Chapter 44: The Man with no memory

Yanira was searching for the captured Anyions with Rasmus and they found some including their companions, but now they were faced with a black haired man, who didn’t seem like a prisoner like them, but had no memory of why he was down there or who he was.

The nameless man knelt to the ground placing a hand to his forehead as if he were in pain. Yanira knelt before the man and asked, “Are you OK?”

“I…don’t know. I’m so confused. Where did you people come from? Was I not alone?”

Yanira could see that the man was visibly shaking. Taking in a deep breath, she placed her hand on his gently making him look at her.

“I don’t know why you are down here, but can you help us find our companions? If you do, maybe you will find the answer you seek.”

The man went into deep thought and then nodded holding Yanira’s hand gently.

“I’ll help, but please tell me who you are?”

Yanira nodded and helped the man to his feet and began to introduce herself and the others, but when she reached Farkas, Farkas yanked her from the man with his ears flat.

“I still don’t trust you, mister,” muttered Farkas. The man nodded in understanding, but then lay his eyes on Yanira and asked, “Can you name me for now?”

“Why her?” exclaimed Farkas his tail beginning to get bushy.

“I trust her.”

Farkas groaned, but Yanira patted Farkas’s arm saying, “It’s OK. I’ll give him a name. He is going to help after all.” Farkas nodded with a frown.

Yanira slipped from Farkas’s hold and then stared at the nameless man with a meaningful yet calm look.

“Rihaan, it means great heart in my kingdom. Is this name OK?”

The man nodded and smiled saying his thanks. The man, now named, Rihaan, joined the group. As they walked down the hall with Vaayu leading the way again, Rihaan stared at the hallway and muttered, “It looks different.”

“How so?” asked Yanira holding the dragon egg close to her.

“It was always quiet.”

Yanira smiled and stated, “You must have been lonely.” Rihaan nodded, but he suddenly flinched and looked to a doorway that Vaayu also looked at and stated, “There’s something in there.”

Yanira looked at Vaayu and asked, “Is this true, Vaayu?” Vaayu nodded and stated, “Mr. Rihaan is right. The last two are in here.”

Rasmus once again was the one to open the door filled with caution, but when the door was swung open, the room looked completely bare. Rasmus looked at Vaayu and asked, “Are you sure the last two were in here?” Vaayu nodded with puffed cheeks claiming that he wasn’t wrong.

Rasmus walked into the room and when he saw that there was nothing inside, he headed back to the door saying, “There’s nothing in…”

The door suddenly slammed shut and the wind suddenly picked up around them.

“It’s not me!” Vaayu immediately exclaimed, before he was suddenly lifted up and tossed into an opened room followed by the door shutting. The others began to rise as the wind became stronger and began to toss them into rooms.

Yanira was tossed toward a room, but was immediately grabbed by Farkas, who pulled her to his chest, but then they were both tossed into the same room. Before the door shut though, Rihaan slipped into the room and then grabbed hold of the hem of Yanira’s skirt.

The moment the door shut, the wind died down and Yanira, Farkas, and Rihaan fell to the ground. Yanira groaned in pain and then looked at Farkas and Rihaan and asked, “Are you two OK?” Farkas and Rihaan nodded as they stood up. Rihaan opened attempted to open the door, but it didn’t budge making him frown.

“Just like before.”

“What do you mean before?”

“I have always been trapped down here and it was because the door never opens. The only time the door opened was when you guys opened the door for me.”

Farkas frowned and exclaimed, “So we are locked in here because of you?”

“We don’t know that,” stated Yanira in an attempt to calm Farkas’s anger down. Rihaan frowned feeling that it was his fault that the wind happened and that they were now separated from the others and locked in a room.

Yanira approached the door and placed her hand to the door saying, “Libehaeji.” The door immediately opened making Yanira sigh in relief, but the door immediately closed shut once again making Yanira puff her cheeks.

“A counter spell must have been set here,” stated Yanira in annoyance. Yanira seemed ready to do the same spell again, but her hand was repealed and then she was tossed back by an unseen force. Farkas immediately caught her asking if she was all right.

