Chapter 45: The Raven’s Curse

The light around the Raven Anyion surrounded Yanira’s form with Yanira screaming in pain. This light was the touch of the Raven: a curse made by the Anyion. The light seeped into Yanira’s skin sending a burning sensation through Yanira, but the Raven Anyion’s eyes widened when he saw the light seep out from the skin after only being in the skin for a few seconds and then disperse. The Raven Anyion frowned and intensified the light, but the light this time burst without a trace leaving the Anyion dumbfounded as Yanira lay against the wall in an unconscious state.

“What is this?”

The Raven Anyion attempted to reactivate the curse touch, but was suddenly pushed away from Yanira’s form and sent flying against a wall making him and Rihaan gasp in pain. When the Raven Anyion looked up, he saw a white haired man glaring at him with his golden eyes. He stood before Yanira glaring at the Anyion. The Raven Anyion stood up with his black wings flapping behind him.

“Are you an Anyion?” asked the Raven Anyion, glaring at the unknown man. The white haired man shook his head and then knelt next to Yanira holding her form with one arm.

“I won’t allow you to hurt Yanira,” stated the white haired man. The raven Anyion frowned and began to glow with a dark light.

“I don’t know who you are, but I won’t allow you to escape from here.”

The Raven Anyion lifted his arms and fired a beam of dark light toward Yanira and the white haired man, but the white haired man’s eyes began to glow as a barrier of gold light surrounded him leaving the Anyion dumbfounded. The attack vanished like it was nothing and the barrier vanished as well, but a gold light surrounded the white haired man still as he glared daggers at the Raven Anyion.

“What are you?” demanded the raven Anyion. The white haired man held his hand toward the Raven Anyion. A gold light emerged from his hand and collided with the Raven Anyion. The Raven Anyion gasped in pain and felt his power begin to leave him. The Raven Anyion shook in pain and then noticed that Rihaan showed no sign of pain.


“I released the connection curse you put on that man…no, your brother.”

“How could…?”

“I can sense the connections between you two and I can see your past.”

“My past…”

“You two were born as twins…triplets if you count the girl that died the moment she took a breath of our world. You were born an Anyion and your brother…normal. You were shunned, imprisoned for being an Anyion, while your brother was praised. The reason for you to want power is to erase the past of your torment.”

The Raven Anyion gritted his teeth and then yelled, “If you know then let me get the power of that girl. I want it gone…I want it all gone.”

The white haired man held Yanira to his chest and stated, “Yanira’s power can’t be taken, but…”

The Raven Anyion felt the pain intensify making me keel over gasping.

“I can take away your torment.”

The Raven Anyion gave out a scream of anguish and then fell over unconscious.

The white haired man sighed and then smiled at Yanira’s unconscious form caressing her cheek.

“Who are you?”

The white haired man frowned as he looked at the owner of the voice: Farkas. Farkas clenched his fist repeating his question in a higher tone with his form leaning against the wall.

“My name is of no concern to you, Farkas.”

“How do you…?”

“Yanira speaks your name more than once.”

Farkas turned slightly red in the cheeks making the white haired man frown and hold Yanira close to himself.

“I don’t want Yanira’s mind to be clouded by you, but I won’t end you now…only because Yanira would be saddened if you were gone when she wakes.”

“What are you…?”

The next thing Farkas knew, the white haired man was gone and Yanira was lying on the ground groaning. Farkas shook his head in puzzlement and then raced to Yanira’s side saying her name.

Yanira opened her eyes and saw Farkas making her smile.


Farkas held Yanira with a smile saying, “Are you OK?” Yanira nodded and asked, “What happened?” Farkas remembered the white haired man and was about to mention him, but paused and stated, “That black haired guy passed out for some reason.”


Farkas nodded and glanced at the fallen Anyion.

“Looks like he is an Anyion.”

“The Raven Anyion,” muttered Yanira making Farkas look at her with wide eyes.

“You know what spirit he has?”

Yanira nodded and stated, “I remember him saying it before he tried to curse me.”

“But he didn’t…never mind, but we were lucky he passed out.”

Yanira nodded with confusion on her face, but suddenly remembered Rihaan and glanced at him only to see that Rihaan was unconscious against the wall. She called his name as she got up, but paused when she noticed the cat Anyion and the egg on the ground. She picked them up and then went to Rihaan. She knelt next to Rihaan as Farkas followed her and began to shake him saying his name.

Rihaan opened his eyes meeting eyes with Yanira and smirked. Rihaan suddenly leaned upward and kissed Yanira’s cheek making her gasp and fall back and Farkas growl at Rihaan demanding what he was doing. Rihaan chuckled pushing a strand of his hair behind his ear.

“Are, are, why are you two here? Don’t you know that this is my ship?”

“Rihaan?” Yanira muttered with her cheeks tinted red. Rihaan chuckled.

“Who are you calling Rihaan? I am the captain of this ship, Captain Ravenclaw.”

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