Chapter 37: The Ocean’s King

Yanira couldn’t believe it. She was standing on a rock surrounded by the ocean with no sign of land in sight. Yanira sat on the rock wondering if Draco made a mistake in his spell, but she couldn’t exactly judge, since he spoke in Dragon language for the spell and thus couldn’t determine where the mistake, if any, was made.

Yanira was so deep in thought that she didn’t even notice the approaching wave. Before she knew it, she was soaked from head to toe. Yanira coughed out the salt water that managed to go up her nose and then wiped the strands of hair that managed to get on her face, removing any remaining hair extensions she had in her hair. With that water attack, she decided that it was best to leave the rock in search of land and hopefully a land belonging to Azseldo Kingdom.

Yanira closed her eyes and muttered, “Adininaju No Kayishu Fibimi Sino!” The water before her began to ripple and then settled down, before she placed her right foot on the surface of the water. As if walking on land, she began to walk across the surface of the water, while holding the dragon egg close to her chest hoping that land was not far from her position.

Yanira didn’t know how long she walked through the ocean, but there was still no sign of any land making her heart race in nervousness.

“How far did Draco take me?”

Yanira was thinking about using the dragon seal she was gifted from Draco to return to the land of the dragons to start from the beginning, but before she could activate it, she noticed a large ship with the carving of a mermaid at the hull.

“Maybe they can help me,” chirped Yanira as she picked up her pace heading to the direction of the ship.

Meanwhile, on that very ship, a man with long blue hair with white streaks around his teens was leaning on the side of the ship sulking. Behind him stood a brown haired man around his twenties wearing a light blue uniform looking at the blue haired man with a troubled look.

“I know that the alliance didn’t go according to plan, but we chose a poor time to come,” stated the brown haired man in an attempt to cheer up the sulking man. The sulking man lowered his head with a whimper.

“How were we supposed to know that the king’s queen was kidnapped by an Anyion? Just because I’m an Anyion, doesn’t mean I know where she was taken. He was being too much and even threatened to execute me if I didn’t leave. He’s too much!”

“I understand your majesty, but…”

“Don’t call me that right now. I don’t want to think of anything related to royalty right now, so just call me by name.”

“But that’s not…”

“Please, Damario,” stated the blue haired man as he looked at his friend with puppy like eyes. The brown haired man, Damario, sighed and stated, “All right, Rasmus, so please stop looking at me like that.” The blue haired man, Rasmus, nodded with a smile, but then frowned and stated, “I really want to return to Rheolis and rest in my bed surrounded by scented candles.”

“But when we return, you have to make the arrangements of the taxes of the people and the budget for the Fire Festival.”

Rasmus gave out a wail making Damario slightly flinch.

“I am the Anyion of the sea and I have to take care of a fire festival. It should be Candace doing it not me.”

“Candace is the Anyion of fire, but she is a maid, so please just do your job like a proper king.”

Rasmus began to give out whimpers. It was just one frustration after the next. He didn’t know what to do anymore. For a while there, he even considered living in the ocean. With that passing thought, he looked down at the ocean surface with a sense of longing, but felt his eyes widen when he saw a small girl running across the surface of the ocean with a large egg in her arms. She wore what looked like a wedding dress and her red hair was just a few inches past her shoulders. Rasmus rubbed his eyes making sure that his vision was not playing tricks on him, but when he saw that the little girl was still approaching, he looked back at Damario and asked, “Are there mermaids in these parts?”

“That is a legend Rasmus.”

“Then why is there a girl walking on water?”

Damario raised his eyebrow in question and then glanced over the side of the ship and froze when he saw a little girl only a few steps away from the ship.

The little girl, Yanira, glanced up at the ship taking notice of Rasmus and Damario and called up, “Excuse me, can you help me?”

Rasmus stood up straight not tearing his eyes from Yanira and asked, “Can you please tell us who you are?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “My name is Yanira Castleheart. May I please have your names as well?”

“Oh yes, my name is Rasmus Eganus and this is my captain, Damario Acestes.”

Damario nodded in reply to the introduction.

“So you need help, young lady?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “A teleportation spell was used on me, but I guess there was a mistake and I found myself in the middle of the ocean.”

“What was your destination?”

“Azseldo Kingdom.”

Rasmus fell silent and looked like a dark cloud was forming on him.

“I suggest that you should avoid that place.”

“But I really need to go there or a war might break out.”

Rasmus sighed and stated, “I guess you weren’t informed, but a war has already broken out between the two kingdoms: Azseldo and Balwar.”

Yanira gasped with widened eyes. Before she was informed that a war was about to start, but Rasmus had already revealed that a war has already occurred.

“I have to go back!” exclaimed Yanira in a near panic.

“Calm down, young lady. Let me get you on the ship, first.”

Rasmus raised his hand, but Damario grabbed his wrist saying, “I don’t think it is wise to let her on, especially if she has ties to Azseldo Kingdom.”

