Chapter 43: Anyions in Captivity

In a part of the prison area only known by the captain, Farkas began to stir. He opened his eyes and gave a yawn and was about to fall back to sleep until he realized that he was lying in a cage. He shot up looking around in confusion with his wolf ears flat in caution.

Where am I?

            The last thing Farkas remembered was leaving Willow’s room before catching a weft of a strange smell, before being hit at the back of his neck…when everything went dark.

Farkas growled realizing that he was most likely kidnapped, but by who, he did not know. Farkas tried to get up only to realize that the roof of the cage was a lot lower than he anticipated. Slamming his head on the roof of the cage, he began to crouch down shaking in pain.

“That really hurt,” he muttered, but he suddenly heard a giggle and glanced to his left only to see a cage with a small girl with butterfly wings on her back. She had long blonde hair and her lips were a light pink with a glitter like look. She looked back at Farkas with her green eyes and asked, “Are you a new Anyion?”

“What do you mean? Who are you?”

“I’m asking if you are new on the ship,” chirped the girl and then added, “As for my name, I am called Ageha. Pretty right?”

“I guess,” stated Farkas at the overly happy child and then asked, “So you know where I am?”

The girl, Ageha, nodded stating, “You are on the Raven Pirate ship to join the collection of Anyions on the ship.”

“There are others here?”

Ageha nodded and stated, “But don’t worry. No harm will come to you, Mr. Dog.”

“My name is Farkas and I’m not a dog.”


Farkas shook his head.

“Oh I know, you are a kitty.”

“I’m a wolf Anyion and how do I look like a cat?”

Ageha giggled and stated, “That’s true. I mean the cat Anyion is in another room.”

“So the cat Anyion is on this ship too?” asked Farkas, still finding it hard to believe that the ship had captured Anyions on board. Ageha nodded and added, “He used to be in this room too, but he was being naughty and was moved.”

Farkas groaned realizing that the cat Anyion was most likely taken against his will just like Farkas, but then Farkas realized something and looked at Ageha asking, “Were there others brought on this ship?” Ageha shrugged saying, “You’re the only new face here that I have seen.”

Ageha seemed to beam as she added, “Seeing a new face makes me really, REALLY happy.” Farkas scooted slightly away from the small girl finding her happiness quite unnerving. This girl seemed younger than Yanira when he first met Yanira…when he first kidnapped Yanira, but this girl seemed too naïve when compared to Yanira. He had to admit that Yanira was naïve, but this girl was on a whole new level. Just looking at this girl Anyion made him yearn to see Yanira again.


Farkas chuckled to himself finding it funny that he imagined hearing Yanira’s voice when he thought of wanting to see her, but felt his heart skip a beat when Ageha suddenly exclaimed, “More new faces? Hello!”

Farkas lifted his head and saw Yanira standing at an opened doorway with the gold egg still in her embrace, while she stared at him with a concerned look. Behind her stood Rasmus and a face he had never seen before, but his focus was mostly on Yanira.

“Farkas, thank goodness you’re here,” stated Yanira as she ran to his cage. Farkas stared at Yanira for a long while and then smiled saying, “Were you captured too? You sure have a habit of getting captured.” Yanira rolled her eyes at Farkas saying, “I wasn’t captured by choice.” Yanira then placed her hand on the lock of Farkas’s cage and whispered, “Libehaeji.” The lock clicked opened and then Yanira opened Farkas’s cage reaching out her hand.

“Let’s go.”

Farkas nodded with a smile and took Yanira’s extended hand, but flinched when Ageha suddenly exclaimed, “Eww, be lovey dovey somewhere else.”


Farkas began to turn crimson as he released Yanira’s hand and crawled out of the cage quickly refusing to look at Yanira. Yanira also turned red, but managed to hide it as she looked at Ageha asking, “Are you an Anyion?”

Ageha nodded and stated, “My name is Ageha and I am the Anyion with the spirit of the butterfly. My name is pretty right? I’m pretty right?”

Ageha seemed to be speaking a mile a minute to the point that Farkas and Rasmus found her unnerving, except for Vaayu, who was muttering a song in a low tone not quite paying attention. Yanira, on the other hand, smiled and unlocked Ageha’s cage using the same spell she used on Farkas’s cage and extended a hand to Ageha saying, “You are very pretty.” Ageha smiled and practically leapt out of the cage embracing Yanira with her butterfly wings flapping excitedly.

“I’m pretty. I’m pretty,” chanted Ageha repeatedly in a chipper fashion, but Yanira just patted Ageha’s head in a gentle manner.

Yanira help Ageha to her feet, but the moment they were on their feet, Ageha refused to let go of Yanira’s left arm.

“Is she right in the head?” Farkas finally asked, but Yanira just smiled saying, “I’m sure she’s been through a lot.” Farkas sighed and then asked, “So who captured us and what do you know so far?”

Yanira explained the situation from the time Yanira and Rasmus faced Ravenclaw to the point of the decision to look for all the captured Anyions to escape.

