Chapter 40: Racing Heart

Rasmus journeyed down the hallway heading toward the room where he placed Farkas and Farkas’s sister. He took in the two and their village when he learned what the king of Azseldo was going to do to them, but he was cautious with his decision, since the amount of people would have interfered with the transportation spell, but luckily nothing happened, but he did wonder why Yanira went with the one named Farkas. It made him wonder if they knew each other from Azseldo Kingdom.

Rasmus soon reached the room and opened the door saying, “Excuse me, but I was wondering if a girl in red was…”

Rasmus stopped midsentence when he saw Yanira and Farkas in a deep hug with Willow watching with a smile.

“Yanira?” Rasmus asked just to make sure he was seeing right. Yanira glanced back at Rasmus and smiled saying, “Rasmus.” Yanira released Farkas and walked up to Rasmus and bowed her head with a small curtsy.

“Have you finished your errand?” asked Yanira. Rasmus nodded and then asked, “Are you familiar with these two?” Yanira nodded and smiled back at Farkas and Willow.

“They’re my friends from Balwar Kingdom.”

“Friends…I see,” stated Rasmus with a sense of relief that he couldn’t quite describe and then glanced in Willow’s direction.

“I see that Farkas’s sister is awake,” stated Rasmus. Farkas nodded and looked at Willow saying, “This is the king of Rheolis, Rasmus. He is the one who saved us from Azseldo Kingdom.” Willow nodded with a smile and then bowed her head toward the king saying her thanks. Rasmus nodded and then glanced at Yanira.

“So have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet. I was just so excited to see my old friends,” stated Yanira with a bright smile.

Rasmus held Yanira’s hand and stated, “Then you should get something to eat, before you are assigned to a room.” Yanira nodded, but she suddenly felt a tug from behind her and then the next thing she knew she felt something soft against her back and heard the voice of Willow say, “There is no need to assign her to another room. Let her stay with Farkas and me.”

“Willow?” Farkas exclaimed in shock, but there was a trace of a blush on his cheek, while Rasmus scratched the back of his head with a troubled expression.

“I don’t know.”

“Come on your majesty. I haven’t see Yanira in a year, so let me spend more time with her.”

Rasmus sighed and stated, “All right, but Farkas will need to be assigned in another room.”

“WHY?” exclaimed Farkas with his wolf tail straight up.

Rasmus raised an eyebrow at Farkas saying, “Do you plan to spend the night in a room with two unmarried women?” Farkas turned red in the cheeks as his tail drooped and muttered, “Fine, but what man would marry Willow anyway?”

Willow frowned and kicked his behind with her extended leg making Farkas tumble forward into the door frame. Farkas glared daggers at his sister after he recovered, but blushed when he noticed Yanira giggling. Farkas stood up and ran out of the room saying, “I’m going to eat.”

The moment Farkas was gone, Rasmus pulled Yanira from Willow’s embrace and stated, “I will bring her to the eating area to get something to eat, so you go rest a bit more before you eat.” Willow nodded with a smile, but the moment placed his hand on the title, Willow stated, “I am grateful for you helping my people, but if you make my brother cry, prepare to feel my wrath.” Rasmus blinked in confusion, but then shook his head and then left the room with Yanira waving goodbye to Willow.

As Rasmus walked down the hall he began to ponder the words of Willow. He didn’t understand why Willow would say such words. He didn’t remember being on bad terms with Farkas, especially since they haven’t been in contact for very long. Rasmus suddenly remembered Candace’s words about the rumors about his interest on Yanira, but that puzzled him even more, since he only met Yanira that day and it wasn’t enough to say that him supporting her counted as romantic affection.


“Yes?” Rasmus stated looking back at Yanira.

“My hand, you are holding a little too tight.”

Rasmus stared down at the hand holding Yanira’s and immediately let go with a slight blush. Rasmus cursed in his mind when he felt his heart race and blamed Willow and Candace for his strange thoughts. He also reminded himself that even if he was interested in Yanira she was the queen of an enemy country and she would need to be returned, which was what he promised Yanira in the first place. He also reminded himself that Yanira was just a child. She was only eleven after all, but then his eyes wandered to Yanira’s bulging chest and turned away with a bright blush on his cheek.

Those grew too fast!

            Rasmus’s mind was practically racing and Yanira stared at him in concern.

“Rasmus are you OK?”

