is the third time already.”

Zuriel caught Raul’s words and asked, “What do you mean third time? She has been kidnapped before?” Raul nodded finding no reason to hide the truth from this prince.

“The first time was as we were leaving Balwar Kingdom. The second time was before the wedding date…the reason why we postponed the wedding to today.”

Zuriel glared at Raul and then lifted him off the ground by the front of his shirt and yelled, “Don’t you people know how to protect her?”

Raul gripped Zuriel’s hand saying, “You think you could have done better?” Zuriel tossed Raul on the ground and then looked at his father saying, “Yanira is not safe here. She is safe back in our kingdom.”

Alistair understood that his son’s intentions were to end the engagement between Yanira and Shuyu; and in truth, he wanted to end the engagement as well after this incident and hearing of the other incidents before this one, but the agreement between Shuyu and him prevented him from taking his son’s side.

“His majesty Shuyu will get Yanira back and then the wedding can continue.”


“I understand your feelings, but this is for the good of both kingdoms to have peace. Please understand.”

Zuriel clenched his fists with his form shaking as Raul stood up dusting off his clothes.

“Rest assured, that the princess will be fine. For now, we will provide a room for you.”

Alistair nodded and began to lead his wife and daughter away, but when he attempted to lead Zuriel away, Zuriel shrugged him off and approached Raul.

“If Yanira is harmed when she is retrieved then expect the worse when I take the throne from my father.”

Raul could her the spite in Zuriel’s voice as he spoke. Zuriel then left the chapel walking past his father without even a glance.

Raul sighed and then glanced at the angered expression of Shuyu as he ordered Kaysan to take his soldiers to search for Yanira. Raul frowned hoping that Shuyu would not go mad if Yanira wasn’t retrieved this time.

Meanwhile, Yanira was soaring above the clouds in the hold of the winged boy. The boy hovered above a group of clouds and then glanced at Yanira asking, “You OK?”

Yanira nodded with a smile and then glanced at the clouds saying, “The clouds look so fluffy.”

“Yeah, but they are wet.”

Yanira giggled and grabbed a piece of cloud only for it to vanish in her hand leaving her hand wet. Yanira splattered the water from her hand and then glanced at the boy asking, “Why did you take me from the wedding?”

The boy scratched the back of his head and stated, “It was out of impulse.”


“I came to the wedding just to watch the king get married, but then I saw that you looked like you were going to cry.”

“I did?”

The boy nodded and stated, “As far as I can tell, you didn’t really want to get married did you?” Yanira looked down remaining silent. It was true, she didn’t want to marry, but it was for the good of her kingdom. She had to get married.

The boy noticed that Yanira looked depressed, so he smiled and stated, “Let’s change the subject for now. By the way, my name is Cherubim. As you can tell, I am an Anyion.”

“An Anyion of the black bird, right?” asked Yanira, temporarily forgetting her troubles. The boy, Cherubim, nodded and stated, “I guess you know the spirits of Anyions.”

“I studied about them when I was training as a priestess.”

“A priestess, then why were you getting married to a king?”

Yanira suddenly looked sullen again making Cherubim gasp and immediately changed the subject again.

“So what’s your name?”

“Yanira Castleheart.”

“You have a pretty name, so besides me, have you met other Anyions?”

Yanira nodded perking up again.

“I have met three so far, not counting you.”

“Three? That’s pretty impressive. What spirits did they have?”

“One was the Blade spirit. He was pretty scary at first, but was kind in the end. I also met a nice woman with the spirit of the Forest. Her brother is also an Anyion with the spirit of the wolf.”

Cherubim whistled in amusement saying, “Those are high class spirits. By the way, is the guy with the wolf spirit called Farkas?” Yanira perked up and asked, “Do you know him?”

Cherubim nodded and stated, “He and I used to play with each other in the forest of Balwar Kingdom, before I moved to Azseldo Kingdom to explore.”

“Have you seen him lately?” asked Yanira in an excited tone.

“Sorry, it’s been years since I last saw him.”

Yanira suddenly felt a dark cloud over her form making Cherubim look uneasy.

“I might see him again someday and when that happens, I’ll bring you along.”

“Promise?” asked Yanira with glittering eyes. Cherubim nodded making Yanira smiled brightly and hug him around his neck. Cherubim felt her soft cheeks on his and gasped in surprise pushing her away, but soon regretted it when he saw Yanira fall through the clouds. Cherubim screamed and immediately dived into the clouds calling Yanira’s name.

“Irmazu No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.”

Wind suddenly burst from the clouds and then Cherubim saw Yanira floating in the air giggling.

“Wow, so you can use wind magic?”

Yanira nodded and flew to Cherubim.

“Cherubim, I want to thank you for trying to help me, but I have to go back.”

“Go back? Why? You obviously don’t want to get married,” stated Cherubim in concern.

“You’re right, but I have too in order to protect my kingdom and, most of all, my family.”

Cherubim crossed his arms saying, “I never really had a family, so I don’t understand, but don’t you deserve to be happy?”

Yanira held her hand behind her back as the wind circled around her.

“I do want to be happy, but maybe I can find happiness in the long run,” stated Yanira and added, “Running away is not the way now to find happiness.” Cherubim sighed and then nodded saying, “Fine, but…”

Cherubim suddenly grabbed Yanira and soared through the air once again.

“How about having fun before you go back?”

Yanira was about to object, but when she saw the excitement in Cherubim’s eyes, she smiled and nodded saying, “Just remember to bring me back.” Cherubim nodded and flew faster.

“I’ll show you a place where we can have lots of fun.”

Yanira nodded increasing her grip on Cherubim’s clothes as he increased his speed creating cloud streaks in the sky.

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