Chapter 38: Changes

On the ship headed to Rheolis Kingdom, Rasmus was exploring the inside of the ship. Ever since the spell was cast, he was forced to stay on the top deck to make sure that side effects of the spell wasn’t taking place like people melting into the wood or missing ship parts. When it was clear that side effects were not present, he then explored the interior of the ship looking for the same known side effects of the teleportation spell. He looked around with a keen eye, but then raised an eyebrow, when he saw the female servant, who he knows as Candace, looking at the corner of the hall with concern in her eyes.

“Candace, is something wrong?” asked Rasmus. Candace pointed to the corner and when he looked into the corner, he saw Yanira sulking in the corner in a crouched down form with the large egg still in her grasp.

“Why is Yanira in the corner?”

“Well I told her why the war was happening between Azseldo and Balwar Kingdom and then she just suddenly crouched down in the corner muttering ‘one year’ and ‘what went wrong?’ repeatedly. It’s kind of scary now.”

Rasmus strained his ears and did indeed hear Yanira mutter these words, but they sounded more like a curse from a fallen spirit.

Rasmus sighed and then faced Candace saying, “I’ll take care of her, so you go ahead and get supper ready.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

Candace did a small curtsy and then walked down the hall with quicken steps.

When Candace was gone, Rasmus faced Yanira and knelt next to her sullen form.

“I’m guessing you heard the reason for the war?”

Yanira nodded.

“Then can I assume that you feel responsible for it seeing that you are the missing queen?”

Yanira nodded and then glanced at Rasmus asking, “So you know?”

Rasmus nodded and added, “But I am still quite puzzled why you were gone for so long.”

“Even I am puzzled. When I was teleported, it was two months after my disappearance and now I learned that it is now a year. I just don’t understand.”

Rasmus sighed and stated, “I know you are confused, but I promise with my word as king that I will return you to Azseldo Kingdom unharmed and I will assist in ending the war if possible.” Yanira nodded, but her face still looked sullen.

Rasmus scratched the back of his head and stated, “Well I need to inspect the inside of the ship for any abnormalities, but I can take you to the eating area for something to eat and then I can let Candace take you to an available room.” Yanira nodded and tried to get up, but immediately fell to her knees with a whimper.

“What’s wrong?” asked Rasmus with concern in his voice. Yanira looked at him with tear filled eyes and stated, “My body hurts.” Rasmus blinked in confusion, until he noticed that Yanira seemed a little taller and that her red hair had grown just pass her mid back. Yanira had been gone for a year, so it was no surprise that she would have grown in that year, but he was confused why she was feeling the effects of the growth now.

Rasmus knelt before Yanira and asked, “When you were teleported did you feel any pain?” Yanira shook her head wiping the tears from her eyes. Rasmus rubbed his chin and stated, “I think whatever teleportation spell that was used on you might have stunted the time on you, so your growth didn’t start happening until you were out of the spell long enough.”

“So the pain is normal?”

Rasmus nodded and then stood up. He then carried her princess style and stated, “Until the pain subsides, I am willing to carry you, your majesty.” Yanira nodded cradling the egg in her embrace and then stated, “Call me Yanira. I feel a little awkward being called by a royal title by a king like yourself.”

“Then call me Rasmus. I hate being called by my royal title by anyone, especially when I want to be friends with them.”

Yanira smiled and nodded pressing her head against his shoulder in gratitude. Rasmus began to head toward the eating area, but unbeknownst to him, a young maid was watching the exchange between Yanira and him and was giggling to herself. The young maid immediately left the scene unnoticed with the intention to create a juicy story about the king and the red haired maiden.

Rasmus carried Yanira all the way to the eating area and then sat her down at the table. Surprisingly the eating area was quite empty, except for a young boy munching on a piece of bread. Rasmus pushed a strand of long hair from Yanira’s face and stated, “Others should be coming soon, so just wait here.” Yanira nodded with a smile.

Rasmus eyes suddenly fell to the egg in Yanira’s grasp and asked, “I’ve been wondering: what is that egg?”

“A dragon’s egg,” Yanira admitted with no sign of hesitation. Rasmus gasped and stated, “But aren’t dragons just in legends? How did you find a dragon egg?”

Yanira smiled rubbing the egg in a tender manner and stated, “That’s a secret.” Rasmus began to pout as he tried to convince Yanira to admit where she got the egg, but Yanira’s mouth was sealed. Even if she did trust Rasmus, she felt that it wouldn’t be wise to let him know of the valley of dragons.

Rasmus eventually gave up for the time being, but he made a promise to himself to figure out where Yanira obtained a dragon egg. Rasmus bowed to Yanira in a farewell and then lef the room.

When he was gone, the boy that was in the room, suddenly approached Yanira and asked, with glittering eyes, “Is that really a dragon egg?” Yanira nodded with a smile and added, “But I won’t tell you where I got it.”

“That’s fine, but it really is cool that you have a dragon egg. Do you know when it will hatch?”

“I’m afraid not, but I promised to take care of it.”

“You’re so lucky.”

Yanira nodded holding the egg in a gentle hug. The boy suddenly sat next to her and held his half eaten bread to her asking, “Do you want some?”

“No thank you.”

