Chapter 47: Gaining the Cat’s Trust

It was quite hectic when Ravenclaw had returned to his former body, but his shipmates were quite thrilled to learn that Ravenclaw’s gender bending curse had ended and thanked Yanira and Farkas, since they had arrived on deck with their cured captain. The other Anyions were also released and the situation was explained to them by Hans, since he did retain memory of the events, but the reason for the kidnapping…remained a mystery to even him, ever since he woke up in the cargo room with Yanira, Farkas, and his brother.

With the situation under control, Ravenclaw gathered the Anyions and Yanira into his captain quarters with a smug look.

“So now that everything has been settled, what are your plans? I wouldn’t mind you guys joining my crew.”

Candace, the fire Anyion, scoffed and stated, “Join a pirate crew. I will pass.” The others nodded in agreement, knowing full well what a pirate did for a living.

“OK, then what do you guys want? I do owe you guys something for what Hans did to you.”


“Don’t sweat it, Hans. So what will it be?”

Rasmus was the one to raise his hand and say, “Can you deliver me back to Rheolis Kingdom with everybody?”

“Rheolis…why there?”

“I am the king there, so I have to be there.”

“A KING?” exclaimed Ravenclaw and then smacked the back of Hans’s head screaming, “Why did you kidnap a king?”

“I wasn’t aware.”

Ravenclaw frowned and then looked at Rasmus. He bowed by the waist saying, “I apologize for my stupid brother’s error. We have a rule never to kidnap a royalty, so can you please pardon us?”

“As long as you return me safely.”

Ravenclaw nodded with a relief in his eyes.

“So I’ll return you guys to Rheolis Kingdom, anything else?”

“Food!” cheered one of the Anyions. Ravenclaw chuckled agreeing. He ordered one of his men to cook a meal and then all of them planned to begin to explore the top deck.

Farkas planned to explore with Yanira, but was shocked when he noticed that Yanira was nowhere in the cabin.

“Where is Yanira?”

Willow sighed, while petting Ageha, who snuggled to her chest, and stated, “I think I saw that Hans guy leave the room with her.”

Farkas cursed and ran out of the door with Willow shaking her head with a smile. Ageha looked up at Willow and asked, “I’m pretty right?”

“Yes you are.”

“I’m pretty like Yanira right?”

“Very much so.”

“Can Yanira be my sister?”

“You would have to ask.”

“Yeah!” cheered Ageha before hugging Willow. Willow petted Ageha wondering how long this girl would be close to her.

Meanwhile, Yanira was dragged across the deck into one of the cabins of the ship by Hans, who still held the cat Anyion in his embrace. Hans faced Yanira and asked, “This might sound strange, but do you know a white haired man with gold eyes?”

“White haired man with gold eyes?”

Hans nodded and stated, “I remember seeing a white haired man before the curse was broken. He seemed close to you.”

Yanira thought awhile and then shook her head saying, “I’m sorry. The only white haired man I have met on this ship is Vaayu, the wind Anyion, but he doesn’t have gold eyes.”

“I see,” muttered Hans holding the unconscious cat closer to his chest.

Yanira noticed the cat Anyion flinch in his sleep and went to Hans placing her hand on the sleeping feline.

“You shouldn’t hold him too tight.”

Hans nodded loosening his hold, but his hold grew so loose that the cat Anyion slipped from his embrace toward the floor. Yanira grasped reaching toward the cat Anyion, but the moment her slender fingers touched the cat, the cat disappeared. Hans and Yanira both grew pale.

“Where did he go?” asked Hans in a panic. Yanira was just as panicked and began to search around the room with Hans. She knelt on the floor looking for the feline, but the egg in her grasp suddenly gave off a glow and vanished as well making her squeal in panic.

“The egg is gone too.”

Yanira crawled on the ground looking for the egg near tears. Hans seemed ready to cry too, until he noticed the ring on Yanira’s finger.

“Yanira, what is that ring?”

Yanira looked at Hans wiping the tears that managed to squeeze out and stated, “It’s a storage ring.” Yanira paused in her actions as her eyes fell on the Jade ring on her finger. She remembered that some of the treasures she gathered from that cave in the Dragon’s valley remained in the ring and realized that she had yet to pull any of the treasures out or even store more treasures in. Yanira blinked in thought and then held her lips toward the ring thinking of the egg. The dragon egg materialized back into her arms making her smile.

“I see, the egg was stored away,” stated Yanira in relief hugging the egg to her chest. Hans glanced at the ring and asked, “Could the cat be in there?” Yanira nodded and pressed her lips to the ring again thinking of the cat Anyion this time.

Something began to materialize in front of her in the form of light, but it began to expand in size making Yanira and Hans’ eyes widen. When the light burst a teenage boy with shoulder length orange hair stood before Yanira with his eyes closed. He wore a loose white shirt revealing his right shoulder and brown slightly torn pants tied with a rope. He fell forward forcing Yanira to catch him.

“Where’s the cat?” asked Hans with a puzzled look. Yanira stared at the unconscious boy in her embrace and then stated, “I think this boy is the cat.”

Hans blinked in confusion, but the boy suddenly opened his eyes and looked around with a puzzled look. He then raised his head only to see Yanira staring at him. The boy gasped shoving Yanira away. He stumbled back as Yanira stumbled back as well making sure not to drop the egg.