“It should be fine,” stated Rasmus with a smile and ripped his hand out of Damario’s grasp and then flicked his hand.

The next thing Yanira knew, the water under her rose up making her gasp and then placed her gently onto the ship like she was a delicate flower. The water sank back into the ocean.

Yanira looked at Rasmus and asked, “Are you an Anyion?” Rasmus nodded adding, “The spirit of the ocean is within in me.” Yanira smiled in awe, but then shook her head and asked, “Can you please take me to Azseldo Kingdom?”

Rasmus sighed and stated, “That won’t be possible.”

“But I really…”

“Look, the king already threatened to kill me because I am an Anyion and he gave that threat already knowing that I am the king of Rheolis.”

“So you’re the king of Rheolis, the kingdom of fire arts?”

“That’s right, even though I an Anyion of the sea,” stated Rasmus with a chuckle, but grew serious again saying, “That’s one of the reasons I can’t return, but the other reason should be obvious considering that I mentioned the name of my kingdom.”

Yanira nodded with a frown. Rheolis was a kingdom in the far west and the only way to reach it would be to take a ship for 9 months and even if a teleportation spell was used, it would take at most 8 months, not much of a difference. With such a distance, Yanira wondered why she was teleported, but when she looked at Rasmus with hope in her eyes, Rasmus shook his head saying, “I used the teleportation spell to get out of Azseldo Kingdom waters as fast as possible, so we are pretty far from Azseldo Kingdom. Yanira frowned.

“I don’t understand how I ended up here. What went wrong?” whimpered Yanira, while hugging the egg close to her chest.

“Well maybe our spells intersected, so you ended up here.”

“Such an error, but I have to go back,” stated Yanira with tears in her eyes. Rasmus sighed and then looked at Damario, but Damario shook his head.

“It really is not possible, but if you return to Rheolis with us, we can make a new teleportation spell that can get you to Azseldo Kingdom.”


Rasmus nodded and then patted Yanira’s head saying, “I promise with my word as king.” Yanira smiled and nodded.

With Yanira slightly cheered up, Rasmus ordered a servant of the ship to escort Yanira into a room to get cleaned up. When Yanira was led away out of sight, Rasmus looked at Damario and stated, “Damario, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“That Yanira Castleheart is the missing queen of Azseldo Kingdom?”

Rasmus nodded and stated, “But a teleportation spell brought her this far. That is quite a spell.” Damario nodded in agreement and stated, “It would be wise to return her to Azseldo Kingdom secretly.”

“I have to agree on that. If we returned her personally, that stupid king would think I am the Anyion who kidnapped her.”

Damario nodded not refuting Rasmus words.

Rasmus then asked, “Do you know what egg she was holding though? It looked really strange.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know, your majesty.”

“What did I say about that?”

“Sorry, but considering we were talking about Azseldo Kingdom’s queen, I thought it was OK to return to the honorific.”

“I demand you to call me by name only.”

“I refuse.”


Rasmus began to sulk on the side of the ship, but his thoughts were still filled with wonder about the queen of Azseldo Kingdom, who could walk on water.

Meanwhile, Yanira entered a homemade bath with the egg still in her grasp. She refused to separate from it, in fear of it being lost. As Yanira washed her body, while also polishing the dragon egg, she held a strand of her long hair.

“It grew longer,” muttered Yanira, but she shook her head and tried to step out of the bath, but then suddenly felt a slight pain in her joints. She fell forward giving out a groan.

The female servant that escorted her ran in and asked, “Are you OK, young lady?” Yanira nodded, but suddenly noticed the slight bulges on her chest.

“This also grew,” stated Yanira as she looked at her chest making the servant giggle.

“It is normal for girls to grow there.”

Yanira tilted her head in thought as the servant began to dry her and then placed a red loose robe on her.

“Allow me to escort you to a room.”

Yanira nodded and followed after the servant.

As they walked, Yanira went close to the servant and asked, “Is it true that a war is happening between Azseldo and Balwar Kingdom?” The servant nodded with a sigh.

“It happened because the queen of Azseldo Kingdom was kidnapped a year ago. Balwar Kingdom blames Azseldo Kingdom for the kidnapping and so Balwar Kingdom started the war as vengeance. The Anyion who kidnapped the queen is to blame though, but Balwar Kingdom’s new king is so stubborn and even got other kingdoms to join the war. Such a tragedy for those kingdoms to fall into war.”

Yanira listened with wide eyes and then asked, “Did you say that the kidnapping happened a year ago?”

“That’s right and I heard she hasn’t been found yet. She should be around eleven by now, such a young queen, but I guess the culture in that kingdom is quite unique.”

A year? I have been gone for year. What happened to it being just two months? What kind of teleportation spell was used?

Yanira’s form was shaking and when she tried to use the dragon seal to get answers…it refused to work.

What do I do?

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