Chapter 41: Anyion Collector

“Wow, we got a lot of Anyions this time.”

“Too bad we couldn’t sell the normal ones on the ship.”

“Captain already forbade us, so there was no helping it.”

Yanira could hear these male voices as she slept. She struggled to open her eyes, but felt like something was forcing them close.

Have to…

            “But Captain didn’t forbid us from some looting. I managed to swipe this golden egg from the eating area.”

Yanira’s eyes immediately flung open at those words and when she did, she found herself lying on the floor or a wooden cage with arms wrapped around her. She glanced forward and saw the unconscious face of Rasmus as he breathed softly against her forehead. Yanira squeezed out of his hold and then glanced over her shoulder only to see three men in ragged looking clothes with swords at their hips, but she noticed that the one with a curved scar on his forehead was holding the dragon egg between his hands with a proud smirk on his face.

Yanira held the bars of the cage not tearing her eyes away from the egg and exclaimed, “That egg belongs to me!”

The men looked Yanira’s way with amused looks.

“Looks like the Anyion woke up.”

Yanira didn’t pay any mind to their words as she reached through the bars of the cage saying, “Please give back the egg.”

The man with the scar raised an eyebrow and glanced at the golden egg in his hand.

“This egg is yours?”

Yanira nodded saying, “That child belongs to me.” The man glanced at the egg and then back at Yanira smirking.

“Sorry Anyion, but this egg is going to make me rich.”

“But the egg is not even yours and I am not an Anyion.”

The men, this time, looked puzzled saying, almost at the same time, “You’re not?” Yanira shook her head still extending her hand toward the stolen egg.

“Would the captain really kidnap a normal person?”

“Well the blue haired Anyion refused to let her go to the point we had to toss them into the same cage, so maybe that’s the reason why she was taken along.”

The men began to make theories, but Yanira frowned and finally muttered, “Irmazu No Kayishu Fibimi Sino.” Wind gathered around Yanira and then rushed at the men making them exclaim. The wind circled the men like a soaring eagle and then yanked the golden dragon egg from the men before delivering it to Yanira’s awaiting arms. Yanira held the egg close to her chest rubbing her hand against the shell whispering, “I’m sorry for leaving you behind little one.”

The wind died down, but Yanira was then forced to back up as the man with the scar tried to swipe the egg from her grasp.


Yanira shook her head from left to right.

The man with the scar was practically growling like an angered tiger as he tried to reach Yanira in her cage, but Yanira refused to be at arm’s distance. The man with the scar looked ready to open the cage, but the other man held the scarred man back saying, “Don’t open the cage. You can get the egg back later.” The scarred man frowned realizing that his companion was right and retracted his hand glaring at Yanira’s defiant look.

“I’ll get that egg soon enough,” stated the man with a sneer. Yanira held the egg tightly glaring at the man.

The men sat at a wooden table looking over some treasures with greed in their eyes as Yanira watched them. She looked at her surroundings again making sure not to lose hold of the dragon egg and then looked at the men asking, “Where am I?”

The scarred man refused to answer, but the other man looked in her direction and stated, “You’re on the ship of the Ravens.”

Yanira suddenly remembered the words of Ravenclaw and asked, “So you are Ravenclaw’s crew members?” The man nodded with a proud smirk and stated, “We are the greatest pirates of the sea.”

“Being pirates isn’t exactly a good thing,” pointed out Yanira and then looked at Rasmus’s unconscious form and added, “It was also not wise to steal from our ship.”

The man sneered and stated, “And why do you say that?”

“You just stole from royalty.”

The men froze in their actions and then asked, “What do you mean?”

Yanira pointed toward Rasmus and stated, “He is the King of Rheolis Kingdom.”


The men were soon in a panic. They were not fools in this matter. They knew that stealing from a royal ship meant longer prison terms, but stealing a member of royalty was punishable by death if caught. Capturing a king meant that the hunt would never end and that meant that their death was quickly approaching.

The men rushed out of the room calling for their captain in panicked voices, but the moment they were gone, Yanira placed her hand against the lock and muttered, “Libehaeji.” The lock clicked and then the wooden cage door swung open. Yanira crawled out, but then knelt next to the cage shaking Rasmus’s unconscious form saying his name repeatedly.