Farkas nodded in understanding, but he felt anxiety when he learned that Willow was also on board. He sighed and stated, “Well let’s find those guys and then get the Hell of this ship. I don’t want the pleasure of meeting this Ravenclaw.”

“She’s really nice,” chirped Ageha.

“You, don’t speak,” Farkas ordered as he pointed at Ageha. Ageha just giggle and cuddled Yanira’s arm.

They walked out of the room and immediately saw a light emerging from under one of the doors in the hallway. Vaayu pointed to the door saying, “Four Anyions are in there.”

They approached the door and then pushed it open only to see one of the inhabitants, a woman with silver hair with a star tattoo on her forehead, glow a bright light. The light soon faded and the woman looked in their direction and smiled saying, “Hello my name is Virgo, Anyion of the stars. Are you new?”

Rasmus approached saying, “We came to rescue the Anyions.” Virgo smiled brightly saying, “Thank goodness. I was beginning to miss the night sky.” Yanira approached next opening the cage with her spell, but immediately took notice of Willow, who was rubbing her eyes.

“Willow,” cheered Yanira and tried to approach her, but Ageha held Yanira back saying, “Is she prettier than me?”

“Ageha, please…”

“Ah Yanira,” exclaimed Willow finding taking notice of Yanira and stated, “I’m glad to see you are safe.” Yanira nodded and opened Willow’s cage. Willow gave Yanira a pat on the head and then looked at Ageha asking who she was. Ageha answered quickly and then asked, “Am I pretty?”

Willow giggled saying, “You are very pretty.”

Ageha smiled and hugged Willow saying, “I’m pretty” repeatedly. Yanira giggled and then looked around the room for the remaining Anyions as Willow went to Farkas’s side.

“Candace!” Yanira heard Rasmus exclaim and looked in his direction. Rasmus knelt before a cage where Candace was imprisoned. She looked panicked and kept saying, “Your majesty” repeatedly. Yanira ran to her cage and unlocked it. The moment the cage opened, Candace practically leapt out and embraced Rasmus saying, “I was so worried about you.” Rasmus patted her head in reassurance before letting her go and thanking Yanira.

They searched the room for the remaining Anyion, since Vaayu mentioned that there were four in the room. Pushing aside some boxes that were stacked in the room, Yanira finally found the final cage that had a man with straight, long, deep red hair with green vine markings on his arm and neck. He glanced at Yanira with his green eyes and smiled asking, “Have you come to release me too?” Yanira nodded and used the release spell on the lock. The man stepped out of the cage and then knelt before Yanira saying, “I thank you dear maiden for rescuing me and now allow me to serve you.”

Yanira became puzzled by his offer, but she was suddenly pulled far from the man and pulled into Farkas’s chest. Farkas glared at the man saying, “We rescued you, but there is no need to become Yanira’s servant.”

The man stared at Farkas and then smiled saying, “Then let me express my gratitude.” With those words, rose petals burst from his form and began to rain all around the room.

“I, Rosalio Reed, Anyion of the rose, give thanks to the lovely maiden and her dog.”

“I am not a dog.”

“A fox then?”

“No…I am having a strange sense of déjà vu.”

“A cat?”

“I am a wolf! I am not a cat! Why do you guys make that mistake?”

“Calm down Farkas. It was just a mistake,” stated Yanira with a wave of her hand. It was at that moment that Yanira realized that Farkas and her were very close and they immediately separated with reddened faces.

After calming down the heat in their cheeks, the man, Rosalio, joined the group and then they began to leave the room with Rasmus explaining the situation to the others. Vaayu led the larger group and began to chant that only three people remained. Farkas listened to the chant and then leaned toward Yanira asking, “Is this Vaayu guy sane?”

“I’m not quite sure, but he is helpful. I’m sure he’ll get better after getting some sun on him.”

Farkas sighed saying, “You really look on the bright side of things.”

Yanira giggled saying, “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Farkas smiled and was about to pat Yanira’s head, but paused in his actions when he noticed Willow smiling in his direction and mouthing, “You can do it.” Farkas blushed in embarrassment and withdrew his hand and in turn Willow frowned and whispered, “Coward.” making Farkas groan in anger.

Vaayu suddenly stopped the group and pointed to the room saying, “One person is in here.” Rasmus opened the door without hesitation, but was met with a man with long black hair tied in a ponytail. The man had a sword on the side on his hip and wore dark clothing. Rasmus stared at each other, before Rasmus closed the door and tried to block it. The others saw the man as well and thought the same thing: He is not a prisoner.

Rasmus tried to block the door, but the door was kicked open and then man with long black hair looked at the group with wide eyes.

“How did you guys get in here?”

Yanira and the others were scared at first, but when those words left that man’s mouth, Yanira looked at him with a puzzled look and asked, “You don’t know how we got here?” The man shook his head and then scratched the back of his head saying, “I’m usually alone down here.”

“Alone? Why?” asked Yanira in a cautious tone.

“I don’t know.”

“Who are you?”

“…I don’t know.”

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