Chapter 46: The True Captain

In the Kingdoms, there were tales of a pirate captain that ruled the seas. He gathered treasures from ships that passed his ship and other pirate ships that dare cross swords with him met an early grave. He had everything a pirate dreamed of. His name was Ravenclaw and now that pirate captain stood before Yanira and Farkas.

Ravenclaw scoffed as he stood up and looked around.

“Why am I in this dump of a room?” stated Ravenclaw and then glanced at Farkas and Yanira saying, “You two, can you explain this situation here or do I need to carve some hearts out?”

Farkas groaned and yelled, “Are you serious? You were being timid before and now you are being bossy! What’s with you?”

Ravenclaw smirked with crossed arms.

“Me being timid? Are you drunk by chance?”


Ravenclaw clicked his tongue and then looked toward Yanira.

“Can you explain the situation young lady?”

Yanira gulped and stated, “Well, I remember the Raven Anyion mentioning that you are Ravenclaw, but this is so confusing.”

Ravenclaw raised an eyebrow and then glanced at the Raven Anyion on the ground.

“Do you mean Hans?”

“Hans, is that the Raven Anyion’s name?”

Ravenclaw nodded and added, “He’s my twin brother, but he doesn’t talk much and prefers to hang out at the bottom of the ship.”

Ravenclaw rubbed his chin and stated, “Now that I think about it, he did say something strange and then…Hah, I can’t remember, but everything seems fine now.”

Farkas frowned saying, “You really have no idea what he did?”

“Not a clue…by the way, who are you?”


Ravenclaw then looked at Yanira and asked for her name.

“Yanira Castleheart.”

“Yanira, a lovely name,” stated Ravenclaw and then glanced at the golden egg in her grasp.

“Is that egg a gift for me?” asked Ravenclaw. Yanira shook her head and held the egg close to her chest.

“You can’t have this little one.”

Ravenclaw chuckled saying, “All right, then what about that cat?”

“Not him either.”

Ravenclaw laughed and then walked pass Farkas. He looked Yanira in the eyes and asked, “So can you explain everything to me?”

Yanira nodded and began to explain all she knew to Ravenclaw, while Farkas mumbled in the corner in anger.

“So Hans did all of that. Quite the troublemaker he is, but I never expected him to curse me and he made me into a woman during the day, what a laugh.”

Ravenclaw glanced toward Hans as he continued to speak.

“If Hans just told me that he was troubled, I would have tried to help.”

Yanira held the egg and the cat close to her and stated, “If possible, could you release my friends and I.”

“Your friends…ah yeah, you did mention that he had gathered quite a number of Anyions. I don’t mind letting you guys go.”


Ravenclaw nodded and crossed his arms with a smirk.

“I can’t really explain it, but I feel that you and I can be close friends.”

Yanira tilted her head to the side with a puzzled look, but gasped when Farkas pulled her away from Ravenclaw saying, “Don’t get too close to Yanira.” Ravenclaw chuckled in reply.

They suddenly heard a small moan from the cat Anyion. Yanira looked at the cat Anyion and saw him open his small eyes. The cat Anyion screeched and then pushed himself free from Yanira’s hold. The moment he touched the ground he stood on his tiptoes hissing at the three.

Yanira was the first to react saying, “Please calm down. We’re not here to hurt you.” The cat Anyion growled with doubt in his eyes.

“You expect me to believe that. This room has been locked for days and you just so happen to be here. I don’t buy it.”

Ravenclaw whistled and stated, “Looks like the cat can talk.”

The cat Anyion hissed louder when he laid eyes on Ravenclaw saying, “You’re the one who tormented me for days.”

“Nope, that would be my brother.”

The cat Anyion continued to hiss refusing to believe any of their words, but he was suddenly lifted up making him screech even louder. To the cat Anyion’s surprise, he was lifted up by the awakened Raven Anyion, Hans.

“Let me go!”

Hans stared at the struggling cat and just hugged him to his chest with a warm smile on his face. The cat Anyion struggled in Hans’s hold, but Hans showed no signs of letting go.

“Hey Hans, looks like you woke up,” stated Ravenclaw with a snicker, while Yanira and Farkas were alert. Hans nodded saying, “Nice to see you Big Brother.” Hans then looked toward Yanira and Farkas and bowed before them saying, “Sorry for the trouble.”

“…Do you guys have split personalities or something?” asked Farkas with a raised eyebrow as he looked at Hans. Hans titled his head to the side as the cat Anyion fell limp in his hands.

“I know I caused a lot of problems, but I feel rejuvenated, like everything has gone brighter.”

Farkas looked puzzled, while Ravenclaw chuckled saying, “That’s good to hear, so how about leaving this cargo area and heading to top deck for a change.” Hans nodded and then bowed toward Yanira again saying, “I hope I didn’t hurt you.” Yanira waved her hand with a smile.

“I admit that this is quite puzzling, but as long as you don’t do it again, I believe I can forgive,” stated Yanira. Hans nodded and opened the door with no problems saying, “I’ll retrieve your friends.”

Before Hans left, Yanira asked, “So why the change of heart?”

“…The darkness…I don’t remember any of it.”

With those words, Hans left the room. Ravenclaw chuckled and looked back at Farkas and Yanira.

“How about following me to top deck? I’ll take care of the crew, if there are any questions.”

Yanira and Farkas nodded and began to follow Ravenclaw.

As Yanira and Farkas walked, they noticed Hans opening the doors one at a time releasing their companions that have separated from them. Yanira sighed in relief saying, “They look OK, but what really happened? This doesn’t really make any sense to me.”

“Just let it go,” stated Farkas. Yanira nodded, but she still wore a puzzled look. Farkas, on the other hand, frowned remembering the white haired man that saved him and Yanira.

Who was that guy?

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