Rasmus began to stir and soon opened his eyes only to see Yanira’s kind look. He smiled saying her name and then sat up giving out a groan. He noticed his surrounds and gave a puzzled look toward Yanira asking where they were.

“We are on the Raven Pirates’ ship.”

Rasmus cursed under his breath and stated, “I should have known.”

“You are familiar with the pirates?”

Rasmus nodded and stated, “I heard that there was a pirate crew kidnapping Anyions that ventured out to sea, but I thought they would have avoided our ship, since our ship had the royal seal.”

“It seems that they missed the seal, but what made you think these pirates were after Anyions? Was it because of that woman, who knocked you out?”

Rasmus nodded saying, “The moment she mentioned Anyion, I knew she was with this crew.”

“If she was after Anyions, does that mean, Farkas and Willow were also taken?”

Rasmus nodded and added, “Chances are that they also took Candace.”


“She’s my maid, the one who took care of you on the ship. She’s the Anyion of Fire.”

Yanira frowned saying, “Do you think there are other Anyions on the ship?” Rasmus nodded and then crawled out of the cage.

“We better find a way out of here,” stated Rasmus. Yanira nodded and added, “Let’s also find the others.” Rasmus nodded as he headed to the door, but then came to a realization as he looked at Yanira.

“Why are we alone in this room?”

“The men in here left when I mentioned you were a king. I guess they went to look for that woman.”

Rasmus smiled saying, “So you made them feel uneasy to make them leave.” Yanira nodded with a wide smile.

Rasmus was about to open the door again, but paused once again as he faced Yanira.

“You were taken too, so does that mean you are really an Anyion?”

Yanira shook her head saying, “I overheard the men say that you wouldn’t let go of me, so that might be the reason why I am here.” Hearing those words, Rasmus began to heat up and turned away from Yanira filled with embarrassment. He asked himself repeatedly why he did that, but came back to his senses when Yanira stated, “We should go before they come back.” Rasmus nodded and opened the door a crack.

They saw an empty hall and immediately entered it keeping note of their surroundings.

Meanwhile, Ravenclaw was in her cabin writing in a notebook filled with names of known Anyions that she had captured.

Raven Spirit

Cat spirit

Wind spirit

Butterfly spirit

Rose spirit

Star spirit

Wolf spirit

Forest spirit

Fire spirit

Water spirit

“I sure have gathered quite a bit, but still not enough,” muttered Ravenclaw closing the notebook, but her thoughts suddenly wandered to the white haired man on the ship she recently stole from. Ravenclaw felt a shiver run down her spine and placed a hand on her shaking arm.

I have never felt such fear. Who was that man?

She then remembered Yanira’s shaking form and muttered, “And what is that girl to him?”

Ravenclaw suddenly heard rapid knocking on her door and scoffed in annoyance yelling, “I thought I ordered you lot to leave me be when it is close to nightfall.”

“But…but…we have a situation.”

Ravenclaw’s eyes widened as she immediately opened her door and asked, “What do you mean?” The two scared men before her door stated, “We kidnapped the king of Rheolis Kingdom.”

“Are you sure?” asked Ravenclaw with doubt in her voice. The men nodded.

“Who told you this?”

“The girl with the red hair. The one with the water Anyion.”

Ravenclaw frowned and stated, “Did she have any proof in her words?”

“No, but…”

“Then how can you be sure? Get back to your guarding duties and leave me be!”

With those words, Ravenclaw slammed the door in their face.

Ravenclaw panting from her anger and then placed a hand to her forehead.

“That girl is already trying to cause problems. If that Anyion was really a king or if that ship was part of the royalty then it should have had the royal seal.”

When the ship was chosen, Ravenclaw and her crew saw no royal seal and so it became their target, but now Yanira claimed it was part of royalty. Ravenclaw refused to believe Yanira and then sat back down frowning.

“You seem distressed.”

“Shut up.”

Ravenclaw had heard this voice before, ever since she obtained her first Anyion. This voice demanded more Anyions for the collection and she could only oblige, since this voice felt like a curse to her. She then remembered the words of the white haired man and chuckled to herself saying, “I’m already cursed.”

When those words were spoken, her form began to glow with a dark light.

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