Chapter 48: Rasmus’s Choice

Rasmus couldn’t believe it. Someone on his ship had betrayed him, but he couldn’t figure out who would do it. His worries only increased as he looked at Ravenclaw’s serious expression.

“Do you believe me when I say I am king of Rheolis Kingdom?”

Ravenclaw sighed saying, “I actually do, since your tone is that of a royalty, but my men would be hard to convince. Do you actually have physical proof of your identity?”

“I only have the words of the people that were captured with me as proof.”

Ravenclaw sighed again standing up from his chair.

“When I bring you back to Rheolis Kingdom, will you truly be safe?”

Rasmus remained silent finding no words to speak of this manner. He knew what Ravenclaw was trying to say: that there might be people plotting against them in his own kingdom and that could cause him to die instead.

“I can tell you now that I will be in danger when I enter Rheolis, but I have to return.”

Ravenclaw sighed saying, “Fine, but my offer still stands. You are free to join my crew.”

“I will still refuse that.”

Ravenclaw chuckled sitting back down on his chair with a smirk on his lips.

“Well you better tell your companions of the situation.”

Rasmus nodded and began to head toward the door, but stopped in his tracks when he heard Ravenclaw state, “I do remember something when I was influenced by the curse.”

“What would that be?”

“That the girl, Yanira, was only on my ship because you wouldn’t let go. Can you tell me why you didn’t let her go?”

Rasmus clenched his fist saying, “I don’t know.”

“Then can she stay on this ship when you return to the kingdom?”


With those words, Rasmus left the captain’s cabin. Ravenclaw shrugged as he leaned back on the chair, but frowned when he remembered the white haired man that had protected Yanira when he was in his girl form.

“Who is that guy?”

Rasmus walked across the deck of the ship with worry written all over his face. He couldn’t figure out who would want to betray him in his own kingdom. He never went out of line when he ruled and most people did support his ascension to the throne…that’s right…most people. Some people were against his ruling of Rheolis because he was the Anyion of the ocean. Since Rheolis was known as the kingdom of flames, it was believed that Candace, his servant and the Anyion of fire, should have taken the throne instead, but Candace, though offered the position refused. When Rasmus went to Azseldo Kingdom, none of the crew showed any dislike towards him and he was informed by Damario, the captain and his close friend, that all of the crewmembers were supporters for his reign. It was indeed quite puzzling.

Rasmus snapped out of his thoughts, when he saw Yanira exiting a cabin. He saw her holding the hand of Farkas, one of the Anyions, and felt a sting in his heart. He felt this before around Yanira, but paid it no mind, but this stinging as he saw the smile on Yanira’s face as she looked at Farkas made the stinging almost unbearable. He practically ran to the two and grabbed Yanira’s hand from Farkas’s making Yanira stare at him with wide eyes and say his name. Rasmus realized his rash action and released her hand saying, “I needed to speak with you.”

Yanira nodded in understanding not noticing that Farkas had an annoyed look as he looked at Rasmus. Rasmus then looked at Farkas adding, “I need to speak with everybody that plans to enter Rheolis with me.” Farkas was silent for a short while, before nodding and saying, “I’ll get them, so just go back into the cabin.” Rheolis nodded and watched Farkas run off feeling relief rush over him.

Rasmus noticed Sirix and Hans and asked, “Are you going to listen too?” Hans shook his head saying, “I plan to stay on the ship with my brother.” With those words, Hans flew toward the crow’s nest to watch the surface of the sea.

Rasmus then looked at Sirix and asked, “And what about you…who are you?””

“The name is Sirix Sengoku and I do plan to go to Rheolis, so I will listen, so please tell me your name.”

Rasmus nodded saying his name, but slightly frowned when he noticed Sirix grab Yanira’s hand. He was about to separate them, but Sirix had already dragged Yanira back into the cabin.

Rasmus sighed pressing a hand to his forehead and then entered the cabin. He sat on a stray chair as did Yanira and Sirix. Rasmus suddenly noticed Yanira’s wounded arm and asked, “What happened to your arm?”

Yanira held her injured arm and stated, “I injured it, but don’t worry. It’ll heal in time.” Rasmus nodded, but he was curious on how Yanira managed to hurt herself and he didn’t miss the guilty look of Sirix. He was about to question Sirix, but the door of the cabin suddenly opened revealing Farkas with the other Anyions behind him.

Farkas sat them down, before sitting down himself next to Yanira and faced Rasmus with a serious look.

“So what do you need to tell us?”

Rasmus took in a deep breath before explaining the situation concerning the betrayal and the future danger they might face when entering Rheolis. Rasmus ended his words asking, “Knowing this, do you still want to go to Rheolis?”

There was silence at first as uncertainty surfaced on their faces, but Yanira suddenly stated, “I know it is dangerous, but you made a promise to me to help me return to my kingdom, so I will help you return to yours.” Rasmus smiled at her words, but felt his eyes widen when he heard the others voice their agreements. He hadn’t known these people, besides Candace, for a long period of time, but their words of agreement warmed his heart.

“Thank you all,” stated Rasmus and then added, “Ravenclaw is sailing towards Rheolis, but we need to make a plan in case things turn out for the worse.”

They nodded, but then Candace stated, “I can tell you one thing, your majesty.”

“What would that be?”

“I think I know who the traitor is.”

“What do you mean?” asked Rasmus with wide eyes. Candace rubbed her arm with a nervous look.

“Before I was taken, I went to the top deck and saw one of the crewmen take down the flag with the royal seal. I questioned him why he was doing that and he told me that the captain ordered the flag to be washed.”

“The captain?”

Candace nodded and added, “I even questioned Damario and he told me that those were his orders. Afterwards, the ship was attacked and I passed out.”

Rasmus registered these words and felt a stabbing pain through his chest. It didn’t take a genius for Rasmus to realize who the traitor was: Damario Acestes, the one he believed to be his friend.

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