The boy stared at Yanira and then at Hans, before glaring and yelling, “What do you plan to do with me now? Kill me?” Hans shook his head with a nervous look. Yanira on the other hand decided to hide the egg in her storage ring to prevent it from getting lost, before facing the teenage boy before her.

“Anyion, we really mean no harm. I know you must have gone through a lot since entering this ship, but everything is done now. There is no more danger.”

“Do you expect me to believe that?” spat out the cat Anyion as cat ears popped from the top of his head. The Cat Anyion hissed ready to attack if Yanira or Hans showed any signs of fighting.

Yanira didn’t tear her eyes from the Anyion as she asked, “What can I do to make you believe me?”

The Cat Anyion clicked his tongue.

“Make yourself bleed and then I will believe you.”

By the tone of his voice, Yanira judged that he didn’t expect her to go through with it, but Yanira materialized one of the gold arrows hidden in her storage ring and used the arrow head to scratch her arm letting blood run down her arm. The Cat Anyion gasped as Hans looked at Yanira filled with worry. Yanira cringed in pain as she hid the arrow back into her ring, but then faced the Cat Anyion with a smile with sweat running down the side of her head.

“Do you believe me now?”

The Cat Anyion watched the blood run down her arm and then flattened his cat ears. He ran to her tearing off a piece of his white shirt. He wrapped the fabric around her wound saying, “I believe you so stop the bleeding.” Yanira nodded flinching as the Cat Anyion wrapped her arm.

The Cat Anyion suddenly faced the worried Hans and stated, “I believe her, but not you, so if you want me to believe that you mean no harm to me then go get some medicine to treat her wound.” Hans nodded and immediately left the cabin closing the door behind him.

The Cat Anyion looked at the blood soaked fabric and then looked Yanira in the eyes.

“What is your name?”

“Yanira Castleheart.”

“My name is Sirix Sengoku.”

Yanira nodded with obvious pain tracing her face.

The Cat Anyion put pressure on her wound to stop the bleeding, but didn’t tear his eyes away from her.

“That guy was gathering Anyions before, so I guess you are an Anyion?”

Yanira shook her head saying, “I was taken by mistake.”

“So you’re not an Anyion?”

Yanira shook her head. Sirix touched Yanira’s long red hair saying, “I would have thought you were the fire Anyion with this red hair.”

Yanira giggled saying, “Even my parents found it strange, but I have no nature spirits in me, but I was a priestess in training, so I do have some abilities like Anyion.”

Sirix smiled saying, “A priestess, that’s pretty amazing. Where I come from priestesses were in every temple, but I hear in other places that kingdoms only have one priestess.”

“That’s true, but I am amazed that a place can have more than one priestess. Where are you from?”

Sirix smiled as he thought of his homeland.

“Wagaharashi, a country in the far east. They always had great harvests year round and the people were always in peace. It was wonderful, but…”

Sirix suddenly frowned adding, “A curse fell upon the land a few years back. The crops died and sickness spread around. It came to the point where my family and I had to leave.”

Yanira tilted her head when she heard Sirix’s words and asked, “Where is your family?”

“Gone, the sickness consumed them before we could leave. I was the only survivor, but I was kidnapped by slave traders and then sold to this captain of the pirates: a woman named Ravenclaw.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, but everything is fine now. The female Ravenclaw is no more, so I’m sure he will let you go.”

“Go where?” asked Sirix with saddened eyes.

Yanira smiled saying, “You can come with us to Rheolis Kingdom.”


“That’s where we are headed. Do you want to come?”

Sirix went into deep thought and then nodded adding, “As long as you are close. I don’t trust the others right now.”

Yanira nodded with a warm smile.

The door to the cabin suddenly opened revealing Hans with a first aid kit, but Farkas was also with him asking if Yanira was OK. Yanira nodded, but Farkas seemed panicked when he saw the blood covered cloth on her arm.

“You’re bleeding!”

“Don’t worry, the cut isn’t too deep,” reassured Yanira as Hans began to treat her arm with medicine making her slightly flinch in discomfort.

“How did this happen?”

Sirix sighed saying, “It’s my fault.”


“She cut herself, but it was only because I told her to for me to trust her and who are you fox?”

“I’M A WOLF! Why do people keep making that mistake?”

“Because you look like a fox,” stated Sirix bluntly making Farkas groan. Yanira giggled as Hans wrapped her arm with a clean bandage. As Sirix and Farkas began to bicker, Hans glanced at Yanira and stated, “That should do it, but don’t cut yourself anymore please.”

Yanira smiled saying, “I just wanted Sirix to trust me.” Yanira glanced at Sirix and wondered if Sirix would be happy in Rheolis Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Rasmus was with Ravenclaw in the captain’s cabin with wide eyes of disbelief.

“Did I hear right?”

Ravenclaw nodded with a serious expression.

“According to my men, when they kidnapped you and the other Anyions, there wasn’t a symbol of the Royal Family anywhere on the ship.”

Rasmus turned pale realizing what this meant: someone within the crew of his ship took down the flag with the symbol of the royal family with the intention of getting him kidnapped.

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