Chapter 39: Willow Awakens

In the eating area of the ship, Rasmus entered with a smile on his face, since he had finished his inspection a lot faster than he thought. It was already filled with the escapees he agreed to transport to his country along with the some of the ship crew, but then he noticed that Yanira wasn’t in sight. At first, he thought that Yanira had already eaten and that Candace or another maid had brought Yanira to a room, but he was suddenly approached by Candace, who was sitting at the table at first, who asked, “Where is the young lady you told me is in here?”

“She was not present in here?” asked Ramus with a puzzled expression. Candace shook her head. Rasmus rubbed his chin in thought, but flinched when Candace suddenly added, “If you are interested in her, then you should keep a closer eye on her.”

“Interested? What do you mean?”

“Don’t give me that. Filis already informed me how you talked lovingly to the girl and even carried her like a bride.”

Rasmus gasped realizing that he was seen, but he didn’t remember talking lovingly to Yanira, but he couldn’t deny how he carried her, even though it was because Yanira had a hard time moving because of joint pain.

Rasmus turned red in the cheeks saying, “It’s not like that.” Candace didn’t seem convinced by the words judging by the suspicious look she was giving her king. Rasmus sighed and stated, “So you have no idea where she is right?”

Candace shook her head, but a boy that was in the eating area glanced in their direction and stated, “If you are looking for the girl you guys left in here, she might be with Farkas.”

“Farkas…ah the wolf Anyion, but why would she be with him?” muttered Ramus, but then flinched when he heard Candace mutter, “A love rival.” Ramus assured Candace that wasn’t the case and then left the eating area saying, “I’ll see if she is in his room.” Candace nodded, but she suddenly handed him a dagger saying, “If he is doing anything to your loved one, then don’t hesitate to castrate him.” Ramus stared at Candace noting that she could be terrifying at times. He rejected the dagger and left the room immediately in fear of Candace offering him an alternative weapon.

Meanwhile, Yanira walked into a room with Farkas. The moment she was inside, she saw the familiar form of Willow lying on a bed with her eyes closed. Yanira walked up to Willow’s bedside and knelt next to it placing a hand on the side of the bed with concern in her eyes.

“Willow,” Yanira said in a gentle voice that seemed different than her original voice making Yanira slightly gasp and cover her mouth. Farkas knelt next to Yanira saying, “I guess your voice just changed.” Yanira nodded with a puzzled look, but then shook her head looking at Farkas.

“So Willow hasn’t awoken since your escape?”

Farkas shook his head and added, “She used a lot of her power to use the trees to block the army after us.” Farkas placed a hand over Willow’s folded ones with a solemn look.

“She might never wake up, since the spirit in her might be too weak now.”

Yanira shook her head and placed a hand to Willow’s cheek with seriousness in her eyes.

“Willow was so kind to me…I want to help her.”


Yanira smiled at Farkas and stated, “Remember, I was a priestess in training in Balwar Kingdom.”

“So a spell?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “But this will be the first time using it, so please watch over me during the time of the spell.” Farkas nodded and placed his free hand on Yanira’s shoulder.

“I won’t leave your side.”

Yanira nodded with a smile and then faced the sleeping form of Willow. Yanira moved her hand to Willow’s forehead and closed her eyes.

“Anugrit No Kayishu Fibimo Sino Adnawidah Bahmancetas Finis!”

Yanira’s form began to glow a golden color and then her now long red hair began to rise as if dancing in the wind. Farkas watched with wide eyes as Willow’s form began to glow as well.

Yanira felt her spirit leave her body and enter Willow’s sleeping body. Yanira felt like a jolt of lightning hit her body as her vision became covered in darkness. Yanira opened her eyes and saw that she was surrounded by a tall trees of a forest. Yanira stood up and also noticed that Farkas and Willow’s body were nowhere in sight.

“I guess the spell worked.”

Yanira looked around and then saw a path. She began to follow the path, but then a vine lying on the ground, suddenly wrapped around her ankle and tossed her up in the air. Yanira gave out a scream and then found herself dangling upside down from a tree with the vine still around her ankle. Her skirt slipped down slightly forcing Yanira to hold it down with distress in her face.

“What’s going on?”

“Who are you?”

Yanira perked up at the unfamiliar voice and when she glanced to the ground she saw a small girl with long green hair wearing what looked like a red mushroom cap on her head.

The small girl repeated her question glaring at Yanira.

“My name is Yanira Castleheart.”

“Why are you here?”

“I’m here to wake up my friend.”

A branch from one of the trees lowered to the ground allowing the small girl to climb on top and then rose up until the small girl was eye to eye with Yanira.

“How did you get in here in the first place?”

“I used a priestess spell.”

“So you’re a priestess.”

“In training,” stated Yanira with a smile, but gasped when the girl suddenly began to pull her cheeks.

“You don’t seem to be a fake,” stated the small girl before releasing Yanira’s sore cheeks. The small girl crossed her arms and stated, “When you mentioned friend, I presume you mean the current carrier of the spirit of the forest.” Yanira nodded rubbing one of her cheeks with her free hand.

“Sorry to say this, but this carrier is a goner.”


“The body is too weak and the spirit can’t stay put in this body, so it has to find a new carrier.”

Yanira shook her head and stated, “But I don’t want Willow to go, so the spirit of the forest has to stay. Besides, who are you?”

“Oh yes, my name is Evie, the familiar of the spirit of the forest.”


The girl, Evie, nodded and stated, “I guess humans are too stupid to know this, but all spirits in carriers always have a familiar and we are responsible to protect the carrier when summoned.”

