Chapter 35: Sealed Mountain

Yanira groaned as she sat up and noticed that she was surrounded by nothing, but darkness. Yanira looked for a sign of light, but saw nothing, so she held her hands forward and muttered, “Agnika No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.” A ball of fire emerged from her hands and hovered before her like a firefly. Using the light from the flame, she examined her surroundings.

Her surroundings reminding her of crystal, but when she leaned forward she realized that the crystal was actually fragments of mirrors. She ran her finger against the surface and felt a slight chill before the mirror fragment grew bright. Yanira closed her eyes momentarily and then when her sight saw the mirror fragment she saw that her reflection looked older like a woman in her twenties with longer red hair. Yanira stared at herself and then back at her reflection. She had not changed physically, but the mirror claimed otherwise making her puzzled.

Yanira shook her head and made her way down the mirror path with the guidance of her ball of fire. As she continued to walk, the older image reflected on the mirror followed her every step. It was like Yanira had a companion in this mirror cave.

Yanira suddenly saw the reflection make a twirl before changing into an unknown woman in a pink dress. This woman seemed to be around her teens. Her lips were light pink like cherry blossoms and her hair was deep red like Yanira’s. This woman also had the same golden eyes as her, but Yanira knew that this woman was not her. The woman’s gaze landed on Yanira’s small form and curtsied with a giggle before vanishing showing Yanira’s original reflection of her true body making her sigh in relief.

Yanira turned away momentarily, but turned back to her reflection when she noticed a man clad in white with long white hair and golden eyes trailing behind her. She looked back, but didn’t see a man, but a white fox tilting its head at her. Yanira knelt before the fox and asked, “Where did you come from?” The fox gave a small bark and then ran ahead of her.

“Please wait!” called Yanira running after the fox, completely forgetting that the reflection of the fox revealed the white haired man.

The fox led Yanira through a series of tunnels, only stopping when Yanira got tired. Yanira sighed and looked at the fox asking, “Where are you leading me?” The fox began to run off again making Yanira chase after it.

Yanira suddenly stopped in her tracks when the fox glanced back at her.

“Please be safe.”

The next thing Yanira knew, the fox had vanished. Yanira looked around puzzled, but gasped when the ball of fire vanished as well, but there was still light in the path ahead. Yanira ran toward the source of light and when she entered, she found herself standing in a cavern of gold. Yanira looked around in awe, but suddenly noticed that this golden cavern had jewels, armor, weapons, dresses, and many more treasures.


Yanira stepped in, but suddenly saw a plaque on the wall. She approached it and then read the words on it.

All that enter must choose five treasures and nothing less or more. Choose wisely or be trapped in the Cursed Cavern for eternity.

Yanira gulped and then looked at the treasures in the room.

“So I am only allowed five treasures, but which one should I get.”

Yanira approached the treasures and began to examine each of the treasures. She saw a white dress covered in white roses and touched it only for it to fall into her hands. When she tried to put it back up, the dress returned to her arms.

“I guess this one is mine.”

Yanira sighed and continued to look at the treasures. She saw a green ring lying on the ground and picked it up. At closer inspection, she saw that it was made of Jade, but the inscriptions carved into it were unfamiliar to her. She placed the ring on her right ring finger.

“Two treasures.”

Yanira saw a bow with golden arrows and touched the weapon without second thoughts.

“Leveret might like this.”

The moment her fingers touched the bow and arrow, it disappeared making her puzzled until she noticed that the ring was giving off a glimmer. Yanira smiled realizing that the ring was a storage item long believed to be extinct. Yanira then used the ring to store away the dress.

“Three treasures, only two left.”

Yanira looked at all of the treasures and then found a book that was bound with gold. She picked it up and realized that it was a spell book. She placed the book in her ring and then looked back at the treasures saying, “Only one left.”

Yanira crawled around examining the treasures, but stopped her movement when she heard a voice say, “Find me.” Yanira followed the sound of the voice making sure not to touch the other treasures. Yanira stepped forward and suddenly felt a pulse under her feet. She knelt to the ground placing the flat of her hand against the ground.

“Here?” muttered Yanira. Yanira closed her eyes and muttered, “Abikoda No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.”

The ground burst under her hand and when Yanira opened her eyes she saw a gold egg about the size of a soldier’s helmet. She plucked it from the ground and noticed the symbol of King on the surface of the egg.

“Were you the one calling me?” Yanira muttered. Yanira suddenly felt her form begin to rise and the next thing she knew, she was sitting on the valley ground of the dragons, but saw baby dragons surrounding her in excitement. Yanira gave out a yelp holding the gold egg to her chest.

“Yanira, is that you?”

Yanira looked up and saw Cherubim flying toward her with concern in his face.


Cherubim landed in front of her and muttered, “I was so worried.” Cherubim gave her a quick hug and then asked, “How did you get out?”

Yanira blinked in confusion and then glanced at the golden egg in her embrace.

“I think this egg got me out.”

“You serious?”

Yanira nodded and then mentioned about the treasures in the cavern she was in and what treasures she got, but Cherubim was more interested in the egg.

“This egg is a dragon’s egg, but I never saw a gold egg before.”

“Is it that rare?” asked Yanira. Cherubim nodded and then picked her up with the baby dragons jumping around her.

“We’ll ask Draco, so hang on tight.”

Yanira nodded and held Cherubim’s shirt as he took off into the air. As they flew, Yanira noticed that the extensions in her hair were beginning to fall off, but her hair was still long. Yanira stared at the long strands of hair and then looked at Cherubim asking, “How long was I in that cavern?”

Cherubim frowned and muttered an answer that nearly made her heart stop.

“Two months.”

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 35: Sealed Mountain”

  1. Hehehehehehehe. The possibilities of those treasures.
    What was that egg, I wonder…
    And oh boy, two whole months? Someone is probably freaked out and trying to find/kill the one who took Yanira. XD

    Thank you for the chapter!

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