“I will be…after I get some sleep,” stated Rasmus shifting the blame to exhaustion. Yanira nodded and then stated, “I can get to the eating area by myself. I memorized the way after all.”

“Are you sure?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “You need your rest, Rasmus.” Rasmus thanked Yanira and was about to walk off to his room, but then he felt something tugging at his heart saying, “Guide her” repeatedly to the point that he sweated. When the nagging feeling finally became too much he turned back to Yanira, who was already halfway down the hall, and ran to her grabbing her hand and making her face him.

“In second thought, let me escort you.”

“But I’m really…”

“Please, Yanira.”

Yanira sighed and nodded taking Rasmus’s hand gently. Rasmus nodded in approval and continued to guide her, but he suddenly felt a jolt in his heart and stopped in his tracks.


Rasmus stood in place and muttered, “There’s something wrong.”


The next thing they knew, the hall became flooded with wind. Rasmus immediately pulled Yanira to his chest refusing to let go. He smelled the scent of vanilla, but then held his breath finding that the sudden scent was dangerous.

When the wind faded, Rasmus glanced down at Yanira and saw that she was beginning to shake.


“I feel numb.”

Rasmus held Yanira in fear of her falling, but then felt his heart nearly stop when he heard a woman’s voice say, “Looks like only one Anyion in this hall.” Rasmus glanced up and saw a woman in a raven black dress and long black hair staring at him with a smirk on her lips.

“Who are you?”

The woman chuckled and tossed a bag at Rasmus’s face. A spice went to his nose making him gasp, but then felt his heart race and then felt his world go black.

The woman chuckled as she approached Rasmus’s unconscious form.

“This potion always knocks Anyions out. Such a great invention.”

The woman reached toward Rasmus, but her hand was slapped away. She blinked in confusion, but then finally took notice of Yanira, who was shaking as she leaned against Rasmus’s chest.

“Still awake? That smoke bomb should have knocked you out, since you aren’t an Anyion and seeing that you are suffering, you are definitely not an Anyion.”


“Who am I? I am Ravenclaw, a collector of Anyion. Captain of the Ravens.”


The woman, Ravenclaw, waved her finger saying, “No more talking. Just pass out nicely and let me have this Anyion for my collection.”

“I won’t…”

“Look. My crew wanted to capture this ship and sell you guys to slavery, but I changed their mind, so just pass out and know you are safe.”

Yanira shook her head shaking. Her body felt like it was on fire. She didn’t know what that wind was, but it definitely had a negative effect on Yanira and the potion thrown at Rasmus knocked him out. She didn’t know what Ravenclaw planned for the Anyions she collected, but Yanira knew that she didn’t want any of them taken.

“Irmazu No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.”

Wind burst from Yanira sending Ravenclaw flying into the wall. Ravenclaw gritted her teeth and glared at Yanira.

“A wind spell? Are you magician?”

Yanira continued to shake as she controlled the wind to strike toward Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw avoided the wind and then threw a red powder at Yanira’s face. Yanira gasped in pain feeling an intense heat invade her body. Yanira then passed out making the wind fade out.

Ravenclaw scoffed saying, “I hate magicians.” Ravenclaw grabbed Rasmus’s unconscious form, but when she began to lift him up, she noticed that he refused to let go of Yanira, who was still held against his chest. Ravenclaw rolled her eyes and pulled at Yanira’s body to separate the two, but they still would not separate.

Ravenclaw groaned and pulled out a dagger from her sleeve.

“If I have to bring that girl then I might as well make her into a corpse.”

Ravenclaw brought the dagger toward Yanira, but the dagger suddenly melted making Ravenclaw gasp and drop the damaged dagger.

“Don’t touch her.”

Ravenclaw looked up when she heard the sudden voice and saw a man with long white hair and golden eyes glaring at her. The white haired man placed his hand on Yanira’s head looking at Yanira with a tender look, but then glared daggers at Ravenclaw.

“If you harm her then I will curse you and your descendants. I can promise you that.”

With those words, the white haired man vanished. Ravenclaw felt her heart racing from fear. She felt that the words the man spoke were truth. Ravenclaw looked back at Yanira’s unconscious form and then at Rasmus’s unrelenting grip. In truth, she wanted to leave Yanira behind, but she refused to let go of this Anyion as a collection piece. With her mind made up, she took both Rasmus and Yanira, while her crew took the other Anyions within the ship.

Do not harm her.

Those very words resonated in her heart like a curse.

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