“Then why didn’t you protect Willow when Farkas and her were in danger?” asked Yanira with her head tilted in puzzlement.

Evie sighed and stated, “Because I wasn’t called. Like I said, familiars have to be called.”

“Does Willow even know you exist?”


“Then how could she even call you?”

Evie was silent for a long while before crossing her arms after clearing her throat.

“Well only strong carriers would know of our existence and this Willow person was not that strong yet and she even used the spirits power over her limit. Quite the stupid one.”

“Don’t call Willow, stupid!” exclaimed Yanira with narrowed eyes, “She used her power to protect her people, so don’t call her stupid.”

Evie frowned and stated, “Fine, but she really is a goner, so return to where you came from.”

“I’m not leaving, until I wake up Willow.”

“Like I said: she is a goner.”

Yanira frowned, but suddenly felt the vine on her leg loosen sending her falling to the ground, but a soft bed of moss caught her preventing her from getting any damage.

“My Lord!” Evie suddenly exclaimed looking up to the sky. Yanira also looked up and saw a figure of a woman with long green hair smiling down at her.

The woman landed on the ground before Yanira and stated, “So you want to awaken my host?”

Yanira’s eyes widened realizing that the woman before her was the spirit of the forest. Yanira nodded and stated, “I am willing to do anything to save Willow, so please.” The spirit of the forest’s smile was filled with warmth as she glanced upward toward Evie and stated, “Allow this girl to pass. Let her meet my host.”


“This one’s heart is pure. She may be able to save her.”

Evie nodded with a conflicted look and then waved her hands. The trees began to move creating a new path. The spirit of the forest pointed down the path saying, “Your friend is down that path.”

Yanira nodded stepping off the moss, but stopped in her tracks when the spirit of the forest added, “In order to awaken her, you must make her spirit stronger.”

“How do I do that?”

“You will know, so now go.”

Yanira nodded and then ran down the path.

The path was long, but Yanira refused to lower her speed, determined to see Willow. She soon found herself in a round clearing with a wood bed at the center. In that bed lay Willow’s sleeping form, but her body was transparent as if it were ready to disappear from existence. Yanira ran to Willow’s side calling her name.

Willow’s eyes did not open and her body became more transparent.

“Willow, you have to wake up. Farkas and the others are waiting for you to wake up.”


Willow’s lips weren’t moving, but Yanira knew that the voice belonged to Willow.

“That’s right, it’s me.”

“How did you get in here?”

“A priestess spell. I used it to get in here to wake you up.”

“I feel…so tired.”

“I know, but you have to get up. We are all waiting for you. It isn’t your time to leave us.”

“If I wake up…will you be there?”

“I will.”

“Will you stay?”

“…Willow…I will have to go back to Azseldo Kingdom someday, but I will stay with you and Farkas a lot longer than a day, so please wake up and let’s play.”

Yanira saw a smile on Willow’s face as her body began to become solid again. Willow opened her eyes and faced Yanira saying, “I’ll stay to see you and Farkas happy.” Yanira nodded and then a flash of light formed around Yanira and Willow.

Yanira opened her eyes and found herself back in the room with Farkas looking at her with concern in her eyes.

“Yanira, are you OK?” asked Farkas. Yanira nodded and then smiled down at Willow, just as Willow began to open her eyes.

“Willow!” exclaimed Farkas with relief in his eyes. Willow smiled and poked Farkas’s forehead hard making him tumble back in pain.

“I can’t say that I’m happy seeing Farkas’s face first after sleeping so long,” muttered Willow with a smirk. Farkas got up glaring at Willow.

“You should have stayed asleep!”

“If I did that, I wouldn’t get to tease you anymore. Such a sad thing.”


Yanira giggled at the siblings making Farkas and Willow face her. Willow smiled at Yanira saying, “You sure have grown Yanira.” Yanira nodded and then hugged Willow making Willow’s eyes widen.

“I’m so glad you stayed.”

Willow smiled and hugged Yanira saying, “I stayed because of you, so keep your promise of staying longer than a day.” Yanira nodded pressing her head against Yanira’s chest.

Farkas smiled at the scene, but flinched when Willow smirked at him and stated, “Farkas will be happy too to have you longer.”


Yanira perked up and asked, “Really?” Farkas flinched when Yanira looked at him with expectant eyes. Farkas smiled and nodded saying, “Please stay longer.” Yanira nodded and then hugged Farkas making him turn red in the cheeks. Willow giggled at the scene and then placed a hand to her chest.

Yanira…I feel the power you gave me…I will treasure it.

Deep in Willow’s spirit, Evie looked at the spirit of the forest and asked, “What did Yanira do to give that carrier more power?”

The spirit of the forest smiled and stated, “It was the promise.”


“The promise of friendship and love.”

“I don’t quite understand.”

“A priestess with a pure heart can grant power to another with their feelings alone. Yanira used her feelings to give Willow her power and the power was strong as well…maybe even stronger than mine.”

“Is that possible? I mean she IS a priestess in training. Not even a full fledged one.”

The spirit of the forest giggled and then added, “It is possible, especially with a spirit such as hers.”

Evie was puzzled by the spirit of the forest’s words, but then shrugged and stated, “Well, I won’t be called anytime soon.”

The spirit of the forest suddenly faced Evie and stated, “Can you promise me something?”

“Well I am your familiar.”

“If Yanira calls for you, please answer her call.”


“It is my wish.”

Evie nodded and then bowed before the spirit saying, “As you wish.” The spirit of the forest looked up at the sky with a smile on her lips.

“I grant you my power as well…Yanira.”

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