Yanira nodded and stated, “Doesn’t look like I can use my spell of release on this.” Rihaan bowed his head to them saying his apologies, but Yanira shook her head saying, “There is no need to apologize. It’s not your fault.” Rihaan smiled in silence.

Farkas frowned as he stared at Rihaan’s smile, but when his eyes returned to Yanira’s form, he came to a realization.

“Yanira, where is the egg that you were holding?”

Yanira blinked in confusion, but then gasped when she saw that the dragon egg was missing from her grasp. She began to search the room in a panic calling for the egg, even though she was aware that it couldn’t answer her call.

Rihaan suddenly pointed at a tower of wooden boxes and stated, “Isn’t that it?” Yanira looked over her shoulder and saw the egg roll on the floor behind the tower of boxes. Yanira ran after the egg and looked behind the boxes only to see the egg roll up to the center of a glowing circle with an orange cat lying unconscious in it. Yanira picked up the egg and then knelt down next to the cat in concern. She ran her hand across the cat’s fur and heard a small mew leak out.

Yanira glanced around at the circle before picking up the cat and holding it next to the dragon egg. The circle immediately gave out a pulse before the light of it faded.

“Yanira, did you get it?” asked Farkas as he circled around the boxes. Yanira nodded and showed the orange cat in her grasp saying, “I found this cat sleeping here.”

Farkas stared at the cat, noting that it was male, and then stated, “We can just leave the little guy here.”

“Farkas, he looks really hurt,” stated Yanira taking notice of the gash on the right front paw of the cat. Farkas sighed and stated, “Fine, but we need to find a way out of this room.”

Yanira nodded and followed Farkas, but flinched when she felt a chill run down her spine.


“There’s something here.”



The sudden voice of Rihaan made Yanira and Farkas flinch. The next thing they knew, Rihaan was tossed throw the tower of boxes sending boxes raining around them. Farkas held Yanira to protect her from the raining boxes, but he frowned when he saw a dark figure with large raven wings glaring at them.

“Who are you?” demanded Farkas. The dark figure approached and at closer inspection, Farkas saw that it was a long haired man in a long dark robe, but Farkas also noticed something else about this man: he had the same face as Rihaan.

The man raised his hand toward Farkas and Yanira as Rihaan shook in pain on the ground.

“I didn’t expect that girl could break the seals I made on the cages and even managed to break the seal on that cat Anyion.”

Yanira’s eyes widened and glanced down at the cat shivering in her arms.

“This cat…is an Anyion?”

Yanira shook her head and then glared at the man demanding if he was helping Ravenclaw capture the Anyions. The man stared at Yanira and then nodded stating, “I need the Anyions to get stronger. Ravenclaw will help me with this.”

“Why?” asked Yanira. The man’s wings flapped as he stated, “Strength is power.” A strong force suddenly erupted from the man sending Farkas, Yanira, and Rihaan flying against the wall.

The man flew toward them, but knelt before Yanira, who flinched at his presence.

“You are not an Anyion and yet you have a power that rivals mine…I want it.”

The man reached out toward Yanira, but his extended arm was suddenly bit by Farkas. Farkas bit hard drawing blood with his eyes glowing yellow like when a wolf catches its prey. The man didn’t even flinch, but Rihaan screamed out in pain making Yanira glance at him. She noticed blood leaking from his arm and gasped. She looked at Farkas saying, “Let him go. His pain goes to Rihaan.” The light in Farkas’s eyes faded as he released the arm of the man only to be slapped in the face and tossed into another corner of the room.


Yanira’s chin was suddenly grabbed by the man and she was forced to look at the man. The man stared at her with seriousness in his eyes.

“You realized pretty quickly that Ravenclaw and I are connected.”

“Ravenclaw?” Yanira glanced at Rihaan and muttered, “Rihaan is not Raveclaw.”

The man forced Yanira to face him again and stated, “That man is Ravenclaw, but I guess you wouldn’t know that since he is in his night form now.”

“Night form?”

“The Ravenclaw you met in the day is his other form.”

“Other form…is this a curse?”

The man nodded and stated, “The curse will remain until all the Anyions are collected. Maybe I should curse you too, so you can help with my goal.”

Yanira began to feel a burning sensation on her skin making her scream out in pain.

I am the Raven Anyion…I will curse you.

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