Chapter 36: The Golden Egg

Yanira was silent as Cherubim carried her through the valley, but broke the silence when she asked, “Do you know the state of Balwar and Azseldo Kingdom during my absence?”

Cherubim nodded and stated, “I can say it’s not good. The King of Azseldo Kingdom has gone totally mad. He had sentenced any Anyions to death since an Anyion kidnapped you and Balwar Kingdom is blaming Azseldo Kingdom, so the relations are not good. War is about to break out again.”

Yanira shook her head saying, “My kingdom can’t go through another war. We are still in recovery.”

“I know that, but the prince of Balwar Kingdom is being unreasonable.”

“You mean Zuriel? What about father, the king of Balwar Kingdom.”

“He got sick when you disappeared.”

Yanira felt tears begin to gather in her eyes.

“I need to go back now.”

Cherubim shook his head saying, “We have to figure out what that egg is before you go back.” Yanira nodded with a whimper.

They soon reached Draco grazing on some grass. Draco faced them and was shocked at first when he saw Yanira, but then smiled saying, “I’m glad you got out little one.”

Cherubim landed before Draco saying, “Yanira needs to return to her kingdom as soon as possible so can you tell us what this egg is?”

Draco’s eyes landed on the golden dragon egg and then his eyes widen to the point Yanira and Cherubim thought his eyes were going to fall out.

“That’s the Dragon King Egg.”

“Dragon King?”

“The Dragon King is destined to become the Dragon God.”

“Don’t you already have a Dragon God?” asked Cherubim.

Draco frowned saying, “We do or at least I thought we did. There can only be one Dragon God, but if something were to happen to the Dragon God, he would return to our world as a golden egg with the mark of King. He will be born as a king and when he is of age, he will become our Dragon God.”

Yanira glanced at the golden egg and asked, “So why was it in the sealed cave?”

“Something must have happened when he returned to the mortal world,” stated Draco and then glanced at Yanira and added, “He must have chosen you to find him and bring him out.”

“But why me?”

Draco rubbed his chin with his clawed hand and stated, “You are a priestess in training, so that maybe the reason.” Yanira nodded and then glanced back at the egg.

“So what now? Do I leave the egg in this valley for him to be born?”

Draco nodded and then looked at Cherubim saying, “Take the little one back to her kingdom. Us dragons will watch over our future God.” Cherubim sighed saying, “That would be difficult, considering I am the most wanted man in the Kingdom now.”

Draco sighed saying, “Understood, I will use a spell to bring her back to Azseldo Kingdom.” Cherubim thanked Draco with a bow and then looked at Yanira saying, “I’m sorry for causing so much trouble for you.”

Yanira smiled saying, “Don’t worry, I had fun while it lasted.” Cherubim smiled with a nod. Yanira then looked at Draco and held the egg to him saying, “Please take care of him.” Draco nodded reached out to the egg, but the egg repelled the dragon making Draco give a puzzled look.

“Are you OK?” asked Yanira in concern. Draco nodded staring at the egg. The egg gave off a small glow making Draco nod in understanding. Draco lowered his head before Yanira saying, “Our King has chosen you as his guardian, so please protect him.”

“Is that OK?” asked Yanira taken aback.

Draco nodded and then poked her forehead making her flinch. A dragon symbol appeared on her forehead and then vanished like it was never there.

“I have placed a dragon seal on you, so you can enter the valley whenever you please, so please return when our king matures.”

Yanira nodded with a smile, but yelped when Cherubim stood in front of her and stated, “Why don’t I get a seal?”

“Because you enter whenever you please anyway.”

Cherubim pouted making Yanira giggle and pat his back in comfort. Yanira held the dragon egg to her chest and then stood before Draco saying, “Please return me to the kingdom now.” Draco nodded and drew a circle around Yanira using his claw.

Draco closed his eyes and began to chant a spell in Dragon language. As he muttered the spell, a vortex began to surround Yanira making her close her eyes.

Draco was about to say the final word of the spell, but suddenly sneezed making the spell burst, but there was no sign of Yanira. Cherubim stared at the empty circle with wide eyes and then glanced at Draco with a concerned look.

“What did you do?”

Draco coughed looking away from Cherubim and then flew up saying, “I’m sure she reached the destination.” Cherubim clenched his fist and flew after the dragon saying, “Tell me that facing me!”

Meanwhile, Yanira found herself standing on a rock with ocean water surrounding her. Yanira gave out a cry of surprise wondering where she was.

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