Chapter 34: The Land of Dragons

The clouds rushed pass the forms of Cherubim and Yanira as they flew at a high speed, until Cherubim burst from the cluster of clouds revealing a huge gray mountain in the distance. Cherubim smiled and stated, “That’s the place.”

“A mountain?”

Cherubim nodded and rushed toward the mountain sending a burst of air into their faces to the point Yanira had to close her eyes. When the wind calmed down, she opened her eyes and saw that the mountain was only an arm length away from her, but to her surprise, Cherubim flew into the mountain at a rapid speed like it was a waterfall.

“Was the surface an illusion?” asked Yanira with widened eyes.

“That’s right.”

“But why is there…?”

“The answer is straight ahead!”

The next moment, a glimmer of light appeared straight ahead. When the light burst, Yanira saw a great valley of green and mist, but that wasn’t what made her heart race. The first animal she saw in this valley was a large creature with scales of green and silver flying through the mist with wings bigger than an eagle’s. This creature she recognized only from books: a dragon, which was said to be extinct.

“How is this possible?” muttered Yanira as her eyes never left the dragon’s form. Cherubim chuckled as he hovered above the valley.

“Amazing right? I found this place by accident when flying. This is the hidden land of dragons.”


Yanira’s eyes lit up in excitement, but when Cherubim suddenly began to fly toward the ground, she gasped clenching his shirt.

“Calm down, Yanira. These dragons are nice.”


Cherubim nodded as his feet touched the valley ground. Yanira was about to get down too, but gasped when a dragon with blue and gold scales landed before them. Yanira was struck by silence as she stared at this great creature before her.

The dragon stared at Cherubim and Yanira and then asked, in a deep voice, “Cherubim, didn’t we agree not to bring any outsiders here?”

Cherubim chuckled and stated, “How about making an exception for Yanira?” Cherubim then dangled Yanira’s small form in front of the dragon like she was a puppy and asked, “Can you say ‘no’ to a cutie like this?” The dragon stared at Yanira and then huffed saying, “As long as she doesn’t reveal our location.” Cherubim nodded and watched the dragon fly off.

Cherubim placed Yanira on the ground and stated, “That grouchy guy is called Draco.”

“His name means dragon?”

“Yeah, I know right. He’s a dragon and is named dragon.”

Yanira giggled and then looked at the dragons flying around the valley.

“Do all the dragons have names?”

“That’s right,” stated Cherubim and then pointed at a violet colored dragon saying, “Her name is Naikokomi.”

“Such a pretty name.”

Cherubim nodded and then pointed at the passing dragons stating their names. Yanira’s eyes glowed in excitement as she took note of the dragons’ names. She then noticed a nest near some bushes and asked, “Is that a nest for dragon eggs?” Cherubim directed his gaze at the nest and nodded saying, “Must belong to Naikokomi. I remember her mentioning that she was about to raise a family.”

Yanira was about to approach, but Cherubim held her shoulder saying, “Dragons are a bit overprotective, so it is best not to approach the nest.” Yanira nodded in understanding.

Cherubim suddenly smiled and leaned toward Yanira’s ear and asked, “Do you want to fly with the dragons?”

“Is that Ok?”

Cherubim nodded and picked up Yanira and threw her in the air saying, “Just use your wind spell.” Yanira gasped and as she began to fall, she muttered, “Irmazu No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.” The wind burst around her and then she used the gathered wind to support her weight in the air. Yanira heard Cherubim chuckle and looked behind her only to see him flying behind her with a wide smile on his face.

“Shall we fly?”

Yanira smiled and nodded. Cherubim and Yanira flew toward the flying dragons with smiles on their faces. The dragons seemed shock at first, but then allowed Yanira and Cherubim to fly around their majestic forms. Yanira giggled as she flew toward the wings of one of the dragons and gasped when the wind from the flapping wing pushed her back. She tumbled in the air, but then landed in the palm of a clawed hand.

“Be careful little one,” stated the dragon, who caught her, in a feminine voice. Yanira nodded and floated in the air again making sure to give her thanks to the dragon. Yanira flew to Cherubim and stated, “The dragons are really kind.”

Cherubim nodded and stated, “I actually thought they were going to eat me when I first met them…thinking about it, only Draco threatened to eat me when I first got here.”

“Maybe Draco was being cautious around you.”

“Maybe, but he didn’t threaten to eat you.”

Yanira giggled in response and suddenly noticed the wind begin to pick up. Cherubim smirked saying, “Hold on to me. A show is about to begin.”

“A show?”

The wind grew stronger as she grabbed hold of Cherubim’s extended arm. As the wind picked up, she heard the dragons begin to cry out in a melodious tone like a whale calling in the ocean. The dragon then flew to the center of the valley and began to fly in a circular motion creating a vortex that glowed in the valley.

Cherubim held Yanira as they looked at the shining vortex and stated, “This is a ceremony that the dragons do every day to bless the valley. It is said that in the center of the vortex is the Dragon God.”

“Dragon God.”

“I actually asked the dragons about that, but there is only light in the center according to them. No body form of the Dragon God in there.”

Yanira nodded in understanding, but suddenly heard a voice in her ear whisper, “Please find me…I’m scared.”

Yanira looked around alarmed.

“Something wrong, Yanira.”

“Didn’t you hear that?” asked Yanira still examining her surroundings.

“Hear what?”

“Please find me…”

“That? Can’t you hear it?”

“I only hear the wind from the dragon ceremony.”

Yanira knew that she heard a voice and it was that of a small child. She separated from Cherubim’s hold to search for the source of the voice, but she never expected to be ripped away from Cherubim and be sucked into the vortex.


Yanira flew through the vortex giving out a small scream, but stopped her screams when she saw the light in the center of the vortex. In the light, she saw the figure of a golden dragon with ruby like eyes.

“Beautiful,” were the only words that left her mouth. The golden dragon suddenly faced her and took the form of a man with long blonde hair wearing light silver armor and a silver crown on his head. He faced her with his red eyes and reached out to her saying, “Please, find me.” Yanira tilted her head in wonder and suddenly felt a force pull her from the vortex and toward the foot of a mountain in the valley.

Yanira crashed into the stone wall like it was water and then disappeared from sight.

When the vortex vanished, the dragons looked puzzled as they looked in the direction Yanira disappeared to.

Cherubim flew to Draco and asked, in a panic, “Where is Yanira?”

Draco pointed to the mountain base and stated, “She flew into the sealed mountain.”

“Sealed mountain, what do you mean?”

“None of us can enter that mountain because of a seal.”

Cherubim gasped and flew toward the mountain, but was repelled back. Draco caught Cherubim and stated, “We can’t force it. We must just hope that the little one finds a way out.” Cherubim gritted his teeth and clenched his fist hoping that Yanira was all right.

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  1. -covers my face- You…are…killing…me…here…

    I’m going to die of giggling and fangirl one before all of this ends. Interesting, interesting, that golden dragon should be the Dragon God, right? But who knows >.>, it all depends on the will of the author~

    Thanks for the chapter and your hard work!

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