The boy nodded and then continued to nibble his bread in silence, but he suddenly face Yanira again and asked, “Have we met?”

Yanira glanced at the boy and stated, “I’m not sure. Your face doesn’t look familiar.”

“But I feel that I have met you before…oh yeah, back in Balwar Kingdom.”

“Balwar Kingdom?” Yanira echoed with wide eyes.

The boy nodded and stated, “I didn’t get to talk with you, but I remember Farkas bringing you into our village. You didn’t stay long, but Farkas and Willow mentioned that you saved our village.”

Yanira felt her eyes grow wider and asked, “You’re from that village?”

The boy nodded.

“Is Farkas and Willow here?”

The boy nodded, but then stated, “They’re on the ship, but I haven’t seen them since departure.” Yanira immediately stood up only to fall to her knees when she felt the joint pain again.

“Are you OK?”

“I need to see them.”

“Like I said, I haven’t seen them since departure, so they could be anywhere on the ship.”


Yanira suddenly heard footsteps and glanced up only to see a familiar man with wolf ears and a tail enter the eating area with a serious look on his face. Yanira was about to call his name, but the boy ran to the man saying, “Farkas, where were you?” The boy practically jumped into the man’s, Farkas’s, arms. Farkas held the boy gently and then set him down saying, “I was with sister. I had to make sure she was OK.” The boy nodded and then pointed toward Yanira saying, “Remember that girl you brought to the village a year ago? Well look who’s here!”

Farkas’s eyes landed on Yanira and felt his eyes widen when he saw Yanira sitting on the ground staring at him with wide eyes.


Yanira nodded and muttered his name as tears began to fill her eyes. Yanira was about to stand up to attempt to run to Farkas, but to her surprise, Farkas went down to her level and embraced her with tears in his eyes.


“I thought I would never see you again.”

Yanira hugged him back with tears in her eyes.

“Me too.”

Farkas loosened his hold on Yanira and asked, “Where were you this whole time? I heard you were kidnapped, but where were you?”

“That’s a secret.”

Farkas frowned and stated, “So you won’t tell me?”

Yanira shook her head with tears still streaming from her eyes and added, “I will never tell.” Farkas sighed, but he suddenly noticed the boy from his village staring at them with reddened cheeks and then realized that he was hugging Yanira. He pulled away with reddened cheeks and stated, “Glad that you are all right.”

Yanira nodded with reddened cheeks as well. Their blushes were beginning to calm down until the boy asked, “Are you two lovers?” Those words were enough to turn their bodies red.

Farkas began to push the boy out of the eating area with a blush on his face saying, “You go to your room and play with the other kids.”


“Just play!” urged Farkas practically kicking the boy out of the room.

When the boy was gone, Farkas faced Yanira again clearing his throat and stated, “Don’t take what he said to heart. I know you are that Azseldo King’s queen, so…”

“I didn’t finish my vows.”


Yanira finally calmed down her blush and stated, “When I was kidnapped, I didn’t say ‘I do,’ so I wasn’t officially made queen.”

“So you’re not married yet?”

Yanira shook her head, but stated, “When I return to Azseldo Kingdom, I have to complete the marriage to end the war.”

Farkas looked saddened and then asked, “So you are aware of the war going on between Azseldo and Balwar kingdom?” Yanira nodded.

“So why are you all the way out here?”

“I think the teleportation spell malfunctioned somehow and so I ended up here.”

“That’s very unfortunate.”

Yanira nodded in agreement, but smiled and stated, “But on the bright side, I got to see you again after so long.”

Farkas faced Yanira and asked, “So you’re happy to see me?” Yanira nodded, but giggled when she noticed his wolf tail swinging in an excited manner like when a dog is happy to see its owner.

“I know our meeting is temporary, but I am truly happy and I hope to see you again, even after I am married.”

Farkas’s tail suddenly drooped and stated, “If you return to Azseldo Kingdom, I won’t be able to see you again.”

“Why?” asked Yanira with widened eyes. Farkas’s look grew serious.

“I am going to live in Rheolis Kingdom where Anyions aren’t persecuted against.”

“Persecuted, but…”

“You were gone for so long, so you don’t know. That king of Azseldo Kingdom has been executing Anyions and my sister and I were almost captured. We escaped, but my sister used her power to save us and now she is in a coma. If it weren’t for the King of Rheolis agreeing to get my sister, myself, and our village out of the kingdom then we would be dead.”

Yanira’s form slightly shook and muttered, “So it really is that bad.”

Farkas frowned saying, “Even if the war ends, I have no intention of going back.” Yanira clenched her fist and stated, “So when I return it is a final goodbye?” Farkas remained silent.

Yanira shook her head and stated, “I understand, but I do hope we see each other again and that my return won’t be a final goodbye.” Farkas faced Yanira saying her name.

Yanira finally stood up only to stumble a bit. Farkas supported her saying her name again in a comforting tone. Yanira smiled at Farkas and asked, “Can you take me to see Willow?” Farkas nodded and began to walk out of the eating area just as the chef of the ship was bringing in food.

As they walked, Yanira glanced at Farkas and noticed how tall he had grown and then smiled leaning her head against his shoulder.

I really am glad to finally see you again.

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