Chapter 42: Anyion of Wind

Yanira and Rasmus walked down the long hallway that seemed to have no end with caution in their eyes, but as they walked Rasmus stole glances at the egg in Yanira’s grasp.

“I see that you have the egg in your grasp again.”

Yanira nodded hugging the egg and stated, “I have the responsibility to protect it.” Rasmus smiled saying, “That is a nice role for you. I bet the dragons are glad to have you on their side.”

Yanira nodded and then added, “I still won’t tell you where I got the egg though.” Rasmus sighed realizing that Yanira knew that he was still trying to figure out where the egg came from.

Yanira’s eyes suddenly narrowed and stated, “Someone is coming.” Rasmus sensed the approaching presence as well and pulled Yanira into a dark corner to cover their forms, but the moment their bodies touched the wall they fell through as if the wall wasn’t there in the first place. As their forms disappeared from the hall, the two men that were assigned to keep watch over them ran pass where they once stood.

Rasmus managed to keep his footing, but Yanira landed on her bottom with a grunt.

“Are you OK?” asked Rasmus as he reached toward Yanira. Yanira nodded taking his extended hand, but the egg suddenly rolled out of her grasp and began to roll around the room.

“Ah egg, come back!”

Yanira began to chase the egg, but to her surprise, the egg seemed to dodge her hand the moment it got close. Yanira puffed her cheeks in annoyance and began to chase the egg demanding it to stay still. The egg soon stopped rolling allowing Yanira to pick it up with a pout, but then began to hear someone laughing. Yanira looked behind her shoulder and saw a man maybe around his teens with long white hair wearing brown worn out peasant clothing in a cage rolling around laughing.

Rasmus noticed the man too and immediately went to Yanira’s side not tearing his eyes away from the man as he demanded who the man was. The man seized his laughing wiping the stray tears from his eyes.

“The name is Vaayu…heh, heh…thanks for the good laugh.”

Yanira realized the man was referring to her when he mentioned a good life and puffed her cheeks with annoyance in her eyes.

“Don’t laugh.”

“You’re not the boss of me little girl.”

Yanira huffed in annoyance making the man chuckle again.

The man then looked at them after his laughing fit and asked, “So who are you two? I don’t believe the pirate crew are allowed down here.”

“My name is Rasmus Eganus and this is Yanira Castlheart and we’re not pirates,” stated Rasmus and added, “We were captured by these ruffians.”

“Ah so you guys are Anyions?” asked Vaayu as he eyed them up and down from his cage.

“I’m an Anyion, but Yanira is not.”

Vaayu’s gaze landed on Yanira, who was still glaring at him.

“Not an Anyion? Then why was she taken?”

Rasmus fell silent and remembered that he was holding Yanira when they were captured and he also noted that they were in the same room where there was only one cage. Rasmus began to turn red releasing Yanira’s shoulders as Yanira looked at Rasmus in concern and Vaayu was trying to conceal his rising laughter with much difficulty after witnessing the rising redness of Rasmus.

“All right, I won’t ask, but how did you guys get down here and without being in a cage?” asked Vaayu.

Yanira smiled this time as she looked at Vaayu proudly and stated, “I used a spell to get us out, but how we got down here…I guess through a hidden passage.”

Vaayu’s eyes seemed to light up and asked, “Then can you get me out of this cage?”

Yanira nodded and asked, “But can you tell us if the other captured Anyions are down here too? I heard that there are others plus my friends.”

Vaayu nodded and stated, “I can hear them sometimes, so can you let me out?” Yanira nodded and was about to place her hand on the lock, but Rasmus, after recovering from his embarrassment, grabbed her wrist and then looked at Vaayu seriously.

“First tell us what Anyion you are and any information you know about why the Anyions are being captured by this ship.”


“We need to know this.”

Vaayu clicked his tongue and stated, “I am the Anyion with the spirit of the wind as I demonstrated when I moved that egg.”

“THAT WAS YOU?” Yanira yelled glaring daggers at Vaayu. Vaayu just nodded with a smile and then looked back at Rasmus continuing his words.

“I’m not sure of the details, but the captain of this ship wants to gather Anyions for a ritual of some sort.”

“A ritual?”

Vaayu nodded and stated, “Like I said, I don’t know the details, but the ritual won’t be done any time soon, since there are not enough Anyion captured.”

“How many Anyions are on this ship?”

“Plus you, me…seven I guess…how many were added today?”

“If seven, plus our companions: ten.”

Vaayu whistled and stated, “That’s a lot on a ship, but still not enough.”

“How many are needed?”

“All of them.”


“I know a big number that no one knows.”

It was true. There were many Anyions all around the world, but the number of Anyions was unknown. When the people believed they found the exact number that number would increase.

“How would they…?”

“Know? Beats me. Now how about letting me out?” asked Vaayu after finishing his explanation. Rasmus nodded at Yanira, but Yanira stared Vaayu silently before bonking his head making him gasp out in pain.


“That was for being mean to the egg. You shouldn’t use your wind to do pranks like that,” scolded Yanira and then placed her hand on the lock saying, “Libehaeji.” The lock clicked open and then Yanira pulled the cage door open before holding the egg close to her chest and saying, “We should search for the others.” Rasmus nodded and watched Yanira walk ahead as Vaayu crawled out of the cage scratching the back of his head.

“She sure is attached to that egg,” stated Vaayu. Rasmus nodded.

“Is she your wife or something?”

If there was water in Rasmus’s mouth, he would have spit it out in shock as he looked at Vaayu with wide eyes demanding, “What gave you that idea?”

“Well you seemed close. Was I wrong?”

“Very wrong,” stated Rasmus trying to hide the traces of a blush appearing on his face. Vaayu shrugged and began to follow them saying, “I can use my wind to find those Anyions, so stay close.” Yanira and Rasmus nodded as they slowed their pace to let Vaayu catch up.

When Vaayu was in between them he began to summon the wind around him with a smirk on his face.

“It’s been a while since I used my power out of the constraints of that cage,” muttered Vaayu and then thrusted his hands forward as the wind soared through the hallway and then split into other openings that appeared. Vaayu closed his eyes and then nodded saying, “There are nine people down here.”

“Nine, but shouldn’t it be eight?”

“The ninth one must be a guard, so careful, OK,” stated Vaayu in a cheerful manner and practically pranced down the hall. Rasmus stared at the back of Vaayu and then glanced at Yanira asking, “Do you think he is sane?” Yanira remained silent and just walked forward, but in her heart, she wondered if being imprisoned had made Vaayu slightly unstable.

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